The fact is the Democrats have paid an unprecedented price under eight years of Barry “Almighty”.  When Barry first took office in 2009, Democrats controlled the House and the Senate by substantial majorities.  Democrats sat in 28 governor’s mansions and controlled nearly as many state houses.  And in 17 states, Democrats controlled all three.  And it was then Senate Majority Leader, ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid, in his opening speech that year, who said, “What a difference an election makes.”  And he said, “Since 2006, Democrats have achieved a net gain of 14 of 14 Senate seats.  We return to work for the 11th Congress with a strong majority that will soon reach 59 seats. And just two weeks from today, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States.”

And it was at the time of his first election victory that Barry was heard to say “elections have consequences.”  And today the Democrat Party has 11 fewer Senate seats, 63 fewer House seats, and more than a dozen fewer governorships, than when Barry took office.  Democrats have lost more than 800 seats in state legislatures, and now control both the governor’s mansion and the legislature in just six states. The Republican Party, on the other hand, is the most dominant it’s been since the 1920s.  Republicans control the White House, the Congress, and the balance of power in the Supreme Court, as well as both the legislature and the governorship of 24 states. The party now controls “almost everything in American governance,” as The New York Times puts it.

And while the Democrats managed to slim down the Republican Party’s control of the Senate by picking up a few seats, they fell short of winning back the majority.  Republicans now have 51 seats to their 48, pending the results of the Louisiana runoff election.  In the House Republicans have 238 seats to the Democrats 193, again a slimmer but persistent majority that looked as if it might give way at some points ahead of the election.   And at the state level, a Republican sits in two-thirds of the governor’s mansions, and the party controls more than 30 state legislatures. Three states voted to replace their Democrat governor with a Republican, and the party picked up control of the legislature and governor’s mansion in Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

Reuters reports that Republicans now control all 30 legislative chambers in the South for the first time in history. Their dominance of the governorships is the greatest since the 1920s, and their control of the legislatures overall is the greatest in history.  It was elections expert Tim Storey who told The New York Times, “That’s just the way it broke.”  He said, “Republicans thought they were playing defense, and Democrats thought that it was going to be a good year for them, but Republicans outpaced them and came out as strong as they went in, all across the board.”  But have the Democrats learned anything from their ‘Obama’ debacle?  Well, judging by the rather incendiary rhetoric that we heard coming from their ‘losing’ candidate I would venture to say, they have not.

And in demonstrating that he is nothing of if not completely oblivious to the losses suffered by his party during his tenure as president, as if doing so will allow him to escape blame, it was during a press conference at the White House earlier today that Barry commented on what he sees as being the current state of the Democrat Party.  And despite reports of in-fighting and placing of blame for the recent, and rather historic loss, Barry maintained that its “healthy” for the party to take a look at itself in the wake of Hitlery’s spectacular loss.  He said that “Democrats should not waiver on our core beliefs and principles” and then, as is usually the case with this guy, he launched into a conversation on himself as he began to rattle off some of the ideals that helped launch his successful presidential bid in 2008.

But the fact is if those in charge of the Democrat Party, don’t come to understand that they need to move a little more to the right rather than towards Socialism, they are likely doomed. Only a few aging hippies and indoctrinated millennials are persuaded by that claptrap.  Half the millennials will see the light when they get real jobs. It will be interesting, and rather telling, if the new chair of the DNC is a Muslim.  Barry, and liberals in general, all live in their own alternate reality, and Barry’s overinflated sense of himself and his non-accomplishments are outrageous and laughable.  Pretending he did so much for our country when in fact he’s done more than any other president in history to destroy the fabric of our society and to create a racial divide not seen since the abolition of slavery!

The period in American history known as the “Obama Presidency”, if properly assessed by historians, will be judged as being one of the most disastrous periods ever to be experienced by this country.  Our economy has been systematically destroyed in much the same manner that our military has been decimated.  And corruption now runs rampant amongst those involved in the running of our government.  We can only hope that the presidential election of 2016 will bring about the necessary course correction on a national level that is so badly needed.  Hopefully with Republicans now in charge of Congress and the White House they will act in concert with the Republicans leaders in the various states to finally get our country turned around.  Only time will tell if we’ve allowed ourselves sufficient time to do so.


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