Senate Democrats Hold Briefing On GOP Attack On Social Security

Ya know, every time a Democrat candidate loses a presidential contest, it’s either because the Republicans cheated, or it’s about how the system is constructed in such a manner as to put the Democrat candidate at some distinct disadvantage.  Never is it even contemplated that it was the Democrat candidate that was the problem.  And it’s once again that we are hearing the same pathetic whining about how the Electoral College somehow favors Republicans.

Bernie Sanders is but one more of those who has been busy of late criticizing the Electoral College in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory because, he said, Hitlery won the popular vote and closely contested states receive too much attention.  It was in an interview with the leftist rag, USA Today, that Bernie said, “We may want to take a look at the whole Electoral College, which is seating a man for president who didn’t get the most votes.”

Bernie, the self-proclaimed Socialist, said, “This is something we need a serious discussion on.”  And he continued saying, “This campaign revolved around 15 states of the country, right? Battleground states. My state of Vermont is a strong Democratic state; no one paid attention. Wyoming is a Republican state; nobody paid attention to Wyoming. Is that a good way?”  And he added, “I think we want to rethink that.”

Bernie failed to explain exactly how the abolition of the Electoral College could possibly cause Vermont (pop.: 626,562) and Wyoming (pop.: 584,153) to receive more attention from presidential candidates in a nation of 318.9 million people.  And Bernie also failed to explain why his state should have two U.S. senators — out of just 100 total — even though its population is roughly equal to the population of El Paso, Texas.  But perhaps I digress.

In the rest of the USA Today interview, Sanders went on to suggest that “there is an overlap” between his supporters and Trump supporters.  He asked, “Why is it that you’re having a decent job at a factory, and that factory has gone to China?”  And also asked, “Why is it that you’re seeing almost all new income and wealth go to the top 1 percent?  People are angry and they’re frustrated.”  And it’s under a Democrat that things have gotten even worse.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.  My God man, wake up and smell the coffee.  Any moron knows the Electoral College overwhelmingly favors the Democrats. Take California, New York, Illinois, plus New England and the mid-Atlantic states, and they’re all Democrat. The Democrat candidate – every presidential election – starts out with a pretty serious advantage over whomever the Republican candidate might be in terms of electoral votes.

Look one of the main reasons the Democrat Party lost this time around should be painfully clear.  It was because they ran an extremely poor candidate, and for no other reason than it was perceived as being her turn.  And you can’t really say that she was the most qualified Democrat, even though that was the claim.  So stand up, be a man, dust yourself off and try again in 2020.  Put your big-boy pants on, quite your damn whining and move forward.

In addition to the fact they chose to run the worst possible candidate, the Democrats ran a campaign geared to “more of the same” when ‘The People’ were clamoring for something different. That the Democrats failed in all respects in this election is a product of their own ignorance and arrogance.  They assume that because they claim to be the protector of “the little guy”, people will continue to believe it.  And more and more people simply don’t.

Maybe they’ve learned that you can’t be a national, multi-regional party by catering only to leftists, socialists university brats and ethnocentric groups.  Roughly 30 percent of Hispanics and 8-15% of blacks voted for Trump.  And what’s really the strangest part of all of this is the fact that it was working class people who built the Democrat Party in the first.  The party has chosen to now leave them in the dust in favor of courting minorities, illegals and millennials.

Democrats have no respect for the hard working middle class factory workers, ranchers or farmers that still make up the overwhelming majority in flyover country.  Also, if you discount the illegal noncitizen votes then you’d have to subtract the 3 million they know about from Hitlery’s column. The sanctuary cities and DC encouraged and allowed them to register and vote.  Even with all the cheating and the media hiding her criminal acts, she still lost.  What’s that tell ya?

Add to that, numerous Democrat judges in multiple Democrat counties in Nevada, California and Oregon allowed polling places to stay open until midnight which padded Hitlery’s vote. The popular vote is not a scientific measure. After Michigan reports, it will likely balance out. A good analogy is this: You run a marathon and you cross the finish line. But you decide to run an extra mile after you cross the finish line. That extra mile does not negate the fact that you crossed the finish line.

So if 30 states voted for Trump, and only 21 voted for Hillary, am I to assume that it would be “fair” that Hillary be president?  Good luck getting 33 states to vote away their representation.  Because that’s the only way a constitutional amendment will be passed to shut down the electoral college. Try it. Go ahead. We dare you. Make sure you have your safety pins on, you wouldn’t want your diapers to fall down.

The Founding Fathers established our nation as a ‘Constitutional Republic’.  And, as the several states still play an out-sized role in the affairs of our nation, why would anyone believe that cutting them out of the process would be “progress”.  The Founding Fathers were rightly wary about establishing a government based on complete democracy as doing so would invite an unfettered tyranny of a majority which could change established policies in a heartbeat.


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