As the 2016 presidential election approaches its final stretch, those Republicans who stand in opposition to Trump are ramping up their efforts to do all that they can to guarantee he loses.  One of those ‘Republicans’ is John Stubbs, a co-founder of ‘Republicans for Hitlery’, who has made it quite clear that he believes Trump is unfit for the presidency.  Stubbs, who was a senior advisor for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative during the George W. Bush administration and a policy director for Jack Kemp’s Empower America, describes ‘Republicans for Hitlery’ as a group dedicated to returning the GOP to its principles in the pre-Trump era.

It was in a recent interview that Stubbs said, “Trump is kind of like a parasite who came into the party and is now eating the host,” the pro-Clinton Republican said. “This is one of the reasons I hope he is beaten like a drum.”  Stubbs believes that Trump’s annexation of the Republican Party will cause irreparable harm.  He said  “If Trump controls the brand, the Republican brand is done.”  He then went on to say, “The Republican Party to my children is Donald Trump — just like to me it was Ronald Reagan.”  And he added, “My kids don’t want any part of the Republican Party now. It is literally the opposite of everything I worked on as a Republican.”

Sounding much more like someone from the other side, he claims that many of Trump’s supporters have “outright racist intentions.”  He made the claim that the Trump movement amounts to little more than “a dog whistle for white racial identity” and “needs to be a fringe party — something like Le Pen in France.”  The way forward, at least as Stubbs sees it, is for Republicans to roundly reject Trump and instead embrace a Hitlery presidency.  Sorry, but from where I’m standing that’s nothing but f*cking nuts!  Stubbs said, “It cannot be the case that any major party candidate empowers people who have such ill will to enter polite society.”

According to Stubbs, “The only thing to do now is to say to Republican voters: ‘We have to vote for Clinton.’”  He said, “There is imminent danger and we have a moral obligation to make that step.”   And he also suggested that voters who don’t like Hitlery or Trump “can still agree that Trump is a full-on catastrophe and they can agree that Clinton will not be a disaster.”  The ‘Republicans for Hitlery’ founder admitted that his rationale for giving Hitlery a four-year presidential term isn’t exactly the stuff of a hope-and-change-style mantra.  He added, “It’s not that inspiring.”  His plan is nothing short of pure insanity!

At the same time, Stubbs and ‘Republicans for Hitlery’ insist that a vote for Hitlery isn’t merely a vote against Trump.  In a Washington Post op-ed published back on July 22 — the day after “Trump’s apocalypse speech in Cleveland,” as Stubbs describes it — the pro-Hitlery Republican praised Hitlery for her history of willingness to reach across the aisle to get things done. The gist of the op-ed was that Trump’s unpopularity among so many otherwise disparate segments of society has created the potential for a peculiar window of bipartisanship the likes of which the United States hasn’t known for decades.  Hitlery, bipartisan?  Is he nuts?

Demonstrating just how clearly naïve he so very obviously is, Stubbs went on to say, “Although she’s taken criticism for overstating her record of bipartisanship, she was hardly a partisan shill in the Senate.”  He went onto write, “Sixty-eight percent of her bills had GOP co-sponsors.”  “Hardly a partisan shill?”  Has this boob been watching the same Hitlery that I’ve been watching for the last 30+ years?  Because I gotta tell ya, the Hitlery that I’ve been watching for what seems like forever, is little more than the worst kind of partisan hack, and someone that even the New York Times once referred to as being a “congenitial liar.”

Stubbs said his initial plan for ‘Republicans for Hitlery’ was to create a website that would function as something of a support group for grieving Republicans grappling with the decision to vote for Hitlery.  In recent months, it would seem that the group has advanced considerably beyond that vision.  In anticipation of tonight’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas, for example, ‘Republicans for Hitlery will run a large anti-Trump mobile billboard along the Las Vegas Strip. An image of Trump looking at his own hands and the message “DON’T GROPE. VOTE” will be emblazoned on signs up and down the famed stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Stubbs said, “We are sending a clear message that sexual assault does not belong in a presidential race, and we should use our vote to ensure Trump loses big.” ‘Republicans for Hitlery’ has also rolled out a vote-swapping honor system — a “Never Trump” market, really — “for all the people who agree on one main thing: Trump should lose.”  The site, called, is designed to match third-party voters with people who refuse to vote for Trump — and to facilitate a two-to-one bargain which will increase third-party votes in noncompetitive states and add votes for Hitlery in swing states.

And it was in an op-ed this week in The New York Times, Stubbs and his ‘Republicans for Hitlery’ colleague Ricardo Reyes recommended “the new #NeverTrump app, which will organize your contacts into safe states and swing states, enabling an easy trade.”  It was in some press release that this Reyes said, “Clinton supporters stuck on the sidelines in safely blue or red states can now get involved in battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”   Beyond his dedicated opposition to Trump, Stubbs is not particularly optimistic about the future of the Party of Lincoln.  And to be honest, neither am I.  Especially after the last eight years.

Stubbs need not worry himself too much regarding the life expectancy of the Republican brand.  Because thanks to the likes of john Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and a rather long and impressive list of limp-wristed RINOS, the party is nearly already dead.  While it would seem that the concept of “for the people, by the people” is really not a difficult concept, it has proven to be somewhat difficult to administer.  And if Trump loses because of these cowards, I’ll likely leave the party for good.  I grew up wanting to believe in America and all that it stands for, but these people have done nothing but erode that over the past 20+ years.

Not wanting to support Trump is one thing, but coming out and openly supporting Hitlery, knowing what we know about her is nothing short of insane and, frankly, evil.  Any Republican, at any level, who supports Hitlery should be shunned.  What this clown Stubbs doesn’t seem able to grasp, not surprisingly since he served in a Bush administration, is that if Hitlery is elected, both the Republican Party, and the United States, are done, and done forever.  He’s trying to figure out how to rearrange the chairs, while not realizing that the direction he wants us to go is backwards so that we can run into the same iceberg again.  Nothing about his plan makes any sense!

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