The last four years we have watched as how it seemed that one presidential scandal morphed into the next in what has been nothing less than a very long string of near endless corruption.  And it’s despite what we have all seen with our own eyes that it has now been reported that Barry told those gathered at a fundraiser in California this past weekend that there has not been a single “major scandal” in his administration.  I suppose you could say that he’s technically correct in what he said, because there hasn’t been just one major scandal in his administration, there’s been so many that I’ve actually lost count.  Not that it matters, I suppose, but he made the remark while criticizing Rep. Darrell Issa, Republican, at a fundraiser for congressional candidates, including Issa’s Democrat challenger, some boob by the name of Doug Applegate.

And it was in railing against former House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa for calling his administration corrupt that Barry said, “Here’s a guy who called my administration perhaps the most corrupt in history — despite the fact that actually we have not had a major scandal in my administration.” Issa was the key figure in several investigations into the rather shadier side of Barry’s administration, including the Fast and Furious debacle with Attorney General Eric Holder, Hitlery Clinton’s failure in Benghazi, the failures in the Veterans Affairs department, as well as the IRS using its power to target conservative Tea Party groups for investigations.  And it should come as no surprise that Barry would go on to accuse Issa of wasting taxpayer money “on trumped-up investigations that have led nowhere.”

Barry said, “This guy has spent all his time simply trying to obstruct, to feed the same sentiments that resulted in Donald Trump becoming their nominee.”  Before bashing Issa, made sure to take the opportunity to single out she who he identified as being one of his “dear friends.” And of course, she who was speaking of was none other than former House Speaker Nancy ‘Too Much Botox’ Pelosi.  Barry said, “I said this before publicly…whatever success that I’ve had as president of the United States, I owe in large part to the extraordinary skill, intelligence, acumen, toughness, and loyalty of the former speaker and soon to be speaker again of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.”  Now I can think of a lot ways to describe Ms. Pelosi, and not one of them include any of the ways used by Barry.

But really folks, somebody needs to take the time to explain to Barry that just because his many friends and allies in the state-controlled media choose to do little more than ignore his many scandals, it doesn’t mean that they never happened.  Remember back, if you can, to the promise that Barry made before he ever stepped foot into the Oval Office.  You know, the one where he promised, “My administration will be the most transparent administration in history”. Oddly enough, things haven’t quite turned out that way.  Instead, Barry’s time in office has been one of the most secretive periods ever, more so even than the days of Richard Nixon.  Now looking back over his tenure as president there is only one conclusion anyone can come to, and that is his administration has been anything but “transparent.”

Let’s face it, Barry has used every Federal agency at his disposal to, and on a pretty regular basis, violate the Constitution and to skirt Congress in his continuing effort to carry out his leftist, anti-America agenda.  As an example, Barry has gone around Congress by using his EPA to initiate and carry out his continuing “war on coal”.  And it was his joke of a “Department of Justice” that overrode three different FBI field offices and then closed down the Clinton Foundation investigation.  And it has also been confirmed that Barry’s team has been altering intelligence reports so as to at least make it appear as if his supposed “war on terror”, aka the Overseas Contingency Operation”, has been more effective than it actually has been.  Let’s face it, we’ve gone from fighting the terrorists on their turf to now fighting them on ours!

One of the “Department of Justice’s” first actions was to drop the voter intimidation convictions of the Philadelphia Black Panthers.  The “Department of Justice” issued an internal policy, “There is no such thing as voter intimidation or voter fraud if it is done by people of color”.  And it was the “Fast and Furious” debacle that was conceived and executed by Eric ‘I’m a Racist’ Holder when he was the Attorney General.  And this is the very same scumbag who lied to Congress repeatedly about this very same covert operation.  And then Barry was actually allowed to get away with illegally using executive privilege to seal “Fast and Furious” records.  Barry also directed his Department of ‘Justice’ to no longer defend the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’, and to sue the state of Arizona for enforcing federal immigration laws.

And I’m sure most will remember how it was that “Obamacare” was “passed” in the dark of night by using every last act of political trickery at the disposal of a Democrat controlled House and Senate without being read, and with blank pages. It was actually put together by special interest groups with some members that had questionable resumes.  And let’s not forget how it was that Barry then proceeded to repeatedly, as well as illegally, use Executive Orders to modify Obamacare.  Add to that the massive amount of fraud involved in the implementation of Obamacare with no action taken by Barry’s corrupt team.  In November 2013 the Obamacare website was only 30 % built at a cost of over $600 million when it was budgeted for $94 Million.  Where else but by government is such massive waster allowed to occur?

