As you may, or may not recall, Barry “Almighty” began his journey to the White House with onlookers fainting upon the mere sound of his voice.  And it would appear that as that journey comes to an end, it was his 2016 press conference swan song, last Friday, that witnessed a reporter swoon.  So it is then that the Fourth Estate remains about the only group that still gets the vapors whenever Barry speaks. The rest of us fall asleep. Listeners bore quickly to the sound of a voice that so excites the speaker.

That, in a nutshell, serves as the reason people fall unconscious to the president’s voice.  Eight years of talking has that effect on an audience, sure. So does saying something one knows to be a lie, over and over again, on such a large stage.  Barry uttered only lies and half-truths on Friday.  Mostly he spoke about his favorite subject, that being of course, himself.  Because you must admit that there is absolutely nothing that Barry enjoys talking about more than, himself.

Barry noted, “As I was preparing to take office, the unemployment rate was on its way to 10 percent.”  And he added, “Today it is at 4.6 percent, the lowest in nearly a decade.”  He went on to tell those members of the state-controlled media who still, after all this time, hang on his every word, “When I came into office, 44 million people were uninsured.”  And he bragged, “Today we have covered more than 20 million of them.”  But of course he neglected to mention at what cost.

And of course Barry went on to very confidently declare, “Over the past eight years no foreign terrorist organization has successfully executed an attack on our homeland that was directed from overseas.”  Take it from Barry, if there is one thing certain in this world it’s that Barack Hussein Obama will most certainly go down as being one of this nation’s all-time great presidents.  And those of our state-controlled media most certain have, and continue to, take Barry’s word for that.

It was during this final press conference that these intrepid reporters asked questions (mostly about Vlad Putin and Donald Trump) but they didn’t question.  They didn’t question what it means to “cover” people who face a $6,000 deductible?  Or does the caveat “directed from overseas” really matter much to the families of victims in San Bernardino, Boston, and Orlando?  Such inquiries never crossed the lips of those whose job is to act on the part of the people and to hold our politicians to account.

Not that they had much time to.  Because while Barry’s party may have restricted the filibuster in the Senate, no such limitations were place on our Liar-in-Chief.  America’s 44th president’s time in office was little more than an eight-year, one-way gabfest.  And it’s in looking back over the course of his presidency that one would observe that he only ever takes responsibility for those things he views as having gone right, but never for what the rest of us view as having gone horribly wrong.

And where Barry’s words once evoked all the excitement of a preacher, well, now they remind one more of the pedantry of a professor.  His speeches which once stimulated, now seem to be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to those nights when one may have difficulty falling asleep. Despite surrounding himself with all manner of stars and celebrities, the national monologist continues to violate the first rule of show business: leave the audience wanting more, not less.

So it was then at the last official press conference of his presidency, Barry proceeded to give himself a pretty enthusiastic pat on the back.  Barry opened the press conference by touting his economic and policy achievements before heaping praise on his own shoulders.  Barry said, “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.”  Most Americans, I’m sure, were more than a little confused by Barry’s assessment.

Barry went on to say, “In other words, by so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than when we started.”  He said, “It is a situation that I am proud to leave for my successor, and it’s thanks to the American people.”  He added, “The hard work you put in and the sacrifices that you made for your families and communities, the businesses that you started or invested in and the way you looked out for one another, and I cannot be prouder to be your president.”

Barry epitomizes narcissism. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.  Narcissism is a prerequisite for Liberalism. Feeling good about themselves motivates everything they do.  That’s why they are so corrupt and why so many ultimately end up as absolute evil.  And yet they are able to go to bed each night thinking they are a good person doing good.

This is why Barry, and liberals in general, are falling to the floor in a shrieking temper tantrum because they lost an election.  And it’s also why it is that they are manufacturing outlandish conspiracy theories as cover for the fact that middle-America has rejected their middle class killing policies. Their perceived need of a Hitlery totalitarian dictatorship wasn’t gratified so they’re going to take out their savagery on anyone who happens along.  Pretty pathetic.

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