If the Democrats want to continue to bring up the question of legitimacy regarding the fact that Trump is about to be inaugurated as the 45th president, then maybe the time has come for us to focus the bright light of truth on their candidate in an effort to determine the legitimacy of her candidacy.  Because the Democrats really have no one to blame for the fact that their seriously flawed, and hopelessly corrupt, candidate lost the election.  And the sooner they are able to come to grips regarding that fact, the sooner they can, as a party, get back on the road to recovery.  But if Democrats continue to console themselves by claiming Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate, then I’m afraid they’re going to accomplish very little for themselves or the nation unless they take the time to consider some of their own faults, including the top-to-bottom corruption of their party and their willingness to continue with their outdated political strategy.  So how was Hitlery illegitimate?

  1. The Democrats’ rigged primary: Democrats should begin by accepting the obvious truth that theirs was a rigged primary process. The party’s key leaders, and not the party’s voters, picked and then promoted Hitlery, meaning she was secretly coronated before the primary process even began. Her rival Bernie Sanders never had a chance. The “nomination” contest was pure theater designed to make Sanders voters accept Hitlery.  His voters ought to be furious at Sanders for playing along with this farce, which he most certainly did.  When Party elders shriek about nefarious Russian interference in the election process, they’re simply attempting to distract attention away from what the leaked DNC emails actually said, and the fact that we now know those emails were 100 percent genuine, despite Democrat statements to the contrary.  One of those shrieking claims came from Donna Brazile, who was directly involved in doctoring a primary debate by leaking questions to Hitlery.
  2. The Democrat super-delegate system: Then there’s the openly rigged element of the Democrat primary, the super-delegate system. It’s a political instrument specifically designed to shut down insurgencies and make the interests of Democrat voters secondary to the judgment of the party elites, and the powerful lobbyists who manipulate them. Hitlery was chosen by special-interest donors who had already spent a fortune currying favor with her, as demonstrated by the instantaneous collapse of the Clinton “charities”, the very instant the Clintons had no more favors to sell.
  3. The Democrat money machine: Building up a massive campaign war chest was the paramount concern of the Democrats in 2016, because, or so they and their many media allies thought, it would give them an unbreakable headlock over the public debate. Hence ‘Slow Joe’ Biden was told he couldn’t afford to get into the race, and the same for Marty O’Malley.  Their financial kneecapping allowed Hitlery to suck up hundreds of millions in campaign cash, some in legally questionable ways, even as she railed against the influence of money in politics.
  4. The media was part of Hitlery’s campaign: It’s fun to watch Democrats wail about Russian spies using WikiLeaks to influence the election, when it’s clear the state-controlled media was able to downplay the actual contents of those emails enough to keep most voters completely in the dark. And while there were certain conservative outlets that did everything they could to report those revelations, their effort paled in comparison to the influence wielded by the state-controlled media.  The same state-controlled media that was an active participant in the rigged primary scandal.  Those leaked emails from the DNC and Hitlery campaign chief John Podesta reflected very, very poorly on the press.  That’s something Democrats could fix – there’s no reason for illegitimate behind-the-scenes coordination between their candidates and the media.   Democrat voters should now demand an end to the incestuous relationship between the media and Democrat politics because it has become such a liability.  Sure, it’s helpful to have the media in your hip pocket, but the value of that advantage is severely degraded when the public knows about it, and has lost faith in the establishment press as a result. Worse, the media enabled a weak, out-of-touch candidate like Hitlery to capture the party’s nomination.
  5. The law was bent and broken to keep Hitlery in the game: Democrat voters also should be questioning the legitimacy of Hitlery’s nomination because the rule of law was corrupted to preserve her political viability. But let’s face it, since when do Democrats actually care much about the rule of law especially when doing so could end up hindering their favored candidate from getting elected. That said, her candidacy should have ended when the email server story broke.  And oddly enough the Barry highly politicized Justice Department did Democrats no favors by staving off indictments that would have taken Hitlery out of the game, or by slow-walking the email investigation until her replacement became prohibitively difficult.  Barry perfected tactics for dragging scandal investigations out until they became “old news,” but they miscalculated and prolonged Hitlery’s email scandal until it blew up.

