Michael Moore

It was on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” this past Sunday, during a ‘discussion’ on the current presidential election that leftwing loon Michael Moore said, “I don’t think people do trust the Democrats.”  Now speaking as conservative Republican, and as someone who knows a few folks who vote Democrat, I’ve never thought that those who reliably vote for Democrats do so based on trust.  Usually the ‘only’ reason that many of them even vote for Democrats in the first place is because they feel they’re far more likely to end up receiving lots of ‘free’ stuff than they would be if they were to vote for Republicans.  Because with sleaze bag Democrats, that’s really all they care about.  And besides, it’s Republicans who usually talk about creating jobs and it’s the Democrats who generally are of the opinion that no one should have to work who doesn’t want to.  For Democrats, work is nothing but a dirty four letter word.

Getting back to “Meet The Press” it was host Chuck Todd who said, “Clearly, Democrats let them down, right? I mean, is that the issue here, and she’s just another Democrat, and they don’t trust them anymore?”  To which Moore responded, “I don’t think people do trust the Democrats. How else could a socialist win 22 states?  I mean, in my state of Michigan, Bernie Sanders won.  If Hillary Clinton and the Democrats had a difficult time with him, that should have been the red flag to everybody, that there is a mood out there where people are upset at the Democrats and the Republicans. What has to happen here, though, like with the Brexit vote in England, is that people where I’m from have to understand that why they may not like Hillary that much or she may be a bitter pill to swallow or whatever, you better take your medicine because the opposite is going to be much, much worse.”

Moore asks how it is that a socialist cold win in 22 states?  Has this fat turd not been paying the least bit of attention?  Because in comparing the Democrat Party from as recently as the 1990s to the Democrat Party of 2016 the only thing that they have in common is their name.  Democrats are very fond of saying that if Ronald Reagan were running in 2016 he would not be seen as a suitable candidate to today’s Republican Party.  But much the same thing can be said of John Kennedy.  Kennedy would never be seen as a suitable candidate for today’s Democrat Party.  He would be viewed as being much too far to the right?  Today’s Democrats ARE Socialists.  And it’s upon closer inspection of Hitlery’s choice for VP, Tim Kaine, that it’s in very short order that one would find he has some very close ties with questionable individuals who are some pretty hardcore leftists.  And Hitlery is as much of a socialist as is Sanders.

But trust is from being an issue only for the left.  Because many of us who vote for Republicans have pretty much come to the end of our rope after having been lied to, and very purposely so, in 2009, 2011 and again in 2013.  There were many promises in all three of those election years about how if we voted for Republicans they would do all within their power to curb an out of control Barry.  But after each one of those elections it became very clear, very quickly, that those who had made all those promises actually intended to keep very few, if any.  And in so doing what they did was to essentially lay the groundwork for the current Donald Trump insurgency.  Even George W.  Bush, who had both houses of Congress for 2 years, continued the illegal Sanctuary Cities, as well as his father’s absurd prohibition against firearms on American military installations, both of which resulted in scores of senseless murders.

Look, when it comes to trusting our politicians, regardless of political party, we do so at our own risk.  And it will likely be only after we realize that there is only one political party in America that we will then choose to focus on getting rid of our corrupt politicians.  And to be honest, there is no time like the present to move forward with the process by sending Hitlery Clinton back to New York.  The governed, regardless of party affiliation, expect results from their government.  You can make excuses about intent all day long, but if it doesn’t put food on the table, those intentions are worthless.  Well-intentioned bungling that causes widespread misery is just the same to us as malicious intent. We need jobs that can provide a decent standard of living, not excuses, and not a torrent of ten dollar words they learned in their Ivy League schools to hide the fact that they’re not capable of getting results.

The bottom line here is that we all must move beyond identifying ourselves as being merely Republican or Democrat and focus, to the greatest extent possible, on simply being Americans if we are to have any hope of regaining control of what’s left of our country.  We need to ignore all that we have been told, and are still being told, by the many elites in this country whether it’s those from our entertainment industry, those in corporate America or especially those who have been in Washington for their entire adult lives.  We need to question the motives of those who wish to rule over us, as well as their many accomplices, and in one loud and very clear voice.  Our ‘leaders’, and their allies, must be made to understand that this is ‘our’ country and our ‘leaders’ work for us and it is we who pay their rather exorbitant salaries.  Americans must unite as one against what is a growing threat to our freedoms.

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