I remain rather perplexed when it comes to trying to figure out many of my fellow Americans.  I mean here we are privileged to live in this the freest land in all the world, and yet what is it that so many us seem very determined to do?  None other than to compound the mistakes made in 2008 and again in 2012 with yet another mistake, and quite possibly the worst of all, by electing Hitlery Clinton as our next president.  What better example is there that would exemplify the definition of insanity?  That would be doing the same thing over and over again and yet expecting a different outcome.

Just as I wish I could say that I’m confident that enough of my fellow Americans will come to the right decision tomorrow when going to the polls, I can only hope that a majority of those who have already voted have, like myself, also made the right decision.  It’s been a campaign that has seemed to have gone on for much longer than it really was, and now that the end has finally arrived, never have I been so apprehensive about an election outcome.  I have to be honest in that I really don’t think that enough people are up to the challenge that this election so very clearly represents.

I must admit that I do have rather difficult time trying to figure out how it is that anyone can look at someone as corrupt, dishonest and outright sleazy as Hitlery, and still be able see a person who is fit to be our president.  Granted, Mr. Trump, far from being the ideal candidate, has said things that some people find offensive and therefore disqualifies him from being president.  However, it would seem that anything Mr. Trump may have said, pales in comparison to the very many things that Hitlery has done, some of which were blatantly illegal.  So I’m not understanding how what he has said outweighs all that she has done.

And frankly I find it all rather disappointing that there are so many Americans who seem only too happy to assist the Democrat Party in its effort to destroy our country.  I makes no sense to me.  What is it that we should most want to leave to our children?  Is it really nothing more than a lifetime spent living under an oppressive government, or a lifetime living in what America has always been known for, freedom?  I can understand those in the entertainment industry, because most of those soulless bastards relish their life of depravity and only wish to elect those who see nothing wrong with it.

It’s sad that we could now be on the verge of electing as president a person dedicated to abolishing our religious freedom as well as reducing our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to that which is little more than words on what they see as being just a piece of paper.  And what is it with Democrats that seems to make them so happy that their country is going down the tubes?  And also has them so excited about voting for a politician who is enthusiastically in favor of not only continuing that process but has actually worked very hard doing all that she can to accelerate it?  It’s all so bizarre.

So here we are at a point where we are being provided with what could very well be the final opportunity we may ever have to salvage what’s left of our country and to perhaps get it headed back in the right direction.  And yet what is it that so many Americans are saying we should do instead?  That would of course be to vote for the one candidate in this race who has absolutely no interest whatsoever in changing our present course and who wishes to only make matters worse by taking this country even further to the left.  And Hitlery would seek to place our existence as a sovereign nation very much at risk.

And I fear that with all that Mr. Trump has going against him, between the state-controlled media, the Democrat Party and of course our many RINO NeverTrumpers, that he will not be able to pull out a victory.  And I fear our country will never be the same if Hitlery does win.  And, ya know, who is it that we really have to thank for that?  Not the Democrats, none other than the many Republicans, all of those supposed conservatives who have spent the majority of the last 6 years doing little more than to lie to us.  None of the promises they made to us about stopping Barry, have they kept.

And it would seem to me that anyone possessing even an ounce of commonsense should feel the same way.  Because if Hitlery does win it will be nothing less than a tragedy for generations of Americans yet to be born.  Her vision for the future should terrify every freedom loving American.  Because hers is a future where the government will come to acquire an increasing level of control over the citizenry, and that, my friends, is nothing more than a nightmare scenario of the very worst kind.  Hitlery is not fit to be president and she is a risk to the safety of this nation on any number of levels.

Never in my voting life have I been more fearful of how an election might turn out.  And not since the election of 1980 have the choices been so stark in their differences as they are for this election.  To me it makes a vote for Trump a no-brainer.  And yet we have those on our side who would rather see Hitlery win.  Now not wanting to sound too dramatic here, but this election will, without a doubt be life or death for our country.  The socialist policies that have been implemented over the last eight years have brought this country to where we are now teetering on the precipice.  Where will we choose to go from here?


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