Anyone who’s been paying attention over the course of the last six years is likely already aware of the deterioration, at every level, local, state and federal, the Democrat Party has experienced during Barry’s reign.  The party has essentially been made to watch as its numbers have steadily decreased, across the board and all across the country.  When Barry came into office the Democrats had complete control of Congress and were in a much stronger position out in the states.  Such is no longer the case.  So you might be wondering how the Democrats plan to reverse this trend.  And so it was when pressed about such a plan by the “Morning Joe” crew this past Tuesday morning, Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat, gave an incredibly strange answer regarding how it is that the Democrat Party plans on recapturing the voters who either switched parties or didn’t vote at all in the 2016 election.

Mike Barnicle asked Mr. Swalwell, whose main reason for coming on was to demonstrate is support of Nancy Pelosi’s House Minority Leader campaign, why he thinks “the Democrats have been losing their majority consistently in the House over the last three elections?”  Swalwell responded by saying, “There must be a flaw in the message.”  And he went on to say, “You’re not reaching the target group that built the Democratic Party.”  He said, “Sure, and you know, I also look at the six million people who showed up in 2012 for President Obama but did not show up this time.”  And then added, “We need to make sure that the people who believe in us are also showing up and believing they can help shape what’s next.”  So according to Mr. Swalwell the solution to the problem is as simple as improving the message?

In case that wasn’t clear enough, he reiterated the party should keep “going back to our own base.”  He continued by saying, “I think that’s also something we need to do.”  And then said, “I’m interested in making sure the millennials — this is the best educated, most diverse ever — that they could be a part of shaping the dream for road ahead.”  So his perception of millennials is that they are the best educated, ever?  What an incredibly ridiculous statement!  Actually, what they most certainly are, are the most indoctrinated, the most brainwashed, and the most outspoken and with absolutely nothing to back up any of their crap.  I suppose what can be considered as being the saddest part of all this is that it’s not their fault they were brainwashed by commie college and high school professors/teachers, and that’s the crap that needs to be stopped.

And the “best educated” by whose standards, exactly? Colleges provide students with safe spaces equipped with coloring books and ‘Play Doh’ to help them deal with (avoid) the unpleasant realities of life.  College administrators tell them which Halloween costumes they should wear and prohibit free speech on campus that offends their snowflake sensibilities. Most of our colleges are nothing more than expensive daycare centers for young adults, not institutions of higher learning.  It appears Democrats haven’t learned much from the 2016 election. Perhaps it will take a few more GOP Presidents before Democrats accept the fact that the majority of voters are more concerned about their declining bank accounts and the ruined healthcare system than which bathroom Caitlin Jenner can use and a new name for the racist Washington Redskins.

What we have today in this country is ‘education’ in the truest Orwellian sense of the term.  College campuses are like isolated little islands in the sea of real life, which, combined with the lack of competition, allows weird characters and theories to thrive.  Faculty and students usually are oblivious to the fact that they need the sea around them to survive, but not vice versa.  The cost of a college education has, quite literally, gone through the roof, primarily because of government interference in the college loan programs.  Student, and/or their parents are getting seriously ripped off in that they are getting very little in return in exchange for the massive amounts of money that are now being spent on a college ‘education’.  And thanks to a woefully inadequate public school system kids are nowhere near ready for college upon graduating from high school.

Ya know, there’s an old adage I once remember hearing that said if you are a conservative under 20 you don’t have a heart and if you are a liberal over 30 you don’t have a brain.  And I think there is quite a lot of truth in that.  At least as far as the liberals are concerned.  And it would seem that a good number of liberals have actually succeeded in delaying the need to grow up, or in many cases eliminated the need altogether, because of the near limitless number of taxpayer funded dependency programs provided to them.  Now you can change that 30 to 50.  Most of the millennials don’t know any better because they haven’t had to face reality and have been taught only one side of the argument their entire life. Indoctrinated?  Yes, but it is worse than that because of the liberal poison that has infested the social structure.

