Apparently, that which was once considered to be a sure thing, is now slowly becoming that which some are saying may be questionable at best.  Because while Hitlery continues to suffer from record high unfavorable ratings, there are reports that warn she may not be able to hold together the same coalition responsible for electing Barry “Almighty”.  In an effort to accomplish that Hitlery’s campaign has now come up with a new “Suicide Squad” video. The video features Barry, wife Moochelle Obama ‘Slow Joe’ Biden, and those two socialist losers, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren all trying to convince folks to vote for Hitlery.

The video also features a thumping soundtrack as these popular members of the Democrat Party explain why it is that THEY are voting FOR Hitlery, and you should too.  In the video it’s Barry who says, “I really, really, really want to elect Hillary Clinton.”  And then it’s ‘Pocahontas who says, “I just have one message for you, don’t screw this up.”  Next up is ‘Slow Joe’ who says, “I’ve known Hillary a long, long, long, time.”  Bernie pipes up and says, “Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate hands down.”  And then it’s Moochelle who says, “I am inspired by her persistence, her heart, and her gut.”  Inspired by her gut?  Sorry, but she lost me there.

How inspiring right?  I mean talk about enthusiasm, these folks just ooze enthusiasm.  The video features lots of footage of Hitlery standing with the popular Democrats, as if by doing so she can, by osmosis I guess, soak up some of their ‘likeability’ and therefore somehow make herself more popular to those who can’t stand the crooked bitch!  But nowhere in the video does Hitlery actually speak, and there’s a reason for that.  And the message? Join Barry and Moochelle, ‘Slow Joe’, Bernie and Liz, as they suck it up and vote for Hitlery.  I’m just wondering how it is that anyone watching this bizarre little video will feel compelled to go out and vote for ‘Crooked Hitlery’.

With only weeks left before the election, Team Hitlery has each of these supposed ‘star’ Democrats out on the trail stumping for the Democrat nominee. On Monday, October third, it’s old ‘Slow Joe’ Biden who will travel to Florida to campaign for Hitlery in Orlando and Sarasota.  And on Tuesday, October fourth, ‘Pocahontas’ Warren will campaign for her in Las Vegas while Moochelle will be campaigning for her on the same day by making an appearance in both Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was this past Wednesday that Bernie teamed up with Hitlery in Durham, New Hampshire and played to a less than impressive crowd.

But ya know, as I looked at these 5 clowns the first thing that came to mind is some sort of a weird little commie rogues gallery. The state-controlled media, which even includes more than a few on Fox News, has become an entity that Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.  And the number, and intensity, of lies, regarding Hitlery’s GOP opponent, that are being passed off as truth are unparalleled.  And the big fear for me is what will the radicals do if Hitlery doesn’t win?  I believe they are capable of burning it all down.  Like the spoiled children that don’t get their way, willing to take their toys and go home, but only after destroying things.

I understand why Hitlery is using these people to campaign for her, but even after a debate that nearly everyone said she won, and even with Bernie in tow, she only drew roughly 500 people.  Meanwhile, President-In-Waiting Trump, the loser of the first debate, drew 20,000 plus people at his first event, with thousands more who couldn’t get into the event to hear him speak because of fire laws.  So what I can’t figure out is why all these polls at least appear to be so close?  And apparently, as was pointed out the other day by someone in the media, even Mike Pence’s rallies outdraw Hitlery’s even with all her other campaigners along with her.

It was back in 2008 that Barry had a slightly different opinion of Hitlery.  You see, it was then that he said, “Her basic view about this election is that the say anything, do anything, special interest-driven politics of Washington, that that’s how it’s got to be.”  Barry also said, “Sen. Clinton – this is the same person who has taken more money from lobbyists than any other candidate, Democratic or Republican. Taken more money from drug company lobbyists and insurance company lobbyists, and she’s saying I’m out of touch? Who do you think is out of touch?”  So I think the time has finally come for us to listen to our commander in chief’s words.

At the end of the day, our only hope is that a landslide win for Trump becomes clear very early on, on Election Day.  So go out and vote Trump. Take a friend, or even two, who supports Trump with you and make sure they actually vote for him and both of you need to convince at least one Hitlery supporter to swing!  Because if the election is even remotely close Barry and his weaponized administration, along with the Democrat political cartel, WILL try to steal it.  The illegal, felon and cemetery demographics will surely turn out to vote Hitlery early and often.  We already know that Hitlery will win all the Democrat districts by 106-145%, just like Barry did.

Meanwhile her flunkies are pushing new voter registration.  In Virginia that comes in the form of allowing felons to vote. And voter ID laws are being painted as “racist”, of course.  Meanwhile Illegal aliens are also being registered to vote, illegally!  If the Democrats didn’t use the ‘race card’, or the ‘woman card’, they’d have NO cards at all.  They’ve had eight years to push our country toward the cliff and have dumbed down our kids in their failing public schools.  Our kids are no longer being taught to read, write or do simple math.  Instead they continue to have the PC bullshit rammed down their throats.  Our kids no longer learn, instead they’re indoctrinated.

Democrats, liberals, progressives, or whatever you want to call these anti-America, zealots are desperate to limit our freedom of speech and to force gun control propaganda down the throats of our young.  Hitlery uses her same old speeches, word for word, about how she’s “been working for the children for 30 years!”  Yet what has she managed to accomplish?  Absolutely nothing!  Her manta of “It Takes A Village” is nothing but leftist drivel. Our Children are being brainwashed, and worse we’re allowing it to happen!  Democrats, like Hitlery, see that as their pathway to controlling the future.  Therefore it is our job as parents to deny them that path.


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