Well, here we go again with virtually the same kind of shit but in yet another election.  In 2008 and again in 2012 if you were white there was but one acceptable reason why you were not voting for Barry.  And that was, of course, because you were a racist.  It could not have been because he was such a blatant leftist, nope, it was only because of his skin color that you were choosing to vote for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012.  And here we are in 2016 and once again I’m being accused of the very same kind of crap.  Because you see, it’s according to Barry that if I’m not voting for Hitlery, the only reason to oppose her is simply because she’s a woman.

Barry said, “To the guys out there, I want to be honest, you know there’s a reason why there hasn’t been a woman president before.”  And he went on to say, “And I think that sometimes, you know, we’re trying to get over the hump.”  Barry spoke personally to each man in the audience, urging them to examine their hearts, pointing out that he wanted his daughters to achieve whatever they wanted for their lives.  He said, “I want every man out there who’s voting to kind of look inside yourself and ask yourself — if you’re having problems with this stuff, how much of it is that we’re just not used to it?“  What I’m not “used to” is the kind of government that I have today!

Barry made his rather idiotic remarks during a campaign rally in Ohio for Hitlery. And it was in trying to cute, I guess, that he added that his wife Moochelle was better than he was.  He said, “I know that my wife is not just my equal but my superior.” Barry then proceeded to plead with Ohio voters who were thinking about voting for Donald Trump, ridiculing them for even considering it.  He asked in mock disbelief, “C’mon. This guy?”  By all means, let’s not vote for the one person in the race, male or female, who at least appears to love their country.  There’s no doubt that Hitlery, just like Barry, hates America and all that it has come to represent.

Men, Barry went on to explain, as if we needed him to, didn’t have a problem supporting a man who was in public and demonstrated ambition, but sometimes questioned women who did the same thing.  Barry said, “I’m just being honest,” as women in the audience yelled in approval.  And he went on to say, “I want you to think about it because she is so much better qualified than the other guy.”  Better qualified at what, exactly?  At being dishonest?  Or maybe, better qualified to expose our nation’s secrets to what has become a growing list of enemies?  Really, I like to know what it is that Barry thinks makes Hitlery so qualified to be president!

Barry accused Trump of never wearing a baseball hat or a “seed hat” until he started selling them to fund his campaign.  Barry said, “Don’t be bamboozled.”  Adding, “Don’t run for that okie-doke. C’mon … take that off.”  This coming from a guy who managed to get himself elected and then re-elected by doing little more than bamboozling those voters too stupid to figure out they were being conned.  Barry lied then just as he continues to lie today, to millions of voters.  Look this guy is hardly in a position to accuse anyone of trying to deceive the voters.  His entire time in office has been one big deception based on nothing but a series of lies.

Barry admitted that Hitlery had been in the political spotlight for so long — he understood why some voters were maybe a little weary of her.  He said, “I just want to be honest with you, because she’s been out there for so long, sometimes in this culture you know we always want to see the new shiny object.”  I would argue that Trump is not simply some “new shiny object”, it’s that Hitlery is little more than the equivalent of that 1949 Buick handed down to you that is now on its last leg.  And you’re hoping that it will make it down to the dealership before it dies so you can at least get a little for it in trading it in on something a lot more dependable.

Barry also explained that the political environment has now become so toxic that Americans are starting to believe the attacks launched by Hitlery’s opponents.  But he very conveniently leaves out why it is that the “political environment” has become so extremely toxic.  And he can certainly try to blame it all on Trump, but anyone with a brain will be able to very quickly see right through that.  Because it’s because of Barry himself, as well as clowns like ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid and any number of other Democrats including Hitlery, who have done the most to create the level toxicity of said environment.  The last eight years have left a stench we may never get rid of.

While Barry did not specifically refer to the FBI’s decision to revisit the investigation into her use of a private email server while secretary of state, he did take the opportunity to urge voters to ignore all of which he referred to as being “the noise and distractions” and “tune all that out.”  Barry asked those gathered, “No. No. No. Do not believe that stuff. Has she made mistakes?”  And then proceeded to say, “Of course. So have I.”   No shit, Sherlock!  But when was the last time any American has ever heard Barry admit that before?  More often than not all we hear from this clown is how great he is and about the masterful job he’s done on our anemic economy.