And it was during Barry’s first term that there was a major expansion of the Food Stamp program with no action taken to prosecute some of the companies hired to administer the program who were actually committing fraud.  Also during Barry’s first term there was a huge expansion of the “Free Phone” program with distribution contracts going to major campaign donors and no prosecution of obvious fraud in the program. This was repeated after Barry’s re-election.  And let’s not forget how Barry illegally took over the auto industry and illegally reorganized it to take care of the unions at the expense of shareholders, secured lenders and non- union workers. And how Barry illegally terminated automobile dealerships and created illegal dealership monopolies for chosen friends and supporters.

Barry illegally spent billions of dollars on ill-conceived green energy projects that were all nothing more than massive failures, but trusted supporters were bailed out in the process.  And there was Barry who turned loose ‘his’ IRS to illegally target hundreds of Conservative groups.  And it was his trusty sidekick, Holder, who appointed a radical Barry supporter to lead the FBI investigation into the IRS targeting of Conservative groups.  And remember what Barry said in an interview with O’Reilly “there was not even a smidgen of corruption there”, before the IRS “investigation” was done?  The IRS, BATF and OSHA all illegally targeted Conservative group leaders. Remember how Barry went about installing his “shadow” government which was made up of unaccountable White House Czars?  Who else had ever done such a thing?

And how long has it been now that we’ve been forced to listen to Barry’s bragging, as well as the bragging of others in his administration, about how it was that they saved the economy?  The sad truth is that we have been in the longest “none recovery” recovery from a recession in all of American history.  And Barry, as well as any number of others in his Administration continually brag about the record low unemployment rate, while at the same time we have one of the highest percentages of Americans unemployed or underemployed since the great depression.  And what’s really dishonest is when Barry and others of his corrupt team repeatedly say, “We are reducing the deficit at the fastest rate since the end of WWII”. The fact is that the Federal debt will exceed $20 Trillion before the end of this year.

Barry has issued a record number of illegal Executive Orders.  Add to that the fact that Barry has signed a record number of Federal prisoner pardons and he still has over 5 months remaining in office.  Barry hasn’t hesitated to make numerous, and quite Illegal, recess appointments.  And it was Barry’s “Department of Justice” that used “Operation Choke Point” to target gun and other industries that Barry doesn’t like.  And it was during Barry’s first term that he worked to begin to establish a “Federal Police Force,” which has been expanded during his second term.  And Barry’s team has issued a record number of Visas with little to no follow up or enforcement by DHS.  And we know for a fact that more than 800 people were wrongly provided with U.S. citizenship.  How the Hell did that happen?

Barry enthusiastically enables, one might say even actively encourages, voter fraud by using his “Department of Justice”, to sue those states who dare to enact voter ID laws and attempt to clean up their voter registration lists.  He uses his IRS and “Department of Injustice” to illegally target Republican candidates in tight national races and then destroys the evidence. Barry has now managed to turn our Border Patrol agents into “baby sitters” while “manipulating” the deportation numbers.  Barry has viewed himself as being above the courts having ignored court orders to remove the illegal deep water drilling restrictions in the Gulf.  Instead of removing the restrictions Barry proceeded to replace them with even more restrictive orders.  Nothing, is seems, will deter Barry from completing his leftist agenda.

Barry, as well as every member of his team, refuses to use the term “Islamic Terrorist”.  Barry labeled the Fort Hood terrorist shooting as “work place violence” and has placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key Federal Government positions.  And Barry’s “Department of Justice” illegally targeted members of the media, as well as their families.  Barry signs deals with the UN and foreign Governments and then claims they were not treaties, which require Congressional approval. Barry has claimed that he has made the world is a much safer place.  And the White House and the State Department are caught illegally altering press conference tapes, while the “Department Of Justice” alters the transcripts of the 9/11 calls made by the Orlando shooter to remove references to Islam and terrorism.

Yup, Barry’s right, not one major scandal has occurred during Barry’s administration in eight years, right?  Now if you actually are stupid enough to believe that I’ve got some beautiful ocean front property in Arizona I can let you have real cheap.  And also if you are stupid enough to believe that, then I have very little doubt that you are also stupid enough to either vote for Hitlery Clinton or to allow yourself to talked into staying home on Election Day if you can’t see you way to voting for her.  Because I’m quite sure you’re also stupid enough to buy into the propaganda that Trump would somehow be worse than Hitlery.  But I’ll tell you what, even after going over all of Barry’s non-scandal scandals, if we really are stupid enough to elect her as our next president we will have seen anything yet when it comes to presidential corruption!

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