While it is yet to be determined regarding how our two presidential candidates will fare in the next debate, in the eyes of at least one key voter constituency, the small-business owner sector, there is little doubt about who won the first one.  And it’s that group which is composed of 28 million small business owners and that is a major voting block in the upcoming election.  And if the last presidential debate is any guide, the Republican ticket would seem to have the advantage.  According to an exclusive nationwide poll with Manta, a social network for small businesses, Trump won the first debate in the eyes of small businesses on Main Street USA.  Mantra conducted a nationwide poll surveying 834 business owners from 26 to 28 September.  The poll found 58.7 percent of participants thought Trump won the first presidential debate while 41.3 percent said they thought that Hitlery won.

And something that I would think could be filed under the heading of “No Brainer” is the fact that this same poll of small business owners also found that they seem to prefer Donald Trump over his Democrat opponent, Hitlery, to be our next president.  The poll asked these small business owners which candidate’s tax policy they found to be the most favorable to them.  And it was 61 percent who said they thought Trump’s tax plan was the most favorable, while just 38.8 percent favored Hitlery’s tax policy.  I find myself wondering why it was that only 61 percent favored Trump’s policies especially when you consider how Hitlery possesses the same “you didn’t build that” mentality as Barry does.  Do they want to have their businesses taken away?  Or to be taxed into bankruptcy?  Or to be socially engineered or told whom to hire, how much to pay them, and what benefits must be provided?  Just sayin’.

Again it was nearly 60 percent of those surveyed who said that they plan to vote for Trump, while roughly 40 percent said they plan to vote for Hitlery.  Now for the life of me I just don’t understand why it is that anyone who owns a small business would ever consider voting for any Democrat, especially one who is as anti-small business as Hitlery is.  I can only assume that those who have actually admitted that they intend to vote for her must have some sort of ulterior motive for doing so.  Mantra’s CEO John Swanciger said that small business owners are “highly invested” in the election.  He said, “This year alone, we’ve seen updates to the minimum wage, overtime regulations, and continuing healthcare policy changes. With such important issues on the line, we’ll likely see more small business owners tuning into the debates and showing up to polls come Nov. 8.”

The also poll revealed that top concerns for small-business owners in order of priority.   They are access to capital, hiring, religious freedom, foreign policy, immigration, health care and taxes.  Almost 80 percent said raising capital was their number 1 concern, while 77.5 percent said it was religious freedom, making it number 2.  Getting a pulse reading on small business and the election is key. The sector is a key contributor and the primary driver of the U.S. economy. The nation’s 28 million small businesses represent 54 percent of all U.S. sales and have provided 55 percent of all jobs since the 1970s, according to the Small Business Administration.  Their vote can be a big swing factor in the election, considering a stunning 60 percent voted in their state primaries and caucuses and should be casting their ballots in November.

At this point in the contest it appears that 70% of working class Americans intend to vote for Trump.  Also, as things stand right now, Trump also has in his corner 65% of men, 15% of blacks, 88% of Republicans and a majority of both the military and law enforcement.  The only reason that this election remains a close race is because 100% of all the ultra-ignorant people are for Hitlery.  This includes 100% of all social parasites, 100% of all secular progressives, 100% of all BLM domestic terrorists, 100% of all anti-White and anti-Christian bigots, 100% of all social justice fascists, 100% of all man made global warming morons, 100% of all pro-abortion baby killers, 100% of all anti-American citizens, 100% of all gun grabbers, 100% of all leftists, which includes progressives, Marxists, socialists, communists of all other flavors and anti-American anarchists, 100% of the D.C. establishment and 100% of all globalists.

And then there are all those people who are so easily swayed by peer pressure and public opinion that also need to be factored in.  After Barry’s election and re-election, I will never again underestimate the level of stupidity of the average American voter.  And let’s not forget that hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions, of votes will be cast for Hitlery by those in our Democrat controlled inner cities.  Those vast cesspools of ignorance and corruption where ballots are often forged, the dead are encouraged to vote, illegal immigrants are allowed to vote, and where folks are told to vote early and often.  It’s a built-in advantage always enjoyed by Democrats and something always exploited and frequently used to win those close elections.  And there is very little interest in the state-controlled media to combat voter fraud because it’s seen as being such a good friend of Democrats, and Hitlery in particular.

So those of us who wish to prevent the complete takeover of this country by the left, which is virtually guaranteed by a Hitlery victory, will need to marshal our forces as never before.  We must work harder, as well as smarter, than ever before to insure the defeat all those who are the enemies of freedom.  This is our time.  Because if we lose this battle because we did not do everything in our power to win, how will we then be able answer our children when they ask us what we did to safeguard their freedoms?  We must be able to tell them that we did all that we could.  So volunteer for phone banks, to drive people to the polls, to canvas neighborhoods, to put up yard signs, even put more money into our campaign than you perhaps normally would.  And do all that you can to talk up Trump to those who are undecided or may be wavering.  Because I have no doubt that this is the very last chance we that will have!


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