Now while I will freely admit that I am far from being the political genius that Karl Rove, Joe Trippi or Dick Morris all profess themselves to be, it would seem to me that the Democrat Party has fallen pretty far from where so many said, shortly after Barry “Almighty’s” first election back in 2008, it would be today.  It was stated then that because of Barry’s election, described as being so momentous and so awe inspiring, that we would be in for 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  And yet here we are just eight years later with Republicans in control of Congress, as well as the White House, and with Republicans controlling both chambers of the legislature in 32 states while Democrats control both chambers of the legislature in 13 states, with three states being split.

And Democrats nationwide now find themselves struggling over party leadership in the wake of one of the most embarrassing political upsets in American history.  They were all so sure that Hitlery was going to beat, and not just beat but humiliate, Donald Trump that it’s reasonable to assume they never even contemplated the fact that she might actually lose.  Hence the continuing anti-Trump violence in any number of Democrat controlled cities.  And as RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and President-elect Donald Trump celebrate their win, Democrats have splintered off into different factions in their effort to decide who it is that should come to lead their party.  Hitlery lost big last Tuesday and as a result the Democrat Party lost a lot of prestige and respect as well.

So far the three Democrat ‘operatives’ who seem to have the largest amount of support, at least right now, for the position of Democrat Party Chairman are former presidential candidate Howard ‘The Screamer’ Dean, Sen. Corey Booker, and Rep. Keith Ellison.  Now if I was a Democrat, which I thank my lucky stars each and every day that I am not, these three individuals are not exactly the ones that I would consider as being qualified to go about the unf*cking of the Democrat Party, because none of them instill the required confidence necessary to the task as hand.  That said, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, DNC State Chair of South Carolina Jaime Harrison and New Hampshire DNC Chair Ray Buckley have also announced their candidacy.

One would think that Ellison is the most unlikely candidate, for no other reason than he’s a practicing Muslim.  And yet it would seem that he has the inside track.  But regardless of who is selected, Democrat strategists remain wary of a “part-time” DNC chair, someone who holds the post while also representing their district.  One ‘top’ party ‘official said, “What I think his biggest hurdle is is the notion that we will have another part-time chair.”  This same official also said, “It proved to be hugely problematic for a number of reasons this last time around. There are a number of reasons [former chair] Debbie Wasserman Schultz was wrong to begin with. But one of them is she had to pay attention to her work in Congress and any political blind spots she had to deal with.”

So apparently the Democrat Party didn’t quite get the message after their devastating election defeat last week.  That message being, of course, that the American people really aren’t partial to having radicals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood leading their country.  But be that as it may, the Democrat Party doubled down, on Sunday, when ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid came out and enthusiastically endorsed Ellison as the next chairman of the Democrat National Committee (DNC).  And it was in speaking to The Huffington Post that ‘Dingy said, “My friend Keith Ellison is a terrific leader and a strong progressive who knows how to get things done.”  And he went on to say, “Now is the time for new thinking and a fresh start at the DNC. Now is the time for Keith.”

It’s important to note that Ellison has not yet even declared his candidacy for the influential DNC post, yet according to more than a few party insiders he has been building support for a bid.  Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren told MSNBC Thursday that Ellison “would make a terrific DNC chair.”  And it was ‘Dingy’s’ heir apparent, Chuckie Schumer who has also endorsed Ellison, as has Bernie Sanders.  A Sanders petition backing Ellison has reportedly garnered over 520,000 signatures.  Ellison would be the first Muslim and the third black person to hold the position of DNC chair.  And it was Ellison who, this past Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” made the idiotic claim that Trump won “because he was able to throw hate and poison on Hillary Clinton.”

Ellison also said, “I tell you whose brand was tainted is Donald Trump. This guy was tainted every kind of way you could imagine. I mean no way in the world that Donald Trump is a champion of working people. He has hurt workers in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, multiple bankruptcies, never showed his taxes. I don’t know any good thing this guy has done. And yet because he was able to throw hate and poison on Hillary Clinton, he was able to somehow prevail at least in terms of the Electoral College. He actually lost the popular vote. I think he was skilled at just sort of keeping the attention on anyone but himself. But this guy is the most outrageous person ever to win a presidential election.”   I would argue the brand most tainted is the Democrat brand.