Before they began howling about Russian espionage, Democrats were busy pushing the narrative that FBI Director James Comey sabotaged Hitlery’s election hopes by speaking at length about her “extremely careless” actions when he announced no charges would be recommended, and then kneecapped her again by reviving the Hitlery investigation briefly during the final days of the campaign.  As with their narrative about WikiLeaks, Democrats are complaining that Hitlery was “sabotaged” because people revealed the truth about her.  So what they’re saying is that their presidential candidate could only win if damaging facts were concealed, false media narratives were perpetuated, and special exemptions from the law were granted to her. That sounds like the very definition of an ‘illegitimate’ candidacy.

  1. Democrats try to hack the electorate: We might also challenge the legitimacy of a political strategy that relies so heavily upon using immigration to hack the demographics of the American electorate. Before Hitlery’s defeat shocked them into silence, liberal analysts were beginning to churn out a fresh wave of “Emerging Democrat Majority” pieces about how native-born GOP voters would never win a national election again. One of the reasons Democrats subjected the Electoral College (EC) to one of their post-election tantrums is that the EC makes it harder for them to hack the presidential vote with mass immigration. That’s the true significance of the observation that Hitlery’s popular-vote “victory” came entirely from one state, California.

The Democrats’ strategy for winning seems to have been based on their decision to downplay the economic concerns of struggling Americans in favor of outreach to immigrants, racial subgroups, gays, professionals, unmarried women, and other element of the hoped-for ‘Emerging Democrat Majority.’  If Democrats didn’t believe they had a reserve army of immigrant voters for Hitlery, might they have instead nominated ‘Slow Joe’ or Sanders in an effort to win ordinary Americans to their side. Amusingly, if those immigrants didn’t exist, American voters’ incomes would be higher, and there likely would have been fewer disgruntled Americans who would have been angry enough to shift their votes to the GOP’s candidate.

So in an effort to sort of sum things up, I think it’s fair to say that everything about Hitlery’s nomination, as well as her campaign, should now be called into question by every rank and file member of the Democrat Party.  Democrats need to realize just how corrupt their party really has become and get to work in trying to reform it before they lose again in 2020.  Because short of completely ignoring the Constitution or persuading the military to install their next candidate, they likely will lose.  As Barry would say if the shoe was on the other foot, reforming the Democrat Party is the ‘legitimate’ thing to do.  As for the Republicans, they know that there are many other techniques that Democrats use to hack the electorate, including the Democrats’ control over the media and our education systems.  That’s why Republicans need to get to work hard and fast in an effort to disable all of them, permanently, because they have a sworn duty to protect the legitimacy of our election process.

And I think we can all agree that those responsible for essentially ‘installing” Barry as president in 2008 by refusing to properly vet him, are the very same ones who did all they could to rabidly defend Hitlery in 2016.  They knew who he really was then, and are still working to keep quiet who they know him to be today!  And yet they foisted him upon the rest of us, not once but twice, and continue to brag about that fact to this very day!  And they worked just as hard to foist Hitlery upon us despite being very well aware of just how corrupt she truly is.  Sadly, rank and file Democrats seem to have missed completely the fact that it has been their own Party leadership, as well as the liberal media, who have continually rigged the game against them.  The fix was in, in 2016, from the very beginning and the truth about the blatant dishonesty of their candidate was kept from the voters.  As Democrats like to claim, they are the “champion” of the little guy, yet they really DISDAIN the little guy.


  1. Hitlery was her own enemy and so was the Democratic Party. O’s failed policies, obamacare, the economy, etc. sealed Hitlery’s fate. Many of us saw her as Obama in drag, just more of the same. I don’t think anyone could have stomached that for another 4 years.


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