Now I would think that to even the most dedicated Democrat, Donald Trump’s rather stunning victory Tuesday night can be described as being nothing less than a total repudiation of Barry “Almighty’s” policies and presidency.  The very presidency that was declared to have ushered in what some said would be 40 years of Democrat rule.  Fortunately for America it fell just 32 years shy of that.  And it was after his 2008 win that Barry himself was heard to say, “Elections have consequences.”  Well Barry, NO SHIT!  And for Barry, I can only assume that it must be rather difficult for him to imagine a more consequential outcome than what occurred Tuesday night.

With the Republicans being able to maintain their control of both the House and the Senate, President-elect Trump will now be in the perfect position of being able repeal substantial parts of Barry’s legislative, anti-America, agenda, repeal his executive orders with a mere stroke of a pen, and install conservative Supreme Court justices.  And I would recommend that, and in very short order after officially assuming office, he invite Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell over to the Oval Office and make it very clear, and in no uncertain terms, what his agenda is going to be and what assistance from them he will see as being ‘required’.  I hope they’re up to it.

Now consider the opposite scenario: Had it instead been Hitlery who won the election, she would have ushered in what clearly would have been a new, and rather dark, era of American politics, The Barry “Almighty” era, a very dark era indeed.  With his former secretary of state in the White House, Barry would have been able to count on a successor who would have reliably pursued some of his most transformative and controversial policies: immigration reform, the expansion of health care and environmental regulation.  And what’s truly scary is that Barry could very well have ended up on the Supreme Court.   Talk about a nightmare scenario!

Trump has pledged to repeal every one of Barry’s damaging policies and significant reduce the thousands of new regulations that Barry put in place over the last eight years.  I’m quite sure that Barry, as well as most other Democrats, will view Trump’s election as being the equivalent of a “hostile takeover” of the White House, having the desired result of upending the political order with a new brand of politics that doesn’t neatly fit into the existing bipartisan framework.  That’s how it was described by Curt Nichols, a political science professor at Baylor University who has studied how presidential elections affect the reordering of American politics.

And in judging from his whirlwind campaigning over the past few weeks, it would appear that no one was more acutely aware of Trump’s potential threat to his legacy than Barry himself.  He recited a litany of supposed ‘accomplishments’ — from the auto industry rescue to Obamacare to the Paris climate accords.  It was in stump speeches in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida that Barry said, “All the progress we’ve made goes out the window if we don’t win this election.”  He added, “Let’s go finish what we started.”   And all were states that Trump won by appealing largely voters disaffected by the economic disruption of the last decade.

Trump’s win puts more urgency into Barry’s lame-duck presidency, as Barry will now have to redouble his efforts to solidify his agenda. The Trans-Pacific Partnership must pass on his watch, or will likely not be passed at all. With criminal justice reform less likely, he could resort even more to his power to pardon and commute sentences.  Regardless of how it ends, Barry has accomplished something that history cannot take away: He is the first African-American president, and a two-term president at that.  But consider the fact that he is also likely to go down in history as being this nation’s worst president, and is that really something to be bragged about?

Barry’s reliance on executive action in the final years of his horrendous presidency makes many of his accomplishments able to be rather easily erased.  Historians will debate whether Barry could have done more to establish a more permanent legacy, or whether he was simply the ‘victim’ of forces beyond his control.  Let’s face it, the ONLY thing that Barry has in any way been the victim of, is his own arrogance.  And it is my fervent hope that President Trump will do all that he can, and as quickly as he possibly can, to work toward making it appear as if the stain on this nation referred to as the ‘Obama Presidency’ never even existed.  It must be erased!

And it’s also according to the previously mentioned Prof. Nichols: “With this loss, President Obama loses the opportunity to go down as one of America’s great presidents.”  And the professor went onto say, “It looks like Obama has failed to exploit his opportunity to be a transformation president.”  While Barry may soon be gone he won’t soon be forgotten.  The mess that he will have left behind will surely test even Mr. Trump’s abilities.  And realistically speaking, when was it that Barry might have ever had the opportunity to go down as one of America’s great presidents?  He had no interest in being a great president, he sought only to destroy this nation!



  1. Barry Soetero made a conscious decision to be a destructive force against America…to Change the dialogue and discourse of this great country…from talking of the great minority divide to becoming the Divider of this Country. To saying to his people to”sharpen their elbows” when defending his majesty, mr. Soetero and his policies….never condemning blm…and even now not condemn in those who are paid to riot in our largest cities….he is a disgrace who made a few ” eloquent” speeches off the TelePrompTer….NOthing to be proud of….even Hillary blames him for her losing the election, but that’s another story!


  2. BRAVO – What a wonderful post. Love your blog. Great comment above also. I thought I heard Killary say she took the higher road. Why doesn’t she speak to these protesters. What a scumbag. Thank God Trump won. God is good. I am basking in the afterglow of his win. Blessings to you and thanks SO much for putting out such a wonderful blog.


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