Now I may be one of those that Barry has now identified as comprising a “swamp of crazy”, but both he, and those who supported him and now support Hitlery, are really little more than scum-sucking-turd-blossoms.  So far this campaign season I have been referred to as everything from an unredeemably deplorable, to an unrepentant redneck, and I’ve been called a predator for no other reason than because I’m happen to be a male of the species.  And now, according to Barry “Almighty” I’m also part of something he called the “swamp of crazy.”  And why am I, and those like me, being so categorized by those who reside on the outer fringes of the loony left?  Well, for the very simple reason that we want Donald Trump to be the next president and not Hitlery Clinton.

It was at a campaign rally in Ohio last week that Barry made his rather sophomoric claim that Democrats have Republican friends and neighbors who are “some great people,” but, the Republican base is, according to Barry, nothing more than a “swamp of crazy”.  And how, you may ask, does one come to be included in that specific group of people?  Well apparently it’s pretty easy because all one needs to do is to deny climate change, espouse conspiracy theories, watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh.  Barry said, Republican politicians who “knew better” never spoke up.  So “all that bile — all that exaggeration, all that stuff that wasn’t grounded in fact, just bubbled up,” Barry said — producing Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

Barry went on to make the claim that even most Republican politicians don’t believe Donald Trump is qualified to be president and went so far as to declare, “I know because I talk to them.”  Now despite the fact that Barry is a pathological liar, why is it, exactly, that I or anyone else should believe him when he makes such a claim.  While I’m certain that there are more than a few RINOs who do agree with him, those of us beyond the beltway certainly don’t.  Barry said, “So the problem is not that all Republicans think the way this guy does. The problem is, is that they’ve been riding this tiger for a long time. They’ve been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years, primarily for political expedience.”  That sounds eerily reminiscent of Barry and his party.

So anyway, he who will, in all likelihood, go down in history as being our worst president EVER, went on to say, “So if Trump was running around saying I wasn’t born here, they’re OK with that as long as it helped them with votes. If some of these folks on talk radio started talking about how I was the anti-Christ, well, you know, that’s just politics.”  And he added, “You think I’m joking.”  He went on to say, “If somebody completely denies climate change or gets filled up with all kinds of conspiracy theories about how me and Hillary started ISIL, or that we were plotting to declare martial law, take away everybody’s guns. And we did a military exercise…in Texas, and suddenly all the folks in Texas were like, they’re going to take over right now.”

Barry mocked those concerns saying, “But they took it seriously. This is in the swamp of crazy that has been fed over and over and over and over again. And — you know, and it’s– there’s sort of a spectrum. It’s a whole kind of ecosystem, you know.”  And in what has become his very familiar smug attitude, Barry said, “And look, if I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me. I understand. And if I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, I’d say, man, that’s terrible. Fortunately there are more diverse sources of information.”  Granted, while there are more ‘diverse’ sources of information, it depends on what sort of information one is actually looking for.  Because few of those resources ever provide information that’s actually usable to the American voter.

He added, “And I want to make a serious point here. Because I’m really not exaggerating. Everything that I’m saying are actual things that have been said, and a fairly sizable number of people in the Republican primaries believed. And the people who knew better didn’t say anything.”  So that’s what Barry calls making a serious point?  Barry said, “They didn’t say well, you know what, I disagree with his economic policies, but that goes too far. They didn’t say, well, I’m not sure his foreign policy is the right one for America, but you know, we can’t allow our politics to descend into the gutter.”  Hey Barry, too late for that!  Because, you see, it’s the Democrat Party which was born in the gutter, and to this day prefers to operate from that same location.

And I guess I’m still not quite understanding why it is that idiotic comments made by Trump 11 years ago are considered to be far more relevant than the fact that Hitlery, and much more recently, exposed an untold amount of classified information to our growing list of enemies.  I guess we’re simply supposed to ignore all of Hitlery’s past shenanigans and focus solely on the stupid things that end up being broadcast ad nauseam by those who are essentially on the payroll of Hitlery’s campaign.  And from people to pride themselves as being serious, objective, and unbiased journalists, but are anything but.  Such journalists became long ago extinct.  And to imply that Fox News is somehow an illegitimate news source, demonstrates just how much of an ideologue Barry really is.

Barry said, “And that’s what’s happened in their party. All that bile — all the exaggeration, all the stuff that was not grounded in fact, just kind of bubbled up, started surfacing. They know better, a lot of these folks who ran, but they didn’t say anything.”  I would argue that the party of bile and exaggeration is the Democrat Party.  To provide an accurate description of today’s Democrat Party, I’ll borrow a line from Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was describing Mos Eisley spaceport.  It was Obi-Wan who told young Luke that he would never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.  And it is the very same thing that can be said of the political party that saw fit to first nominate and then re-nominate Barack Hussein Obama, the same pervert who likes to show off his crank to the ladies.

And now it turns out the ‘crazies’ were right when they said the state-controlled news media is in collusion with the Democrats and about how we are being sold out to global interests on both trade and immigration.  Wikileaks is now confirming, on a daily basis, the corruption that runs straight to the core of our Constitutional Republic.  Barry ‘O’ can bleat all he wants about the crazies, but he knew all along about Hitlery’s private server because he was emailing her with a fake name.  Just like he knew Obamacare wasn’t going to lower premiums and would allow folks to keep their doctor of choice. The list goes on and on about his abject lies.  But you know what’s really CRAZY?  Believing anything that comes out of his mouth or that of his handpicked successor.

Perhaps Barry should stop and leave what decent legacy he may still have left, alone.  While there are those who might agree that there may be an issue with our climate, only the most kooky among us actually believe that man has had anything to do with it.  And no one is opposing a move towards clean energy, they only request that we go about it bit smarter than Barry has done.  And how about the Democrats stop all their lying and talking shit about the only media outlet that actually tells us the truth?  The corruption needs to stop, that’s why people are turning to Trump.  There is an increasing amount of evidence that there is a real danger that this election will be stolen by the Democrats.  If it weren’t for whistleblowers the majority of the American public wouldn’t know how corrupt things have really become!

We’re not crazy, what we are, is disgusted!  Disgusted with the lies and happy that we finally have someone willing to call it like it is!  We will be bullied NO MORE!  For six years we’ve allowed ourselves to be played by congressional Republicans.  In 2010 they said, “Give us control of Congress and we’ll stop Barry.”  We gave them control of the House, and they did nothing.  In 2012 they said, “We really need control of Congress.”  But, while we allowed them to keep control we did reduce their numbers in the hope that it might provide a little motivation.  It didn’t.  Then in 2016 we handed to the Republicans complete control of Congress, because they promised to prevent Barry from doing more damage.  But they’ve done nothing, leaving us no recourse but to select Donald Trump.


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