With each new awards show we get to find out a little bit more about just how ignorant our Hollyweird elites truly are.  Apparently, if one spends too much time pretending to be someone other than who they are, one tends to lose all touch with reality.  I’m not sure if there is any other way to explain their increasingly bizarre behavior.  And it would seem that there is now a competition, of sorts, going on that we normal people may not be aware of, one where these Hollyweird nutjobs try to outdo one another when it comes to making outlandish and idiotic statements about anyone who doesn’t view our country, or the world as they do.  Everyone I hear sounds even more unhinged than the ones who came before them.  It just never ceases to amaze me how insane these people are.

That said, those attending the recent SAG Awards wasted precious little time as they went about proving that what would be taking place over the span of a couple of hours, or so, was less of an actual awards show and more these Hollyweird morons being provided a platform from which to spew what has to be considered some of the most bizarre an unintelligible drivel that I’ve heard since…the last ‘awards’ show.  And yet it always strikes me as odd how it is that these ignorant, and for the most part uneducated, imbeciles, driven by the insanity of their leftist politics, feel entitled to lecture anyone who doesn’t think in the same perverted manner that they do.  Let’s face it, it is every single time these people open their mouths that they leave no doubt when it comes to just how stupid they really are.

So as most informed Americans are likely aware, it was last Friday that the president signed an executive order suspending all refugee admissions for 120 days and suspending the Syrian refugee program indefinitely.  Celebrities proceeded to chastise him for that as soon as the ‘awards show’ got underway.  It was that well-known political genius Ashton Kutcher who opened up the show with what was little more than a rather sophomoric dig at Trump.  Kutcher, seeming to accentuate his drivel by jabbing his chest, said, “Good evening fellow and everyone at home, and everyone in airports that belong in my America.”  He added, “You are part of the fabric of who we are, and we welcome you and we love you.”  So I’m wondering if Kutcher is ok with these immigrants moving in next door to him?

Then apparently it was Kerry Washington’s turn to complain about the notion that celebrities shouldn’t voice their political opinions.  Now please excuse by theatrical ignorance here, but I have no clue what it is that might be Ms. Washington’s claim to fame.  What I do know is that it was this rocket-scientist who said, “A lot of people are saying right now that actors should keep our mouths shut when it comes to politics.”  Frankly, I don’t care one way or the other if these Hollyweird elites spew their political nonsense, but what I do take exception to is when they have the nerve to whine about any blowback they may receive from those of us who are still expected to shell out an increasing amount of money to see their movies.  Movies that have become nothing more than a complete waste of money.

Ms. Washington then went on to say, “But the truth is, no matter what, actors are activists because we embody the humanity and worth of all people. This union helps me to do that.”  And then as if it was something she felt able to brag about Washington said, “I am Kerry Washington, and I am an actor.”   And then, it was after she won best actress in a ‘comedy’ series that Julia Louis-Dreyfus demonstrated an obvious lack of intelligence by saying she was “horrified” by Trump’s executive order.  And then this same moron said, “I am American patriot. I love this country and because I love this country, I am horrified by its blemishes. And this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-American.”  But I did get a kick out her making the silly claim that she views herself as a patriot.  She was kidding, right?

And then we had the obviously demented Ms. Taylor Schilling, who stars in something called “Orange is the New Black,” who made it quite clear that she is far from the sharpest knife in the drawer when she implied that Trump is only trying to divide the nation.  She said, “We stand up here representing a diverse group of people, representing generations of families who have sought a better life here.”  And she then went on to say, “We know that it’s going to be up to us and all of you to keep telling stories. What united us is stronger than the forces that seek to divide us.”  And then the guy who always looks like he spent the night running the bars, William H. Macy, sarcastically thanked the president for making his alcoholic, drug-addicted and narcissistic character on “Shameless” seem so “normal.”

And then there was someone by the name of Mahershala Ali, who stars in “Moonlight,” and who proceeded to demonstrate his acting ability by actually breaking out in tears during his acceptance speech.  He said, “I’m a Muslim.” And then added, “When we get caught up in the minutiae and the details that make us all different, I think there’s two ways of seeing that. There’s the opportunity to see the texture of that person, the characteristics that make them unique, and then there’s an opportunity to go to war about it and say that this person is different from me, I don’t like you, let’s battle.”  And earlier on the red carpet Simon Helberg, who stars in “The Big Bang Theory”, a show oddly enough described as a ‘sitcom’, held a sign that said “Refugees welcome”.  I wonder, are they welcome in his neighborhood?

And I’m sure you all will remember how it was that not one of these same scumbags, assholes or gasbags raised an eyebrow when Barry blocked all Iraqi refugees from coming to the US for 6 months in 2011, including interpreters who had helped the US and who were now viewed as collaborators.  This six month Barry refugee ban was sending both them and their families to almost certain death.  Politically far left celebrities are nothing more than hypocrites who are focused on nothing more than themselves.  And while I expect and appreciate political humor from supposed entertainers, I have absolutely no respect for their misguided political judgment.  And as they increasingly feel the need to continually shove it down my throat, I no longer have any interest in seeing their movies or watching their TV shows.


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