When you give someone an award, and it matters little what kind of an award, who does not truly deserve the receiving of it, all that is really accomplished by that act is that you have successfully diminished the value of that award for all of the other people who have truly deserved receiving it.  Such is the case with ‘Slow Joe’ Biden and his recently being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction.  By awarding ‘Slow Joe’ with this medal, Barry effectively diminished its significance for others who have also received it by reducing it to little more than a participation award.  Because in the big scheme of things what has ‘Slow Joe’ really done to justify his receipt of such an award?   Was it, perhaps, his rather bizarre penchant for skinny-dipping in front of female Secret Service agents?

So, Barry chose to honor ‘Slow Joe’ with a Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday afternoon, and in so doing actually went so far as to refer to ‘Slow Joe’ as a “lion of American History.”  And in referring to all of the supposed advice that he has received from ‘Slow Joe’ over the years, Barry said, “He’s been unafraid to give it to me straight.”  ‘Slow Joe’ awkwardly stood as Barry delivered a lengthy speech praising his Vice President, while appearing to be wiping away tears.  Barry joked during his speech, saying, “This gives the Internet one last chance to talk about our bromance.”  Personally, I’m just not seeing the humor here.  And when Barry surprised ‘Slow Joe’ by awarding him the medal, we are told ‘Slow Joe’ turned his back to the audience to hide his tears.  Or was it his shit-eating grin?

So apparently we have now arrived at the point where every player, no matter the level of skill or ability possessed, now gets a trophy.  Even a guy who was a less than impressive vice president.  Look, why not simply call this what it really is, the Presidential Medal of Participation.  I suppose we can only hope that the “Medal of Honor” won’t be going next to Hitlery!  But hey, at least Barry earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  After all, he conquered a superpower in his Jihadist pursuit, armed with only a forged birth certificate, a mountain of sealed records, and a party of liberal idiots determined to ruin our country for the sake of diversity, inclusion and equity.  His goal was to “fundamentally transform” and he has been quite successful in the endeavor, with ‘Slow Joe’ standing at his side.

So in the span of a little over a week, we had ‘Slow Joe’ awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barry, and Barry awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service by the Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter.  Carter presented the award to his boss with the, on January 4, during the Armed Forces Full Honor Farewell Review for Barry held at Conmy Hall, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia.  Thus Barry was able to add another prestigious medal to his Nobel Prize collection.  While Carter insisted that the medal was a token of appreciation for Barry’s service as commander in chief, I think we all know that that’s nothing but a bunch of bullshit!  Because there hasn’t been a more incompetent Commander-in-Chief since the days of Jimmy Carter or ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton.

Both the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to ‘Slow Joe’ or the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service being awarded to Barry should come as no surprise.  Because over the course of the last eight years we have witnessed, and more times than I care to count, how Barry took it upon himself to trivialize honor.  As proof I would point to how by ordering our flag to be flown at half-staff for every occasion imaginable, no matter how insignificant, Barry has come to trivialize its significance.  Not that I begrudge recognizing people who have been killed, but what about other people for whom the flag was not flown at half-staff.  If you are going to fly the flag at half-staff for any tragic occasion, then you must do so for all, in which case the flag would perpetually fly at half-staff.

So it is then that in “Barry’s America,” everyone is to get a trophy, even if you’re an insecure loser.  In a way I’m surprised that Barry didn’t hire a Barry-look-alike actor to play himself so that he could then get to experience the full thrill and honor of being awarded something by Barry.  He’s a self-loving wonder, isn’t he, with 7 days of relevance remaining.  Can you even imagine the number of paintings of himself that will adorn the walls of his rented D.C. mansion?  This reminds me of what the dictators of “Third World” countries do when trying to bolster their own sense of self-worth and/or purpose in the face of the multitude looking on.  In other words something similar to throwing oneself a surprise birthday party because no one else would do it.  But such is the way these people are.



  1. Joe is more of a womanizer than Trump ever will be. I’ve seen him googly eyed at female reporters getting uncomfortably close to them every chance he gets. While he gives out shiny medals, our children will inherit the largest national debt in history while they continue to drown in student loan debt. That will be O’s legacy.


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