Personally, I think that electing Keith Ellison, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter/sympathizer and reparations proponent, as the DNC chair would be just what the Democrat Party needs.  It would be a great for the party.  The Republican Party that is.  Democrats need to keep pounding White Privilege and unlimited immigration and they will have a great chance not only for the 2018 midterms but also for the 2020 presidential election.  Yep, keep doing what you are doing Democrats.  Please, we insist on it.  It’s comical that the Democrat Party’s base is made up primarily of the coastal elites and Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) minorities, and yet they wonder why they got creamed by the working man.  The same working man who sees himself being relegated to playing second fiddle to illegal immigrants, refugees and cop haters.

Democrats are now so far gone that they can’t see what smacked them in the face a few weeks ago.  Their current hero, Jill Stein, thinks that voting machines that had no connection to the internet were somehow hacked by the Russians.  Even though millennials know that this is impossible, they comtinue to buy in to her theory because they think it will further their agenda.  Which, I might add, it won’t! They have been indoctrinated by our corrupt educational system to the point where they are now delusional.  And rumor has that they will eventually grow up and become responsible individuals with kids of their own and come to understand just how wrong they were when younger.  But old habits die hard and their children will likely be encouraged to pick up all of the same habits of the parents.  After all, government goodies and free stuff is the way to go.

And even in the face of losing the House, the Senate and now the White House in the course of the last eight years, Democrats have still managed to convince themselves that they are still winning.  Barry has done nothing for blacks, Hispanics or to actually grow the economy.  Also, he touts his unemployment rate of 4.9% when most of these sycophants don’t even realize that this doesn’t even count the millions of people who have given up looking for work and don’t receive unemployment benefits anymore. The real unemployment rate is closer to 10 or 12 %. And, Barry tells the American people that everything’s cool on the foreign relations front because he is so cool. Meanwhile, world leaders are laughing at him behind is back.  And when they laugh at him, they’re also laughing at us.

We’re always told that Democrats are so much smarter than the rest of us, but if that’s true you have to wonder why they haven’t learned anything over the last six years.  And you’d think that since the number of elected Democrats, local, state and federal, is now the lowest it’s been since WWII, that Democrats would be looking to learn some new tricks.  But with Chuck Schumer now taking over from ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi having retained her leadership position in the House, and if Keith Ellison is elected as the DNC chair, I’m not sure how the Democrat Party views itself as being positioned to rise from the ashes where Barry has put it.  Now I’m no political genius but it just strikes me that these three individuals will likely take their party down the very same well-worn over path that Barry lead them and which resulted in their numbers taking a pretty significant hit.

Watching Schumer and his ilk is like watching a gathering of dinosaurs with a weather forecast of 30 below zero for the weekend.  Then there’s this incredible line: “Democrats from blue states, purple states and red states are going to link arm in arm to protect Medicare for our seniors and ensure Republicans don’t succeed in putting our seniors’ health care at risk.”  This coming from the party that condones mass rape, honor killings, female genital mutilation, the tossing of gays off rooftops and suicide bombings into our once great republic.  Not to mention the $500 billon Schumer and his cult swiped from Medicare to fund Obamacare. This is liberal PROJECTION at its very worst.  Here’s a hint for Schumer and his cadre dimwits: senior citizens are NOT the uninformed old timers you think they are.  Tom Price is as much the scourge of Seniors as Steve Bannon is the scourge of Jews.

And then we have Pelosi and her mob of malcontents over in the House who will continue to oppose everything the Republicans propose, just as they have always done.  I have zero faith that our RINO dynamic duo of Ryan and McConnell will lift a finger to help Trump.  Pelosi’s claim-to-fame is the slandering of anyone who doesn’t agree with her.  Her demeanor (which is representative of the left in general) is precisely what the average American has turned against.  For years, the left has gotten away with tossing atrocious generic invectives at anyone who even slightly disagrees with them.  Hopefully those days are gone with there now being a new sheriff in town.  The adults have regained control and will now be tasked with trying to clean up the mess created by essentially leaving the children unsupervised.


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