By the time the election took place I’m sure most everyone had heard all of the insane rambling coming from so very many of our rich and famous about how if Donald Trump were to actually win the presidency, they would all bolt to another country, rather than live in our country with Trump as president.  Well, I guess now we’ll get to see just how many of those folks are people of their word since all woke up this morning to the news that just such an event had occurred.  Now do I think any of them will make good on those promises so loudly made?  Somehow, I doubt it.  As is usually the case with liberal morons, they’re typically all show and no go.

So as Election Day polls closed all across the country on Tuesday and votes began to be tallied, those who comprise Hollywood’s most progressive celebrities had to be getting more than just a little concerned that they might actually be called upon to make good on their threat to leave our country.  Frankly I doubt very seriously that any of these pathetic losers had their bags packed because the thought that Donald Trump would come to beat Hitlery never even occurred to them.  It was absolutely inconceivable.  In other words, they thought she had it in the bag.  Because how could the American people not see in Hitlery what they all saw in her?

So here are 16 of Hollywood’s best and ‘brightest’ who had pledged to move out of the United States in the event of a Trump win:

  1. Barbra Streisand – “I can’t believe it. I’m either coming to your country if you’ll let me in, or Canada,” the singer told 60 Minutes in an interview back in August. Streisand has been a vocal supporter of Hitlery’s candidacy, and appeared at a high-profile fundraiser for the candidate in New York City earlier this year.
  2. Bryan Cranston – “I would definitely move. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t,” Cranston said in October of the possibility of a Trump victory. The Breaking Bad star suggested he would take a permanent vacation to Vancouver.
  3. Miley Cyrus – The young pop ‘star’ made her point as only she can do, saying she would “move out da country” if Trump, whom she called a “f*cking nightmare” were to win the election.
  4. Lena Dunham – The Girls star said there is a “100 percent chance” she will pick up and move to Canada if Trump prevails on Election Day. The diehard Hitlery supporter said, “I love Canada. I think that it’s a great place, and there’s an area in Vancouver that I find beautiful and appealing, and I can conduct business from there.”
  5. Amy Schumer – The comedian and Trainwreck actress said Spain would be her destination of choice if Trump were to win the presidency. It was back in September that she said, “My act will change because I will need to learn to speak Spanish.” And she added, “Because I will move to Spain or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s just too crazy.”
  6. Jon Leibowitz – The former Daily Show ‘funnyman’ may want to connect with billionaire space pioneer Elon Musk if Trump wins; he told People magazine last year that he would consider “getting in a rocket and going to another planet, because clearly this planet’s gone bonkers.”
  7. Cher – The same goes for the rather worn out pop ‘icon’ Cher, who wrote on Twitter that she would be moving to Jupiter if Trump wins. The “Believe” singer has appeared with Hitlery at campaign events this year.
  8. Chelsea Handler – The comedian and talk-show host said she had already made a contingency plan in the event of a Trump win. She said, “I did buy a house in another country just in case.” This moron then went on to say, “So all these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t — I actually will leave that country.”
  9. Samuel L. Jackson – The veteran actor accused Trump of running a “hate”-filled campaign in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. He told Jimmy Kimmel, “If that motherf*cker becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.”
  10. Whoopi Goldberg – The comedian and The View co-host has repeatedly trashed Trump on the ABC daytime talk show. It was during an episode back in January that she said, “Listen, he can be whatever party he wants to be.” And said, “What he can’t be is he can’t be the guy that says it’s your fault stuff isn’t working. That’s not the president I want. Find a way to make stuff work.”  Adding, “Maybe it’s time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go.”
  11. Neve Campbell – The Scream and House of Cards actress said she would move back to her native Canada if Trump wins the election. It was in talking about the motivation behind Trump’s support that this genius said, “They see someone off the cuff and broad, and they think ‘ok, that’s the voice we need, just someone honest.’” And then went on to say, “But his honesty is terrifying.”
  12. Keegan-Michael Key – The Key and Peele star also said he’d flee north to Canada in the event of a Trump presidency. It was back in January when he said, “It’s like, 10 minutes from Detroit.” And then added, “That’s where I’m from; my mom lives there. It’d make her happy too.”
  13. George Lopez – “If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration. We’ll all go back,” the Latino comedian and TV star told TMZ shortly after Trump announced his candidacy in 2015.
  14. Ne-Yo – The R&B singer said he’d be moving to Canada “straight away” if Trump wins. It was in October that this braindead dipshit said, “Me and Drake gonna be neighbors if Donald Trump becomes president.”
  15. Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton – The ‘civil rights activist’ told attendees at a Center for American Progress event in February that he would be looking for flight reservations if Hitlery did not triumph on Election Day. Sharpton said, “I’m also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins. Only because he’d probably have me deported anyhow.”
  16. Raven-Symoné – The former View co-host and Disney Channel star is probably already on a flight out. During a February episode of that stupid little show she said she would move to Canada “if any Republican gets nominated.”

Now it would seem to me that you have ask yourself what is it about Trump that has the panties in a knot of all these so-called celebrities?  And to the point where, or so they claim, that living in a country stupid enough to elect Trump as president is something they simply cannot bring themselves to do.  And something that these morons may not have completely thought through is the fact that while they may choose to live elsewhere, they will still be required to pay taxes on any income that they may earn working here in the United States.  So I guess I’m missing the point they were so desperately trying to make here.  Am I missing something?


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