It was just this past Tuesday, on MSNBC, that those watching were made to watch as one tired old cow worked hard to defend yet another tired old cow.  It was while discussing the recent presidential debate that Hitlery supporter, Sen. Babs Boxer, a Democrat, made the rather idiotic claim that because Donald Trump interrupted Hitlery his actions were “absolutely” a “disrespect of women.”  So, apparently, if I’m understanding old Babs correctly, Mr. Trump was to do nothing more than to stand quietly behind his podium and speak only when spoken to, while Hitlery and Lester went about having a nice conversation just between themselves.  If Trump hadn’t taken the opportunities that he did to insert himself into the debate, he likely would have ended up being little more than a target.

Now we all know that when it comes to these wackos/bimbos who populate the left in this country, if there could somehow be a world completely devoid of all men they likely wouldn’t be bothered by that in the least.   Anyway, old Babs made her appearance on something called, ‘Live with Tamron Hall’.  And just to let you know how things went down, here’s just part of the idiotic little exchange that took place between these two mentally challenged individuals:  First it was Ms. Hall who asked, “I got to quickly ask you this—about the number of times he interrupted her. said Hillary Clinton was interrupted 25 times in 26 minutes. By the time it was over, Trump had interrupted her 51 times, where she interrupted him just 17 times. Does that read to you as a disrespect?”

To which old Babs responded by saying, “Absolutely. It’s a disrespect of women. I could tell you, I remember very well the first time I took office in a local office, I couldn’t get three words out, Tamron, before my male colleagues jumped down my throat. It’s something that they do. I don’t even think they realize it. But I think Donald Trump did realize it. He tried to take her off her game, and guess what?  She was so presidential. She didn’t let it get to her. She finished her thought. and, you know, I thought his interruptions were rude and wrong, really. Once in a while, sure but not 51 times.”  So dare I ask, just how any times might one be permitted to interrupt a women before one is considered to be disrespectful?  Is it 5 times, 10 times or perhaps 20 times?  How many is too many?

I guess I would also ask Babs if Hitlery’s hateful, rather deceitful defense of her sexual predator husband is considered reprehensible.  If you want “disrespectful” and “deplorable”, how about the little tidbit that came from one of Hitlery’s many “hit men” assigned to assassinate the credibility and reputation of the INNOCENT WOMEN Hitlery’s rapist husband assaulted.  That would be: “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park and see what you get.”  I’m sure that that’s what Babs saw, that’s her prism.  And I’m sure African-Americans saw Trump’s challenge to Holt’s antics to be racist, and Muslims saw his defense of our National Security as Islamophobic.  And I’m sure most unhyphenated Americans saw only what they wanted to see and heard only what they wanted to hear.  It’s par for the course.

All I’ve got to say to these two imbeciles, is, “Quick ladies, run to your safe zones!”  And let’s be real, shall we.  If Trump hadn’t interrupted her he would have likely had much less opportunity to make any of his points.  Which, I suppose, some might have seen as being a good thing.  Because it seems that old Lester allowed Hitlery blather on and on well past her allotted time, on multiple occasions, while at the same time keeping Trump to the rules.  Which may help explain Trump’s eagerness to get his points out.  I haven’t seen the tally yet but I suspect she still managed to talk more than Trump by a significant amount.  And as we know, Holt was happy to spend too much time on Trump’s tax returns while staying very far away from Hitlery’s continuing email saga, and her Clinton Foundation woes.

So anyway old Babs seems to be under the impression that when a man interrupts a woman DURING A DEBATE, that that somehow shows disrespect?  If that’s the case then I guess I would I would question her understanding of what a debate actually is.  At least one that takes place here in America??  Now I’m quite sure she’s of the opinion that most men should be seen and not heard.  Unless, of course, they’re some sort of leftist wingnut Democrat for whom such a rule does not apply.   Maybe old Babs should ask Trump’s previous debate opponents about this.  Because I think it’s fair to say that he was pretty much of an equal opportunity interrupter of both men and women. But that matter little to this leftist loon, as she will obviously say anything no matter how absurd.

And ya know, I think we could argue that Trump didn’t interrupt a woman.  While the person he interrupted can be called a female, they can also be identified as being nothing more than a no-good-lying-sack-of-crap who did nothing but sit on their rather sizeable ass while an Ambassador and his security staff were being attacked, and murdered on the anniversary of this nation’s worst terrorist attack, 9/11/2012.  Four American lives were lost and all due to their inability, or unwillingness, to make a decision, as well as the need to keep from the American people potentially damaging information close to an election involving Barry “Almighty”.  This was the first time this country had had an Ambassador killed since those not so thrilling days of the Jimmy Carter.  Another scumbag Democrat!

These pseudo-intellectual, baby-boomer-bitches really piss me off.  The hippy generation, of which old Babs is a proud member, is the filthy scourge responsible for bringing this country to the brink of destruction, and very purposely I might add!  And every last one of these pathetic scumbags deserves to be barred from ever being able to serve in public office in any capacity!  And what I find so incredibly amusing is this constant playing of the woman card with respect to Hitlery.  Is she running for the highest office in the land or is she running to be the woman filling in for the leader of the Free world?  If the first option, then she stands as an equal with no favors or deference to her being a woman.  Which foreign leader is it that would ever provide her with that privilege?  None that I can think of.

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