Never fear, says RINO John McCain of Arizona, because he says should Hitlery actually win the upcoming election, as he and his fellow RINO are desperately hoping, he and his fellow Republicans in Congress will stand united against any Supreme Court nominee or policy deemed to be harmful to our country that she would choose to put forward as president.  However, that statement comes with a disclaimer because an aide to McCain would later go one to clarify that McCain will examine the record of anyone nominated for the high court and vote for or against that person based on their ‘qualifications’ or support any policy deemed to be ‘beneficial’ to the country.

McCain’s initial comments, provided in a Philadelphia talk radio interview on Monday, suggested possible obstruction by Republicans without regard to whom Hitlery might go on to nominate. The result could be major conflict next year in the Senate and between Congress and the, God forbid, Hitlery White House, given the possibility of several Supreme Court vacancies.  As we all know, there is already one vacancy which Republicans have thus far refused to fill after the death of Antonin Scalia early in the year.  And frankly, I remain rather surprised that our band of gutless wimps in the Senate hasn’t yet already gone belly up.

So I guess what this bonehead is really telling is that those who love our country shouldn’t worry about this election because even if Hitlery does win, it really no big deal because we can count on our fearless Republicans to be there to stop her nominees and leftist policies.  Are we actually expected to believe that for eight years, if she wins, there would be no changes to the Supreme Court?  Who’s actually stupid enough to believe that that’s going to happen?  By then two more judges, and likely even McCain himself, may be dead.  What a moron.  McCain, and the rest of our congressional RINOs, will resist Hitlery just like he, and they, resisted Barry.

Now McCain must also working on the premise that there will be enough that remains of the Republican Party to mount and sustain an effective challenge to the Democrats.  Because, thanks to all those NeverTrumpers the potential does now exists for significant down-ticket carnage resulting from a Trump loss that makes that little more than a pipe dream.  What’s truly frightening here is the prospect of not only having Hitlery as president but also a Senate that’s run by Chuckie Schumer, and Nancy “Botox’ Pelosi in change over in the House.  Talk about a nightmare scenario.  And all because of those who just could not bring themselves to support Trump.

I’m simply not buying any of what I’m hearing from McCain.  I’ve heard it all before and been burned rather badly in the process.  And it’s essentially why we now have Trump as our nominee.  What exactly have our Republican majorities in Congress gotten us since 2014?   Absolutely nothing, except so much hand-wringing and and a near endless stream of insults cast in the direction of the Tea Party base.  Isn’t it laughable that McCain has made the point that he thinks Hitlery is going to win BUT the Republicans promise to fight her SCOTUS picks with their last breath!  Anybody else not buying any of this backstabbing UNIPARTY bullshit?

Personally, I have but one word to describe old John McCain, ‘The Maverick.’  And that word is L-I-A-R!   And how stupid does he and his fellow RINOs really think we are.  After all, the American people gave the Republicans their current majority in the Senate in 2014 and a majority in the House going back to the 2010 election.  And it was in 2014 that Republicans were handed the largest House majority possessed by either party since World War II.  And still they did absolutely NOTHING to stop Barry and his Islamization and socialization of America.  And now this senile old fossil wants us to actually trust him to stop Hitlery?  NOPE, I DON’T THINK SO.

And what was it that the Democrats did when they had their majorities in 2009 and 2010?  Hmmmmmmm, let’s see.  I remember, wasn’t that when they proceeded to shove through Congress that which had been their wet-dream since the days of FDR?  Yup, they succeeded in ‘passing’ Obamacare which was intended to be nothing more than it has turned out to be, the groundwork for socialized healthcare, or single payer government run healthcare here in America.  And what did our Republicans do to stop them?   Did they pull out all the stops and stand united against what was so obviously a political scheme by the Democrats?  Nope, they left us out to dry.

Seriously folks, in looking back over the course of the last eight years when was it, that anyone can recall, that the Republicans united to resist Barry’s anti-America agenda?   Now think what you will about Trump but the fact is that we need him if for no other reason that because the Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives are nothing but a bunch of do-nothings who insisted in doing nothing more than to go along to get along.  There’s no reason to believe they will perform any differently with Hitlery in the White House than they have with Barry.  They will always have an excuse for why they can’t get anything done.

One last thing I’d like to mention here before I close is the fact that there are now rumors flying about that Hitlery’s hit team has come into possession of what has been described as being some rather potent opposition research on Trump.  And it’s information that they apparently intend to drop at the most inopportune time before the election, most likely when there would be no time to respond.  And they came into possession of that information courtesy of those closely associated with our ‘Establishment Republican’ types, aka the ones who have been so determined in their effort to sabotage Trumps campaign.  So stand by and keep the faith.


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