So it would appear that Barry now intends to spend a good part of the time that he has left doing little more than whining about how he thinks certain aspects of the country’s electoral system seems to be skewed in favor of the Republicans, at least in 2016.  This is rather extraordinary since during the entire build up to this last election I can’t remember how many times I heard about how the Democrat candidate, regardless of who he, or she, might be, always starts out with a pretty significant advantage, or what many referred to as being the blue wall.  A wall that consists of 18 states that produce 242 Electoral College votes.  Which in itself sounds rather impenetrable when your candidate only needs 270 to win.  So I guess I’m little confused regarding how such a scenario favors the Republicans.

But that didn’t seem to prevent Barry from complaining about the outcome of this most recent election.  And it was in so doing that he said, “As long as Wyoming gets the same number of senators as California, there’s going to be some tilt towards Republicans when it comes to congressional races.”  He went on to point out that most Democrat voters were “bunched up in big cities.”   During a press conference in Peru, Barry grumbled that Republicans took advantage of “political gerrymandering” after winning wide majorities in that helped them lock in a majority in Congress.  Barry said, “More votes have been cast for Democratic congressional candidates than Republican.”   And he added, “And yet you end up having large Republican majorities.”

And what I found as being rather funny, hysterical even, was how Barry cited “bad luck” as being the reason Republicans swept back into power in 2010, blaming the economic downturn he inherited from former president Bush and not having enough time for his policies to take root.  But Barry did appear to realize that he was complaining about the rules, admitting that the electoral system has “structural problems” that the Democrat Party has to accept.  He said, “But, look, you can’t make excuses about the rules.”  And then went on to say, “That’s the deal, and we got to do better.”  What’s he plan on doing, encouraging city Democrats to move out into the country?  That’s not likely to happen, for one thing by doing so they might actually have to go to work.

Ya know, somebody really should explain to Barry how it is that nobody likes a whiner.  How about all of the dead voters, or the fake voters bused into polling stations all over Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and Colorado?  I think it safe to say that they voted exclusively for Hitlery.  Or how about those idiots caught on tape admitting to it all as well as those who were on Hitlery’s payroll?  And Barry wants to whine about how things are skewed in favor of the Republicans?  Seriously?  And then you add in the illegals who were allowed to vote and the number of crooked voting machines that registered Hitlery instead of Trump.  If we were somehow able to take away all those instances of Democrat voter fraud, Trump would have won easily, and not only the Electoral College, but the popular vote as well.

About 60 more days, my friends, that’s all he has left.  I know, it sounds like an eternity.  Every single thing this man has touched since coming into office he has turned to dog squeeze.  And I mean absolutely everything!  America wasted eight long years on this ‘community agitator’ and for no other reason than because of white guilt and affirmative action.  Please, no more white guilt.  Don’t feel it.  Don’t think it.  Don’t tolerate it in our schools, or anywhere else.  Be as aggressive against racism toward white people as non-whites are toward us.  Look, we simply cannot afford any more “leaders” like Barry who seek nothing more than to divide us so they are then better able to destroy us.  We need to be better informed when it comes to who we vote for.  We need to vote for those who truly do love America.

Democrats want to limit smaller states, so that they would have very little say in who wins a presidential elections. That means that mostly Florida, New York, Texas and California would decide elections.  Democrats not only want to change the system during the game, they want to change the rules AFTER the game has been played, and a game which they lost.  It is just like the “nuclear option”, which Democrats favored for their advantage.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they want to change that filibuster rule back to the past. It looks like voters were not quite as stupid as the Democrats believed.  The Democrats, along with most of the state-controlled media have become, for the most part, irrelevant. Constant lies and political assassination get old very quickly.  And that’s all they have.


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