First let me start out by saying that even though I did not vote for Obama, either time, no one could have been more disappointed in how he turned out as president than myself.  Because not since the early days of this country had a man come into office, in 2008 more so than in 2012, possessing so much promise and potential to do truly great things.  When you stop and think of all that he ‘could have done’ the magnitude of his failure as president becomes all the more glaring.  And it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the color of his skin but instead, I would argue, his upbringing.  Because what we had, and what we will continue to have up to his final minute in office is a president who is a rigid leftwing radical ideologue who, quite literally, hates America.

So after Barry went on CNN, this past Wednesday, and suggested racism played some part in opposition to his White House agenda – arguing “there’s a reason” why attitudes about his presidency are different between white voters in northern and southern states, Republicans were understandably more than a little upset.  Because what opposition there has been to his agenda was based entirely on the politics of it, not the color of the man behind it.  And whether or not Barry can bring himself to admit it, he is a man of the left.  His mission upon entering office was to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.  And now he has the nerve to blame racism as being behind the actions of those who worked to prevent him from completing that stated mission.  How absolutely juvenile.

It was during the interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria during the special, “The Legacy of Barack Obama,” aired Wednesday night Barry said, “There are people who dislike me because they think I’m a liberal.”  And he went on to say, “I think there is a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states are very different from whites in southern states.”   Barry said, “So are there folks . . . whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other?  Are those that champion the birther movement feeding off of bias? Absolutely.”  But the truth is, over the course of his time in office fewer people came to view Barry as being your garden variety liberal as more came to see him as being little more than a Socialist.  Not because of his skin color, but because of his policies.

The simple fact of the matter is that those who chose to take a stand against the policies that Barry was seeking to advance did so only because those policies ran counter to a freedom-loving, conservative agenda.  The fact that Barry is black had nothing whatsoever to do with their opposition.  And to suggest that opposition to Barry’s ‘liberal’ policies was a result of Republicans being a bunch of bigots, that they opposed him on Obamacare only because they were racist, they didn’t like his stimulus bill and his economic policies because they hated black people, that’s condescending and fundamentally wrong.  And for him to make such a claim diminishes his standing even more.  He is unable to take responsibility for his many failures, therefore they must be blamed on others.

Let’s face it, if Americans were as racist as Barry claims, he would never have been able to set foot inside the White House.  The fact that he has proven himself to be the worst president this country has ever seen rests squarely on his shoulders.  Barry has consistently tried to destroy everything this country stands for and has stood for from the time of its creation.  The Democrats, with the help of the media, were able to con the voters into voting for Barry.  The fact is that blacks tend to vote based solely on skin color, so who are the real RACISTS here?  And now with all this talk about “Racism” and lately the “Fake News” is about nothing more that silencing the truth.  Barry sees his ‘legacy’ going up in smoke and fears the last eight years will have been for naught.  Hence the accusations of racism.

It seems that no matter what the level of hypocrisy exhibited by those on the left, they can never quite bring themselves to ever admit it when they’re wrong.  And that includes Barry as well.  Because rather than admit that his policies have done nothing but to wreak all manner of havoc on our economy, our military, as well as our standing in the world, be blames it all on the racism of others.  For his first two full years in office Barry had Democrat super-majorities in both the House and the Senate.  And what did we get?  Midnight basketball and Obamacare ‘passed’ in the dead of night on Christmas Eve.  No matter where it is that you look, Barry has put our country in a race to the bottom!  I can’t wait for the Trump bulldozers to move in and begin deconstructing Barry’s legacy!


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