It was while out stumping for his ‘wife’ in Saginaw, Michigan this past Monday that ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, one of only two American presidents ever to have been impeached, took it upon himself to disparage as best he could those of us who have chosen to support Donald Trump in his effort to defeat Hitlery when it comes to choosing who it will be that replaces Barry “Almighty.”  And old ‘Slick’ actually went so far as to paint us all as being people blinded by “resentment” and “fear.”  The old ‘Slickmeister’ said, “When I saw Hillary in that debate…every American who watched it, unless they were just so knotted up with anger and resentment” saw a clear contrast in the candidates’ experience.  The alleged rapist went on to say, “If you’re mad then it doesn’t matter.”

And in using much the same tone as Barry once used in describing those bitter clingers who cling to their religion and their guns, ‘Slick’ went on to mock those ‘angry Americans’.  And in doing what I guess was his best impersonation of them, he said, “I’m mad about immigration, I’m mad about trade, I’m mad because my wages aren’t going up.”  And he went on to do his best in an effort to paint the divide in the country as a battle between “the voters of Hope vs. the voters of fear.”  He said, “Most of the anti-immigration feeling in America is in places that don’t have a lot of immigrants. We’ve got to stop fighting over this.”   He noted that the election should not be about “insults, tax evasion, abuse of the family foundation or whatever” because that’s not what matters to regular people.

Isn’t it ironic that here we have one of the skilled practitioners of that most toxic of political tactics, the politics of personal destruction, whining about Trump’s insults and accusations regarding Clinton’s foundation as being little more than a slush fund.  Let’s be honest here, shall we, there is no one who practices the dark arts of personal destruction quite like the Clintons.  One could go so far as to say that Hitlery has actually perfected the procedure.  The politics of personal destruction as we know, is a liberal tactic of demonizing the opposition.  And while the term was made popular by ‘Slick’ during his impeachment trial in the 1990s, the tactic was first employed by Teddy ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy during the 1987 confirmation hearings of Robert Bork when he was nominated to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

‘Slick’ said, “The Democrats have a pretty good argument. I made it four years ago for President Obama.”  And he went on to say, “Is this a change election? Yes it is, and it should be.  But the question should be: what are we going to do?  What kind of change do you need?…Do we want anger or answers?  Do we want resentment or empowerment? And do we want to reach the world with walls or bridges?”  ‘Slick’ claims that this election is all about “change”, but change from what, exactly?  The policies of the president who he helped to get elected, twice?   And then it was to rather mild applause that ‘Slick’ said, “That’s it. That’s the whole thing.”  And then he said that we can’t “put everyone in manufacturing” because “every year, fewer people can produce more stuff.”

Anyway, then it was along toward the end of his rather meandering and typically longwinded rant that ‘Slick’ made what was a rather bizarre reference to the Civil War, paraphrasing a friend who is a Lincoln expert who explained one of the reasons Lincoln went to war. ‘Slick’ said, “In the North there was no power elite, there was no slave labor, it was the greatest opportunity for people who started out poor to get into the middle class. We’ve got to do that again.”  Now I know old ‘Slick’ is supposed to be some sort of political genius, but I gotta tell ya, for the life of me I can’t quite figure out where exactly it was he was going with that.  He talks about no power elite, no slave labor, and since I’m not a Democrat, try as I might, I just wasn’t able to connect the dots here.

I’m all for putting America first with fair taxing policies, stopping the pay for play of that the Clinton’s are known for, giving ALL Americans a fair chance instead of the few chosen by the Clinton’s, restructuring trade agreements to make them fair to ALL Americans, rebuilding the military so hated by the Democrat Party, making government abide by the people’s desires rather than allowing the government to dictate to the people, restoring law and order to a currently lawless regime, developing a coherent foreign policy rather than buying off foreign governments, restoring respect to the office of the president, and many more common sense ideals. Anyone thinking of voting for Hitlery has no morals, ethics, and must be educationally deficient!!  It should be such an easy choice this November!

And remember how it was that Hitlery said, “I’ll put Bill in charge of the economy!”   But let’s not forget how it was that our little housing bubble from a few years back was brought to you by something called the ‘Community Re-Investment Act’, another wholly-owned little Democrat scheme which was begun during the days of Jimmy Carter and made so very much worse by the ‘Slickmeister’ and his trusty sidekick, Janet Reno.  It was this fiasco that essentially forced banks into loaning money to folks knowing full well they would never be able to pay it back, and all under the guise of affordable housing. They told banks that if they didn’t as they were told they would be sued for unfair banking practices.  And it’s Hitlery who continues to blame the banks for the financial crisis of 2008.

And while most are more likely to remember ‘Slick’s’ sexcapades there in the Oval Office, few likely remember how it was that the Red Chinese were allowed to easily acquire satellite and missile technology from American companies during the first treasonous Clinton administration.  That was his truly impeachable offense.  And I fear what could be the result of future acquisitions that I’m sure would be encouraged to take place in another Clinton administration.  You see these people are allowed to run things as they please with complete impunity. It is the same with that thing with Barry “Almighty.”  Barry runs his mouth 24/7 and now threatens that he will continue to speak freely when his term is over.  So go ahead Barry, and any reasonably intelligent folks will pay you very little attention.

And for all of those folks who just can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump, I thought I would take this opportunity to let them know what it is that they will be voting for by either sitting this election out or by voting for the pothead, Gary Johnson.  Because not voting for Trump, is a vote for: 1) Sanctuary cities. 2) Bankrupting future generations. 3) Appeasing Islamic terrorists. 4) Bankrupting Social Security.  5) Illegals invading our country.  6) Low income housing forced into our suburbs.  7) Controlling our healthcare.  8) No religious freedom.  9) Homosexual marriage.  10) Low paying part-time jobs. 11) The releasing of thousands of felons. 12) Abortions with no restrictions.  And 13), Flooding this country with Muslim terrorists.  And for all that all you gotta do is stay home on Election Day.

When all is said and done at this gathering in Michigan, how many of those on attendance actually had a clue about what it was that old ‘Slick’ was actually talking about?  If he made the argument that it was a change election four years ago, then isn’t it fair to say that he was basically admitting that Barry screwed things up in his first term.  And since he’s again making the same argument that this is a change election, then isn’t he saying that Barry really screwed things up in his second term.  Hitlery’s entire campaign has been that she’s running for Barry’s third term and will continue with his same screwed up policies.  I’m thinking that ‘Slick’ has gone round the bend and, apparently, so has Hitlery.  Does anybody truly want Hitlery as our president with the ‘Slickmeister’ serving as her chief advisor?


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