After hearing how it was that if Trump were to win on Election Day, all manner of Hollyweird ‘celebrities’ would likely head north of the border, only to find out after Trump did win that they were all simply kidding, I came to be so depressed.  But apparently not as depressed as was old Bobby De Niro upon hearing the news that Trump had beaten Hitlery like a bastard stepchild.  But Bobby felt the need to take things a step further.  You see, it was after campaigning heavily for Hitlery that Bobby now states that the election of Donald Trump as president makes him “feel like I did after 9/11.”  How pathetic is that?

Bobby lamented how the loss of Hitlery has left him with a case of post-election blues.  In an interview with ‘Agence France-Presse’ last Friday, Bobby was asked if he supported protests across the country, which has included the closing of metropolitan freeways at times.  And it was in typical fashion that this mental midget replied, “Yes, absolutely!”  And he went on to say, “Things aren’t being done right.”  Bobby then called on his ‘comrades’ to stay “vigilant” under Trump saying, “We have to just wait and see how things go and keep our eyes ever-vigilant on the new government.”  Vigilant for what, exactly?

Bobby had been virulently against the election of Trump pretty much throughout the entire campaign, even doing a stupid monologue this past October in which he called Trump “an embarrassment” to the United States and said he would like to “punch him in the face.”  He also said that a Hitlery loss would be a “tragedy.”  He did not say that the “tragedy” to which he referred would be akin to 3,000 people losing their lives to Islamic terrorists.  And now that I know what he meant, I wish I didn’t.  But look, I’m far from surprised to hear that this is how he feels, this is the caliber of people who now call themselves Democrats.

So let me see if I have this right, 3000 innocent people were murdered in cold blood by 19 Islamic fanatics and Bobby claims he was made to feel the exact same way as a result of his corrupt candidate losing an election?  Say that to the families of the 3000 who were murdered.  What about those of us who were sad and depressed both times Barry was elected?  Did we take to burning down our neighbors homes, destroying their businesses or calling for the rape of the first lady.  Please, Bobby, do us all a huge favor and move to some socialist country and take all of your Hollyweird buddies with you.

My parents always taught me to respect my elders, and while I’m much closer to Bobby’s age than I care to admit, yet every time I see this asshole’s face it seems to be taunting me into wanting to punch it.  I promised those people who perished on 9/11 that “I WILL NEVER FORGET”, and Bobby’s disrespect for their memories is so shameful.  I guess I could say that I will never go to see another of his movies, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to the movies.  The entertainment value provided simply doesn’t match the cost that I’m now expected to cheerfully pay just for admittance, never mind the cost of the munchies.

Bobby is another one of those Hollyweird imbeciles who thinks just because he can read lines written by others it somehow provides to him some special insight into the lives of others and gives him a special position on which he can influence the thinking of others.  No one cares what this leftist loony thinks nor that he supported the most corrupt candidate ever to run.  He lives in the Hollyweird bubble where reality long ago departed and was replaced by overpaid imbeciles who are nothing more than political groupies and advocates for Socialism.  That is, socialism for the great unwashed, but not for themselves.


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