Does anyone other than myself remember how it was back in 2008 when so many on the left declared that the election of Barry “Almighty” in 2008 would help to usher in 40 years of Democrat rule.  But instead, it’s been during Barry’s tenure that Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats.  And perhaps if the Republicans running for Congress and kept but a few of the many promises they made in their effort to get elected in 2010, 2012 and 2014, the numbers might be even worse for the Democrats.  And I can’t help but wonder had Barry not been elected and the proceeded to drag this country so drastically to the left, would Donald Trump now be in the position that we find him, on the verge of becoming our next president?

Barry’s recent warning in his final address to the United Nations, notwithstanding, about the many dangers of “crude populism,” populist sentiment is very much on the rise in America following what has been Barry’s rather disastrous eight years in office.  And, more importantly, it is what may actually end up being his enduring legacy.  American politics, as most of us I’m sure will agree, has long been manipulated by large corporations and wealthy individuals with incredible lobbying power.  Hitlery’s candidacy looks like a case of the elite within the Democrat Party simply deciding that it was now “Hillary’s turn”, an assessment confirmed by hacked emails which proved that the supposedly neutral Democrat National Convention favored her over her rival, Bernie Sanders.

There is no doubt that over the last eight years wealth has become concentrated in ever fewer hands, while the titans of Silicon Valley disrupt the old economy and the jobs it provided.  These are valid criticisms which have been picked up by Mr. Trump and turned into a formidable mixture along with immigration reform, rebuilding our military and saving the Supreme Court.  No one knows if Trump can win the presidency, but it becomes more of a distinct possibility each day.  But what is clear is that the Trump insurgency will leave its mark on politics in the US and around the world even if he loses.  As the economy becomes more globalized, politics is becoming more local, a process hastened by the rise of social media and the decline of the old media gatekeepers in newspapers and television.

And so it would seem that our Racial-Arsonist-in-Chief will not be at all happy to have the Rise of The Donald as being his “legacy”.  Though Barry has done precious little else that has been worthwhile.  If Trump does win it will be due in large part to the actions of our Liar-in-Chief, so at least there will be some good to come from eight disastrous years of Barry’s presidency.  But Trump must work to make good on what he has laid out during the campaign.  The bottom line here is that if Trump doesn’t win, we will no longer have a nation.  And if you missed Barry’s rant at the United Nations, it can be summed up in pretty much one line. He wants one world totalitarian government, with Him as its Supreme Leader.  And the sad truth is is that Hitlery, Romney, and yes the Bushes too, are all in on it.

Barry has proven to be nothing if not the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve always maintained that if Barry had continued the march toward globalism/socialism/ communism, or whatever you want to call it, a bit more slowly he would’ve likely gotten away with it.  It was his brazen attitude, speed, and audacity which slapped the sleeping people in their faces and woke many up from their slumber.  So thanks, Barry. The frog was made to jump out of the boiling pot because of you, and that’s the only legacy you’ll have.  But having said that, America would be in a much better position in the world had it not been for our pansy-ass, limp-wristed congressional Republicans.  Because they have done nothing to stop, or even slow, Barry, after promising they would do all that they could to stop him.

So now enter Donald Trump from stage right.  And after all of the disappointments that we have been forced to contend with because of all the many broken promises that have been made by so many of our supposed ‘conservative’ leaders, Trump, if he is fortunate enough to win come this November, will be called upon, by those who voted for him, to administer to those who, over the course of the last eight years, have allowed Barry to pretty much run roughshod over them, nothing short of a boot in the ass.  Because those of us who will be voting for Trump will be doing so for one reason and one reason only.  That being to reverse as much as possible, and as quickly as possible, all of what Barry has managed to do to our country.  If Trump does not win, then America as we know it, is done!


  1. There’s little reason for most voters to get so stressed over this choice between two weak candidates. The Electoral College results in at least 40 states are foregone conclusions, with stable voting patterns and a double-digit lead for one or the other candidate already in place. Your individual vote matters in local races, but not in the president/VP race, unless you live in a “swing” state.


      • As I said, it counts in swing states more than in non-swing states in contests determined by the Electoral College. BUT, with regards to every other office or change in law, even IN a swing state, EVERY vote counts one-for-one.

        Our most recent Presidential election was determined by about 70k voters in three swing states, which gave Trump/Pence their Electoral College margin. It was a strategic victory, and close, given the loss in popular votes.

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