I guess when one sits atop a family fortune in excess of $100 million, it tends to be a little difficult to take notice of the peons below.  However, Hitlery has reiterated throughout her campaign to become the nation’s next president that she’s going to be there for those folks in the middle class and, despite her statements to the contrary, not raise their taxes.  But when a reporter recently asked what income range she might be talking about, Hitlery took the rather long way around when answering.

Hitlery was asked to define the middle class not only “numerically” but also “philosophically,” and so, she began there, touting it as the “social, economic engine of our country.”  She went on to say it’s “a reflection of the success of the United States from the very beginning.”  She then struggled to nail down an income range when she was asked, saying the “middle class is a hard-to-define economic target.”  A hard to define economic target?  What the Hell does that mean?

Hitlery said, “The way I talk about it is to say we know what the median income in America is, but if you’re living in high-cost areas, if you have kids you’re trying to educate and send to college, if you face healthcare costs that are beyond the average; staying in and progressing up in the middle class takes more money in some parts of America than it does in others.”  And what she ignores completely is the fact that the policies of the last eight years have caused the median income to go down.

Hitlery continues to stand by her pledge to not raise taxes on the middle class and said that means anyone making under $250,000.  She likes that number because that’s what, “President Obama had adhered to and something my husband adhered to.”  Hitlery said, “The middle class is both real and aspiration.”  And then went on to say, “And I want to make sure that it remains strong and it gives people a sense of security and confidence and optimism about their futures.”  What’s she talking about?

So let me see if I have this right.  Hitlery doesn’t know what it means to wipe a server clean, or that she wasn’t allowed to use a private server for official business, or that she wasn’t supposed to delete her emails, OR even what the letter “C” indicates on classified material.  And now, apparently, can’t do something as simple as specify what qualifies as middle class.  And yet we’re supposed to consider her as being the most qualified person to ever run for President?  Nope sorry, I just don’t think so!

If she’s so qualified why is she unable to define the middle class?  Hitlery says she likes the $250,000 mark because that’s what her husband stuck to.  But let’s analyze that.  One dollar in 1990 had the “buying power” of $1.88 in 2016.  So by Hillary’s thinking, to be on par with her husband, she should NOT be taxing anyone TODAY making less than $470,000.  Or another way to look at it, is raising taxes on people making more than $250K, is equivalent to taxing people who made more than $133K in 1990.

Personally, I would argue that her inability, or perhaps her unwillingness, to define the middle class has much more to do with the fact that it has been the Democrat Party, albeit with some help from liberal Republicans, that has worked very hard, for decades, to place the middle class in its current dire straits.  And if she can avoid being pinned down, just long enough, when it comes to what equates to the middle class she can continue to be vague when it comes to who will be paying higher taxes.

People need to realize that the cost to this nation, fiscally, economically, socially, militarily as well as internationally of putting another Clinton into the White House would be so great as to make it impossible to survive.  We simply cannot afford to elect anyone who’s willing to continue with the very same destructive policies from the last 8 years that have only succeeded in bringing this nation to the edge of complete ruin.  So I ask you, please choose wisely when casting your ballot in 36 days.


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