By the same token, Barry’s pitch here is ostensibly aimed at men — a reliably pro-Trump group — but, lord knows, politely scolding them for their sexism towards poor, crooked Hitlery isn’t going to do much to encourage them to take a second look at her.  The real audience is women, of course. They’re Hillary’s base. Democrats wanted the election to be a referendum on Trump, but now it’s suddenly become a referendum on Hitlery’s corruption.  Barry’s trying to reframe it yet again as a referendum on sexism, with men supposedly poised to hand the presidency to a thoughtless boor because of their own sexist blind spot toward Hitlery.

Now the only hope here is that women voters will turn out in droves to stop the evil exists among us.  So in order to encourage that, Barry, as well as Hitlery herself, once again are pulling out all the stops in their effort to advance the “war on women” mantra before Tuesday.  In an interview on “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” that aired late Monday, Barry said bias against women has “contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.”  So what is it, exactly, that Barry is trying to imply by that idiotic statement?  That a guy would never be questioned had they done all of the sleazy shit that Hitlery has so far, up to now at least, gotten away with?

Ms. Bee also asked Barry what public perception Hitlery will face as president, should she win, that would be the equivalent of the birther movement, which questioned Barry’s citizenship and was cited by many as a form of racism.  Barry said, “I think the equivalent will be: She’s tired, she’s moody, she’s being emotional, there’s something about her.”  He added, “When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted. ‘Well, of course they should be ambitious.’ When women are ambitious, ‘Why?’ That theme, I think, will continue throughout her presidency, and it’s contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.”  The “notion that she’s hiding something?”

What was even more ludicrous was this statement by our Liar-in-Chief: “To the guys out there, I want to be honest, you know there’s a reason why there hasn’t been a woman president before.”  He then went on to say, “And I think that sometimes, you know, we’re trying to get over the hump.”  Let me be perfectly clear here, Barry, the main reason men won’t be voting for her is because she’s a sociopathic, lying criminal.  It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing that is owned by she who is one of the most corrupt individuals on the planet.  I accept as much blame for there never having been a woman president as I do for the fact that slavery took place in this country.

The minute a viable and honest woman candidate comes along who will institute an immigration moratorium, end the importation of Muslims, keep us out of foreign entanglements, protect our borders, reject sovereignty-destroying treaties or any other attack on our sovereignty, reject the war on whites and political correctness, move manufacturing back to America, rebuild our infrastructure, keep our defenses strong while keeping us out of conflict, normalize the behavior expected of soldiers, and encourage free market competition by enforcing anti-trust laws and encouraging entrepreneurship I’ll vote for her in a minute!  And regardless of her party!

Barry is right though when it comes to ignoring the noise and distractions.  How about we just look at the issues.  Because the bottom line ought to be if you’re for open borders, for “free” trade that will send even more of our jobs overseas, for sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants, for unlimited Islamic jihadist refugees, for the sale of political influence to foreign governments, and for a continuation of the Muslim Brotherhoods presence on the White House staff – then by all means, vote for Hitlery.  But if you’re not for any of those things, and you want to get rid of the sleaze in Washington then vote for Trump.  The choice seems pretty clear to me.

I am sick of these Democrats always trying to play the victim card, the race card, and the sexist card.  I am sick of it.  Barry, ever the racist, playing the race card.  We need to come together and work to end their reign of the hateful and corrupt political class and vote Trump into office.  Those who practice the fine art of liberalism/ progressivism are taught in Democrat Socialism 101, which card to play in any given situation. What Barry has proven in his 8 year reign is if you try hard enough, use enough cards you can divide this nation into so many factions, one against the other, that it begins to look like a third world banana republic.

So here we have our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’ who, as I mentioned earlier, has never really admitted to having made any sort of a mistake and who is now pronouncing his judgement (meaning of the word judgement: assign blame, find fault with another or be a victim of unfortunate circumstances beyond human control) regarding why it is that some men will not be voting for Hitlery.  Expect this meaning to continue if, God forbid, Hitlery is elected. She will assume the role of ‘Dear Beloved Leader’ and institute the protocol of genuflection in her presence while ignoring all questions.  And all those who oppose her will be said to be doing so only because she’s a woman.

Speaking personally, and as a man with daughter who’s been busting her butt in college, I would never want her to gain some edge simply BECAUSE she’s a woman.  Because all that’s going to do is to cheapen all of the hard work that she has put into becoming a success.  I want her to be provided with opportunities to excel because people see in her what I see in her.  A willingness to work hard and to earn whatever recognition, and respect, it is that ends up coming her way.  I want people to go to her because they know she can get the job done and they can count on her, not because some quota demands that it be a woman that gets the job.



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