Ya know, the more I hear from this guy, Keith Ellison, the more I think that he would be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to being the right person to lead the Democrat Party.  By golly, he’ll get the party right back to where it needs to be.  And why do I say that?  Well, for one thing it was during an interview earlier this week on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s “Karen Hunter Show,” that Ellison, who is a candidate for DNC Chair, stated that Fidel Castro “confronted people with a lot of power on behalf of people that didn’t have any.”  And also according to Ellison, while Castro “probably” was “harsh” and “dictatorial” his legacy is “mixed” and saying that he’s “all bad,” is “all wrong.”   So Castro was probably harsh?  Gee, ya think?  So you see what I mean when I say Ellison’s the guy to fix all of what ails the Democrat Party?  Apparently this Muslim Brotherhood shill, racial supremacist, Ellison, was rather fond of Cuba’s recently-deceased brutal tyrant.

Ellison said, “Well, here’s the thing about Fidel Castro, he was a revolutionary leader who confronted a system of government that excluded everybody except the military and the moneyed rich. And because he took them on, defeated them, and then set the country up in a way where — did he use harsh dictatorial tactics? Yeah, probably he did.”  Probably?  And then he went on to say, “But, did he also stand up for peace and freedom in Africa? Absolutely. I mean, his Cuban forces took on the South African apartheid military forces and defeated them. And, was — actually sent — deployed doctors anywhere from Chernobyl, to all over Africa, wherever people were sick, he sent those doctors there, made medical education very available, made medicine available.”  Yes, Castro was a regular medical world savior.  Gee, according to this boob, Ellison, the world may not be able to go on without this brutal dictator being there to help it along.

Ellison continued, “And so, if you look at his legacy, what — you have to say that he confronted people with a lot of power on behalf of people that didn’t have any. But he also did jail people who were political critics of his, he did also not allow total and free speech. And so, I think it’s a mixed bag.”  If your final judgment of Fidel Castro is that his legacy is a “mixed bag,” then you’re in serious need to have your moral compass reset.  Ellison concluded by saying, “But for anybody to say that he was all bad, that’s all wrong.”  No, it’s not wrong, it’s accurate. Castro was an evil man who claimed to be waging revolution for the poor but sold them out as soon as he held power, destroying a thriving middle class and economy in the process, all while accumulating luxury homes and private wealth. Like all tyrants, any supposed “accomplishments” one can point to were undertaken for self-aggrandizement, not out of any concern for the poor and the sick.

While I’m not exactly sure from which planet it is that Mr. Ellison may hail, those of us from good ol’ planet Earth were able to pretty easily recognize Castro as being nothing less than a monster.  And I would have to think that most freedom loving people, which I would argue excludes a considerable number of Democrats, view the world as having now become a much better place and for no other reason than because of the fact that Castro is no longer taking up space in it.  Evidently Mr. Ellison doesn’t exactly share that opinion, since he apparently has a much friendlier view of the dictator, and he seems to have no problem with the fact that Castro murdered thousands of innocent people for no other reason than they chose to stand in opposition to him.  So it that what Mr. Ellison means when he says Castro was harsh?  Castro is now right where he belongs, rotting in Hell.  It’s too bad that it took so long for him to get there.

Ellison whom you would think would be absolute embarrassment to those whom he supposed represents, apparently plays quite well to those in his district. Which, I would argue, says more about the folks in his district than it does him.  As for his love of Castro, it might be worth mentioning that if JFK had actually finished the job at the Bay of Pigs, the Cuba of today might very well be a thriving society and very well economically.  They should be, but the Castro brothers never allowed the Cuban people to live to their full potential. The big story this year was Barry going there and attending the baseball game in Havana. That was all well and good, but a Cuba without the communist thugs running it would be much better off.  Instead they got a day off for a ball game that while it brought happiness to many for the moment, was really nothing more than a photo op.  It’s all actually very sad.  Ellison won’t see it that way as he’s too moronic to understand it.

Ellison’s rather bizarre assessment of Castro bares very little resemblance to any actual historical fact.  But if it’s one area where Democrats can be said to excel it’s in the area of rewriting history.  Castro and his thugs promised free elections upon his ouster of Fulgencio Bautista, and what did he give the people of Cuba?  A dictatorship, and very brutal one at that.  He promised freedom, and what did he deliver?  Mass imprisonment for those who opposed him, with many facing torture and a firing squad.  He promised a roaring economy, but what did he give?  A broken, impoverished economy fully dependent upon Soviet, and later Russian and limited Chinese aid, where basic necessities are severely lacking.  However, Ellison’s assessment is at least somewhat correct, in that Castro wasn’t merely bad, what he was pure evil, remarkably wicked, and truly horrific. The proof is in his legacy, glaringly and easily seen in 21st Century Cuba.


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