Sometime I can’t help but wonder, if the Democrat Party is actually on the verge of stepping off the cliff?  Because I gotta tell ya the more candidates for DNC chair that seem to float to the surface, like turds in a punch bowl, the crazier they seem to be.  And while the rhetoric may appeal to the hard core leftists in this country, I don’t see it appealing to the common folk.  First it was Moslem sympathizer, Keith Ellison, spewing all manner of leftist drivel and now the most recent addition vying to be DNC chair is some bat-shit crazy feminist by the name of Sally Boynton Brown.  And apparently what the Democrats view as being a solution for their continuing problem of having their collective ass handed to them over the course of the last eight years is to have a leader who proposes that the party move even further to the left.

Sally Boynton Brown, who is the lone woman now running for chair of the Democrat National Committee, and is white, said as recently as this past Monday that if she is chosen to lead the party her job will be to “shut other white people down.”  It was during a recent DNC candidate forum that Brown said, “My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”  Brown, the executive director of the Idaho Democrat Committee, is running for the chair position against six other candidates: Muslim Brotherhood shill Keith Ellison, Jehmu Greene, a former Fox News analyst, South Carolina Democrat Party Chair Jaime Harrison, Tom Perez, former Secretary of Labor, Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democrat Party and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

It was during this recent little Democrat shindig, the purpose of which, I’m assuming, was to showcase the candidates, and was hosted by another leftwing kook, MSNBC’s Joy Reid, that Ms. Brown was heard bellowing, “My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, ‘oh, no, I’m not prejudice; I’m a Democrat; I’m accepting.’”  She said, “My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege. And until we shut our mouths, and we listen to those people who don’t, and we lift our people up, so that we all have equity in this country, so that we’re all fighting alongside each other, so that we are all on the same page, and we clearly get where we’re going, we’re not going to break through this. This is not just rhetoric. This is life or death.”  Life or death?  For whom, exactly?

Anyway, She went on to say that she has been soliciting insight and advice from people of color “because you have the answers.”  Brown said, “Black lives matter, and it makes me sad that we’re even having that conversation, and that tells me that white leaders in our party have failed. We have to accept that there is prejudice that exists within our own party, and we have to able to have that conversation. We cannot sweep that under the rug. We cannot continue to hide it. We cannot smash voices down when they are trying to scream, ‘Listen to me, you don’t get it.’ I’m a white woman. I don’t get it. I am pleased and honored to be here today to have the conversation. I am so excited that we’re here, and I’m listening, because that’s my job. My job is to listen to the issues.”

Brown then went on to say, “This moment in our country, the Democratic Party has the opportunity to do something different. We have the opportunity to really confront the fact that we have not been in alignment with our values. We’ve been talking a lot of smack. We need to make sure that our actions and our words and our values all match, and around the issue of race, we are so far out of alignment, I don’t even know the way back.”  But what exactly are the values of those who make up today’s Democrat Party?  Because as someone on the outside looking in I gotta tell you that the supposed values of the Democrat Party certainly aren’t American values.  For one to be a member of this party of death, one has to possess no morals and possess zero tolerance for opposing points of view.

Brown, as the only woman in the race, apparently likes to refer to herself as being what she calls a “drastically different type of candidate.”  She said, “I need schooling, and I depend on you and the other people around our community to do that, so I can go school the other white people. We need it.”  That said, Brown has yet to make clear why it is that she feels so strongly that white people should be shut down, but I think it worth mentioning that she is running against four minority candidates for the chair position.  But she has said, “I think we need someone who knows how to manage people and processes along with that.”   So how does she think that those white folks who still vote Democrat are going to view such comments?  Are they going to go along with her saying that they need to be “shut down?”

Brown has served as executive director for the Idaho Democratic Party since 2012.  Prior to entering the political arena, she spent 13 years working in childcare, which I’m guessing she must think qualifies her in some weird way for being in charge of a political party infested with all manner of spoiled brat.  After all, it was she herself who has said, “I always joke and say if I can control a room of 100 toddlers, 100 Democrats is really not an issue. But I mean that quite seriously.”  And then she added, “With kids, we don’t try to change them, we just take the kid that’s in front of us and figure out how we can do what needs to be done. With kids, it’s getting dressed. With Democrats, it’s ‘How do I get money, get on message, how do we all get on the same page so that we can move together?'”

Let’s face it, Democrats went from 200 years of uninterrupted racism to calling everyone else racists.  They went from telling blacks to sit down in the back of the bus and shut up to telling whites to do so.  After two centuries, Democrats haven’t changed their behavior, only their targets.  The Democrats have lost so many seats and so much power, but in typical liberal fashion, they just can’t accept this is because millions of people have rejected their backwards, unenlightened, childish, destructive identity politics.  It can’t be their fault, when they’re just so super-duper wonderful!  After all, they are the defender of the little guy, they are the ones whose purpose it is to ensure we are all treated ‘fairly’.  And it’s all bullshit, the truth is these leftwing kooks like Brown couldn’t care less about the little people.

Those who are proud members of today’s Democrats say, “White people are privileged oppressors, no matter what they think, do, or say.”  Meanwhile the sane people among us say, “That’s just plain nuts!”  And Democrats say again, “White people are privileged oppressors, no matter what they think, do, and say!”  And again, sane people say, “Look. Just stop it. You can’t accuse an entire race of people of something like that based merely on skin color. That’s what racism really is.”  And still the Democrats say, “White people are privileged oppressors, no matter what they think, do, and say!”  And finally when they’ve had enough, sane people will say, “Fine, if you won’t listen to reason, maybe you’ll get the message in the voting booth.”  And that’s what has been taking place since 2010.

The wounds the Democrats have suffered throughout the era of Barry “Almighty” have been entirely self-inflicted, and it would seem that they want the same trend to continue by they’re running the same unsuccessful platform, at least for now.  So it’s in that eventuality that we very possibly could be saying, especially if current trend continues, “President Trump” for the next eight years.  And sadly if we are going to be using the Democrat definition for what it means to be a woman in America, then I think we are doing a grave disservice to great many women in this country.  How about we start by addressing the real issues: JOBS, a safe place to live, healthcare that is actually affordable for all, ISIS and the complete eradicating of it, reuniting this country under one flag and one Constitution, and so many more.


  1. The Left has good reason to fear. Trump is not like the past 2 Republican presidents (both named Bush). If he actually does what he says he is going to, he may well put the Democrats out of power for a generation.

    The Dems are showing how mentally ill and disconnected from reality they truly are.


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