If Cory Booker has managed to prove anything to anyone since first being elected to the U.S. Senate, from New Jersey, back in 2012, it’s that a lousy mayor makes for an even lousier Senator and would also, most likely, make for even a lousier still, president.  So when on this past Wednesday Booker was asked if he is “open” to a 2020 presidential run, he responded by saying his “focus” was on doing everything he can “to stop Donald Trump,” but he didn’t rule the presidential run out.  That he would actually think that he could actually come to win the Democrat nomination, makes pretty clear just how thin the Democrat bench really has become.

So it was then that when asked if he was open to 2020 run for the Democrat Party nomination, Booker said, “I am open to doing everything I can right now as the Trump administration is coming in — please understand, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is counter to so many of the ideals and values I believe in. The focus is doing on everything you can to stop Donald Trump and a lot of his intentions, somebody who ran a campaign demeaning and degrading so many Americans who now is advocating for policies that will end up doing the same.”   So stopping Trump has now become his sole purpose in life?  And apparently telling about Sessions is a way for him to do that?

All that being said, I have but one small request to make to the American people. Please, PLEASE, no more affirmative action presidents, for at least a century or two.  I mean, really, hasn’t the last eight years of Barry “Almighty” taught us anything?  As far as I’m concerned Barry has pretty much ruined the chances of any black man becoming president for at least two generations.  And I think Booker put the final nail in his own coffin with his choosing to testify against Jeff Sessions.  Clearly a transparently politically motivated act.  All these anti-Trump parasites will regret their behavior once Trump proves himself to be a successful president.

Anyone who’s white and who voted for Barry should have learned by the end of his first term what a tremendously huge mistake they had made.  And if they were still able to vote for him a second time, then there simply no way to explain the level of stupidity possessed by some people.  Because I think it safe to say that there has never been a more divisive politician than Barry.  Barry has pitted races against each other, financial classes against each, and worked to destroy our educational institutions and has even destroyed families and all for purely political reasons.  And yet it’s Donald Trump who Booker claims is the man who is need of being stopped?

Barry will be leaving behind, after 8 years in office, a country filled with fear, hate and disparity.  And if the result of our last election tells us anything, it’s that Barry’s leftist policies are opposed by millions of Americans.  And if this idiot Booker thinks that America will, anytime soon, vote into office another Black president, he’s either delusional or a complete moron.  Especially after regular, every day Americans were called racists on nearly a daily basis for the last 8 years, and for no other reason than because they stood in opposition to Barry’s hardcore leftwing agenda.  Mark my words, we won’t be fooled again.  Booker will never be president.  NEVER!



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