The closer we get to December 19th, the date which the Electoral College will officially make Donald Trump our president, the more unhinged those on the left become.  And their attempt to play spoiler would seem to know no bounds.  First their election recount ploy turned out to be pretty much of a bust, and blaming Russia for installing Donald Trump as a Putin-puppet President doesn’t seem to be making much headway for them, so now the left has turned its desperate sights on the members of the electoral college in what can only be described as being a Hail Mary attempt to sway just enough of them to change their vote on December 19th.

And is toward that end that a movement which refers to itself as ‘Unite for America’ has now produced a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video in which D-list and/or all manner of has-been, washed up old celebrities plead with the electors to help “change the course of history.”  Their pathetic little website reads: “We are a multi-partisan movement of concerned citizens and volunteers, united against the unprecedented threat of an unqualified candidate taking our nation’s highest office.”   Funny though, not one of these clowns seemed to be the least bit concerned about a candidate’s qualifications when Barry “Almighty” was elected.

But then perhaps that was because in that particular instance they approved of his left leaning, anti-America agenda.  What they now seem to not approve of is a candidate who might actually undo the damage that Barry has wreaked upon this country.  This merry band of malcontents is apparently led by that legendary loser Martin Sheen, who while he has never been president, did play one on TV.  Other leftwing “celebrities” such as Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Moby, Mike Farrell, and Loretta Swit also urge electors to “vote their conscience.” Check out the short PSA, and prepare to be underwhelmed by their actorly sincerity.

Let’s not forget that even ‘IF’ enough electors were to change their vote, the election would then go to the House of Representatives for a decision, and since the House is GOP-controlled, one can assume that Trump would still end up in the White House.  But let us also keep in mind what the true motivation is for this continuing left driven political sideshow.  It’s not really to overturn the election results, but instead to provide to the left with an opportunity to make the claim that Trump won neither the popular nor the electoral vote, and thus his victory is illegitimate. That would give the left justification for all kinds of political mischief to derail a Trump presidency.

And let’s be honest here, that’s the left’s real goal here, not to support the President-elect but to expend every effort to subvert him at each and every turn, if not actually overthrow him.  Remember back when George W. Bush was in office and how it was that Hitlery, and a number of other Democrats, claimed that dissent was the highest form of patriotism?  And then after Barry took office it was those very same individuals on the left suddenly claimed dissent was nothing less that racist and treasonous and unconstitutional and obstructionist.  Now that a Republican is headed back to the White House, dissent has once again become fashionable and patriotic!

I think it fair to say that the dishonest, and blatantly corrupt, Democrat Party of today has now become so infested with socialists/progressives that is has gotten to the point where it has, as a collective, decided to completely abandon democracy and go for full throttle subversion.  Where there once was conservative Democrats such political animals have now long been extinct Democrats like to make the claim the Ronald Reagan would not be welcome in the Republican Party today, but let’s face it, would a John Kennedy or a ‘Scoop’ Jackson, to name just a couple, be welcome in the Democrat Party of 2016.  Somehow I very much doubt it.

As I have mentioned more than just a few times before, he who was to have been a boon to the Democrat Party for the next 40 years, will, in fact, be leaving the party being little more than a shadow of its former self.  Losses in the Era of Barry (2010 – 2016) has the Democrats losing 10 seats in the Senate, losing 63 seats in the House, losing 13 governorships across the USA, and losing nearly 950 state legislature seats lost across the USA.  And let’s not forget the fact that Hitlery won only 300 of the nation’s 3200 counties. America has said “no more” to the radical, extremist, elitist, corrupt, deceptive and bigoted Democrat Party.

There is no way around the fact that the Democrat Party has become a regional party of urban enclaves. Democrats are essentially furious that America is a geographically and demographically immense country.  Given their druthers they’d allow for ‘voting’ only on the west coast narrow strip, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Chicagoland and the strip from DC to Boston.  And nowhere else. The problem for them is twofold. 1) the world doesn’t work that way and 2) it leaves them as a parasitic elite reliant on everyone else for their survival.  Oh they can clatter on about how much money they return to the government, but WE grow the food, we run the factories, etc.

At this point I don’t care what we have to do.  Whether it’s to write it down, chisel it in stone, carve it into a tree or whatever else we have to do we must never forget what it is that we are witnessing here today.  And we must never let our children forget it either. Never before have the Democrat Party and its many allies in the media, our supposed institutions of higher learning, Hollyweird and wherever else, dropped their mask of faux patriotism to so blatantly reveal their Anti-American sentiment, anti-Constitution agenda driven Fascism for ALL of America to see.  And it is up to US to never forget.  NEVER!!

I hope that every moderate voter, every fence sitter and even every nonvoter out there, is watching this so they can see for themselves how over-privileged and immature adults act when they don’t get what they see themselves as being entitled to. I want them to see the kind of disrespectful undisciplined juveniles they almost put in the White House.  A bunch of childish rich kids who point fingers at the republican rich while they themselves have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend.  Who only preach the Constitution when they get what they want, and if not, they attack the Constitution and burn flags. This is the shit bullet America almost got.

I’m sooo glad these ‘celebrities’ are sooo much smarter than all of us common folk! How else would we know how to survive in a country that is filled with people who don’t seem to know which sex they are, or what bathroom to use, or who use diaper pins to feel safe, who cry at every word used, and who try to find their safe place! Now I can only assume that these Hollyweird kooks view themselves as being the cavalry riding to America’s rescue and our Electoral College members being in need of these half-baked celebrities to enlighten them.  What a bunch of snowflake zombies we have in Hollyweird!  And they are so out of touch with those outside their bubble.

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