And Ellison continued on saying, “I’m not going to get up here cast fault on Democrats. I think that — look, negative campaigning, people do it because sometimes it works. In this particular case, him saying all this stuff that he said, you know, had an impact.”  So what’s his supposed claim here, that Hiterly didn’t take part in any negative campaigning?   Or, that none her campaign ads taking Trump’s comments out of context were “negative”?  That her constant playing of the “woman card” wasn’t anything more than a ploy to garner female votes?  Eillison seems to ignore completely the fact that many Americans are now sick and tire of politicians and especially those politicians connected in any way to the lying, cheating, power hungry Democrat Party.

And if the Democrat Party continues to kowtow to its radically progressive left wing, they’ll simply consign themselves to national unelectability, or just where Labor in the U.K. now finds themselves in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s populist-left grassroots coup.  And I could be wrong, but appearing to double down on black Muslim leadership doesn’t seem to be a smart move either.   Because unlike Barry, Ellison actually IS a Muslim.  Sure, he’ll bring Midwest working-class right back into the fold.  NOT!   And as I mentioned earlier I’m not a political genius by any stretch of the imagination, but placing this guy Ellison as head of the Democrat Party just doesn’t seem to be a smart move unless, of course, you intend to blow off completely white working class Americans.

And not only did ‘Dingy’, ‘Pocahontas’, Chuckie, and Bernie all endorse Ellison for the DNC Chairman, it’s been rumored that the Prophet Muhammad also endorsed Ellison on Al Jazeera from his grave.  So we have the first Muslim and third black, because for Democrats it’s all about diversity, not ability to actually do the job.  Ellison openly supported ‘Calypso Louie’s ‘Nation of Islam’ for over a decade.  When Ellison first ran for public office and lost, his name was Kieth Ellison-Muhammad, a name he dropped in subsequent campaigns.  Ellison was twice the keynote speaker for the Muslim American Society, the U.S. arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Three times Ellison gave speeches to the Islamic Society of North America, another organization with terrorist ties.

As a Muslim, Ellison is aware of the doctrine of Taqiyya, which permits Muslims to lie in order to either save themselves or advance Islam.  Because of that and the activities above, Ellison simply cannot be trusted.  The anti-Roman Catholic bigot, Charles “Chuckie” Schumer, once stated that he couldn’t endorse a practicing Roman Catholic for the Supreme Court because of the Church’s position against killing babies.  That allows me to take the same view towards Muslims.  I believe NO PRACTICING Muslim can ever serve in any governmental capacity in any Western country.  Islam is antithetical to both Western tradition and thought.  If Mr. Ellison renounced the death cult faith he belongs to, then I might reconsider.  But apparently Democrats think differently.

I find it rather odd that after suffering what some consider a rather embarrassing defeat at the hands of a complete political novice, the Democrat Party, when searching for a new leader, would attempt to enlist the services of someone that would at least appear to be more of moderate.  Now I know in the modern day Democrat Party moderates have become all but extinct but, that said, if the party is going to have any hope of ever making its way out of the wilderness, there’s little chance that Ellison is the guy able to lead them.   And for any of you interested in reading more about the esteemed Mr. Ellison’s rather radical history and his support for (and from) the Muslim Brotherhood, check out his profile at the Freedom Center’s Discover the Networks.

Let’s face it folks, the corrupt Clintons and the U.S. hating and divisive Obama’s have left Liberalism devastated!  And since Barry chose not to governor properly, most of his ‘legacy’ will be easily wiped out!  Liberalism can thank low information voters who believe the lying media, the corrupt Obama Administration, RINO Republicans, the power-hungry disturbed mendacious reprobate Hitlery, and everybody who thought running a lying power-hungry establishment crook who steals from their charity for personal gain was a good idea.  And don’t forget the fourth worst US economy in history with massive government dependency.  Polls showed 70% thought we are on the wrong track, and yet the Democrats presented nothing but more of the same.  You can’t fix stupid!


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