Why is it, do you suppose, that leftist dipshits, like Jon Leibowitz, can never bring themselves to just fade away gracefully, but, instead, feel quite compelled to hang around for what seems like damn near forever.  And why it is that I even mention it is because of the fact that Leibowitz recently chose the most inappropriate of venues to let loose with one of his trademark juvenile rants, the focus of which was Donald Trump.  Leibowitz trashed Donald Trump during Bob Woodruff’s 10th annual Stand Up for Heroes comedy fundraiser at the Theater at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night.  He began what was billed as being a stand-up routine at the event, which is held to raise money for programs meant to benefit American service members and their families by saying, “To be here tonight with you guys, my heroes, on the eve of the last American election is so exciting,”.

He said he was sure the “election was over” after the release of a leaked tape of Trump making lewd remarks about women in a conversation in 2005 with former Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush.  He said, “Usually that is the signifier that we don’t have to pay attention anymore.”  He was among many stars who took the stage at the annual veterans’ charity event, but according to reports, Leibowitz was the only one to get overtly political with his routine.  Which should come as no surprise.  ‘Comedians’ Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K., who have also been critical of Trump in the past, both delivered non-political performances. Bruce Springsteen, who has called Trump a “moron” and a “tragedy” to American democracy, performed a four-song acoustic set and reportedly never mentioned the Republican presidential candidate.  And you just gotta know that it was too difficult for him to be civil.

Even on such an occasion as this Old Leibowitz just couldn’t bring himself to behave as an adult.  He saw it as being nothing more than an opportunity to display his rather questionable comedic talents and therefore dedicated almost his entire set to doing nothing more than to slam Trump.  “Rigged?” he said referencing Trump’s refrain that the media and political elites are rigging the election to favor of Hitlery.  And then he went on to say, “You live in a tower with your name on it in gold. How much better would you be if The Man wasn’t keeping you down?”  Saving some material for the Democrat presidential nominee, Leibowitz said then there’s “poor, sweet, dearest Hillary.”  Nothing he said was particularly and I couldn’t help wondering if whomever it was who thought it was a good idea to have this boob part of the show was possibly rethinking the decision to have done so after it was over.

And it was in referring to the FBI probe into Anthony Weiner and Hitlery’s emails that this boob said, “This is in-f*cking-sane! We were a beautiful, great country and now this.”   And he added, “Honestly, the first woman running for president and she’s taken down by Bush and Weiner? That’s just bad writing.”  And in what I guess was something he thought funny, he said, “To have another guy’s d*ck keep her from being president? Hillary Clinton is literally being c*ckblocked.”   And in finishing his set, Leibowitz pulled out a piece of paper and read tweets from a 2013 Twitter war of words he had engaged in with Trump, in which he called Trump “F*ckface Von Clownstick.”  Something I’m sure this sophomoric reject from a mental ward must have thought rather cute.  He concluded, “Vote wisely this November 8.”  Ya Jon, I certainly intend to.  That, Jonny, you can take to the bank!

Isn’t it sad that that’s what is sold as humor these days.  We are now living in a time where, like most things that appear upside down, the unfunny is now purported to be what’s funny.  Whenever I see this moron Leibowitz, all I see is someone struggling to stay relevant, just like that other bearded has-been, Letterman.  Oh, and Jon, I will be voting wisely on November 8th. Trump is the only sane choice at this point.  So put that in your crack-pipe and smoke it!  As a veteran myself I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to be in that audience.  Personally I would have walked out.  But then liberals have been attacking American service men and women ever since Vietnam, so this dweeb’s sick behavior should have surprised no one.  That’s the way it with these morons.  And what does it say about a comedian who feels it necessary to resort to saying the f-word over and over again?

And as someone referred to as being a comedian, Leibowitz is a guy who does nothing more than to read those things others have written for him.  Here is a guy, your very typical leftwing douche, who has never actually created anything in his entire life and self-describes his academic experience as consisting largely of memorizing someone else’s notes.  He has never managed anything, never hired and fired anyone, never had to meet a payroll, nor has he ever had to deal with government regulations which threaten to choke off his business.  All he has ever done, in his entire adult life, is criticize others (mostly his betters) and poke fun at them.  Oh, and he doesn’t take criticism very well either.  Basically what he is is a worthless individual, and humorous only to someone with a rather simplistic sense of humor and a pathetically low IQ. I apologize to anyone I might have offended.  Actually, I don’t.

Oh. And let’s not even talk about such things as debates, shall we.  Leibowitz, like so many others on the left, thinks he is just oh-so-freaking smart.  If he were to ever find himself in the position of having to debate anyone, he too would want it tightly scripted or to be fed the questions in advance just like his heroine Hitlery.  Because, you see, he, and those like him, can only survive in a society which has corrupted itself by making the mistake of elevating its “court jesters” to a level where far too many people actually give them some level of credit for ‘knowing’ what it is that they are talking about.  But the fact this that what we’re dealing with here is, and in very large part, a group of people, most of whom, barely made it out of high school.  And yet, they still feel that their opinions are so worthy of being listened to.  And far too many Americans are foolish enough to listen to them.

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