It was just this past Friday that Bobby De Niro was seen hanging out with a few of his intellectual equals there on ‘The View’. And together, if one were to take the time to add up all their IQs the number one would come up with would be less than the shoe size of any single member of this rather bizarre little group.  Anyway, it was in discussing his 2016 election video in which Bobby said he would like to punch then presidential candidate Donald Trump “in the face,” that Bobby said “of course” he wanted “to punch him in the face,” but added it was “only a symbolic” because he said “when people are bullies” that’s what you have to do, “bully them back.”

Bobby said, “I said that because he said that about somebody, that he would like to punch them in the face.  How dare he say that to the crowd? How dare he say the things he does.  Of course I want to punch him the face.”  Bobby continued his little rant saying, “It was only a symbolic thing anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to go find him and punch him in the face, but he’s got to hear it. He’s got to hear it that, you know, that’s what he makes people feel. It’s not good to feel that way. It’s not to start that stuff up, but at the same time sometimes when people are bullies like that, that’s what you have to do to shut them up….Bully them back.”

Bobby went on to say, “When you have people going in there just to win, it’s not about winning. It’s about what’s right for the country, the people. And we hear a lot of lip service about that and even from Trump.”  And he added, ”But now is the time to see what he’s going to do. So far it doesn’t look good.”  So I’m assuming that Bobby actually thinks that with Hitlery it wasn’t all about winning?  Is he serious?  And what makes very clear just how warped old Bobby really is, is the fact that he actually thinks Hitlery was what was right for the country.  How frightening is that?  That kind of thinking is nothing short of demented.

Bobby sounds like little more than a spoiled brat who got caught doing something wrong and the only bright idea he has is to “bully them back”, and on “The View” no less.  Thank God President Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Hollyweird “elites” like Bobby D.  He talks pretty big when surrounded by the hapless bitches of ‘The View’.  The truth is Trump is not the bully, instead it’s Bobby and his leftist buddies who are the bullies.  Does he really think that our party and voters would be acting like this if Trump lost?  No way.  Was there rioting by the right when Barry won?  Either time?  Bobby and his fellow Hollyweird elites are TOTAL BOTTOM FEEDING SCUM!

Every time they open their mouths those like Bobby demonstrate just how truly weak minded they really are.  I mean let’s face it, it’s a rather significant percentage of those in our ‘entertainment’ business who weren’t even smart enough to successfully navigate through the rigors of your average K-12 public education.  And also what public good do they really serve?  They are actors, or singers or whatever who do absolutely nothing to actually ‘improve’ society in any measureable way.  These self-adoring celebrities have taken every advantage of American privilege and society yet when it comes to those who are less fortunate, they simply turn their backs!

Find any filthy, anti-American, anti-family, anti-Christian, obscene, depraved cause, and you’ll find a hypocritical, empty-headed, vulgar, preening, egotistical, show-biz celebrity like Bobby D. willing to support it.  In their pathetic, narrow, little world they only associate with other self-adoring, self-important, celebrity snobs.  They spew their anti-American venom to the unwashed while they flaunt their moral depravity and mental illnesses in front of the World.  Donald Trump has vowed to make America First to, ALL women, ALL millennials, ALL blacks, ALL Hispanics, ALL Ages, ALL Colors, ALL Genders, and ALL Political Parties… ALL AMERICANS!

Bobby is one of these actors who believes that because he’s thrown a few ‘phantom’ punches in a few movies, that he is somehow a true tough guy.  In truth, kicking his 73 year old raggedy ass would require only the minimum of effort.  Therefore he surrounds himself with an armed security detail, lives behind walled and secured properties and would run screaming like a little girl at the first sign of trouble.  While I’m not going to say Trump is a ‘physical’ tough guy either, what I can say is that Trump does NOT run away and does NOT back down – from anything.  Why should American’s care what Hollyweird morons like Bobby think?  About any topic or issue?

All people like Bobby do is pretend.  And it’s more often than not that I think they get the characters they play in movies confused with real life.  Hollyweird has built up this huge fantasy world that is all about pretending? Nothing you do has to be truthful. Nothing! It is all about pretending.  I prefer the truth and the real world thank you.  The American people, at least those in ‘flyover country’ have had it with Hollyweird!  Bobby will not be remembered as a tough guy actor but rather as a pathetically WEAK anti-GOD/anti-American anarchist who chose to be evil rather than be a good person! That is if he is remembered at all by anyone other than his kind!



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