For someone who is supposed to be not only the smartest women in the world but also someone for whom this election was deemed to be little more than a formality, those on her side seem to working very hard to tilt things even more in her favor.  As recently as this past weekend we heard from Hitlery’s campaign manager who seemed to imply that Hitlery apparently thinks it’s moderator Lester Holt’s job to do her job for her at this evening’s first presidential debate.

Because rumor has it that Hitlery’s campaign has practically begged old Lester to do a little on scene “fact checking” of ‘The Donald’ during Monday’s debate, even though historically that is the other debater’s, not the moderator’s, job.  During an interview with ABC’s George ‘Stephy’ Stephanapolous, Hitlery’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook, explained why Hitlery ‘deserves’ even more special treatment from the state-controlled media than she has already managed to receive.

Mook said, “What we’re concerned about is that there might be some sort of double standard here.”   And he went on to say, “You know, Donald Trump can’t lie on that debate stage and — and win or even get a passing grade.”  ‘Team Hitlery’ has been very worried about the public’s expectations for the debate, which definitely place the onus on her, given her so-called years of “experience” and policy knowledge.  So I’m quite sure there will be a double standard, and in Hitlery’s favor.

And Stephy responded, “You guys have been pushing that pretty hard, this idea of a double standard, and saying it’s up to the moderator to point out falsehoods.” And added, “But the debate commission has been pretty clear that they think it’s the job of the moderator basically to get out of the way and just ask the questions.”  Now as we all know, Hitlery has always been of the opinion that such rules simply were not meant to apply to her only to her opponents.

But like a dog with a bone, Mook wouldn’t relent, saying “All that we’re asking is that, if Donald Trump lies, that it’s pointed out.”  He then complained about how “unfair it is” for Hitlery to “play traffic cop while with Trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision for what she wants to do for the American people.”  To his credit, and surprisingly so, Stephy gave the perfect, most accurate response: “But isn’t that what a debater is supposed to do?”

To which Mook stammered and attempted to qualify Trump as being a “special case” because he allegedly lies a lot. Yes, we suppose Mook would know a thing or two about a candidate who lies a lot.  This is classic Hitlery strategy, accuse others of that which they are guilty a thousandfold.  I think we can all agree that when it comes to someone who “lies a lot”, and not just allegedly, there is absolutely no one who can hold a candle to Hitlery.  Except for maybe Barry “Almighty”.

Tilting the playing field is the only way Hitlery even has a chance.  Of course, they want this only because one of the major defining moments in 2012 was when Candy Crowley inserted herself into the debate to help Barry.  Of course if Romney hadn’t been such a wimp it likely wouldn’t have mattered as much as it did.  He could have easily turned it into being in his favor.  Be Romney folded like a cheap suit and it was one of the reasons he lost.  I don’t think Trump would fold.

But I supposed Crowley paid and, to some degree, may still pay a price for her obvious politically motivated decision, one which most everyone agrees was the wrong one.  But more importantly it demonstrates just how far the Democrats, and their media allies, will go in using any and every trick at their disposal, legal or not, in order to win an election since they can’t win with the same tired ideas that they have been pushing for years and many voters have continued to reject.

What Trump will need to be prepared for, in all three debates, is the fact that they will all be moderated by Democrat hacks disguised as impartial moderators.  And attempts will be made to put him in the position of defending himself, whereas Hitlery will be made to face no such challenge.  That’s why he must do his homework and have an argument ready to defend any of his positions.  He must be wary of any such bias formed as a question such as, “Why do Republicans hate blacks?”

He must turn such questions around and talk about freeing blacks from the liberal plantation and preventing the Democrats from trying to keep them there.  Also, he should waste no time in pointing out questions that appear to come from either the DNC or Hitlery’s campaign.  And if necessary he can bring up the hacked DNC emails that show how the debate moderator has been influenced by the DNC.  And he can easily imply the moderator is little more than a Democrat Party hack.

If the moderator persists he, or she, should be properly admonished with it being made clear to the audience the level of bias that is taking place.  If the moderator takes offence, Trump can very simply point out the numerous times they have personally exhibited such bias or point out the fact that their network has essentially been on the Democrat Party payroll for years.  Trump should rephrase any question into the conservative perspective before proceeding to answer it.

So I’m ‘debating’ on whether or not I’m even going to watch the debate tonight.  I wish I felt confident in Trump being able to handle anything that might be thrown at him.  But I fear that once it becomes obvious that it’s a two against one scenario, things might start to unravel, and much to the delight of Hitlery.  He just needs to point out that it’s become two against one and move on.  But the $64,000 question is, will he be able to?  I guess in a matter of hours we’ll all know.


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