With the election now being less than 60 days away it’s becoming increasingly obvious that those involved in our state-controlled media are rapidly losing what little objectivity they may have once possessed as they become little more than cheerleaders for Hitlery.  And nowhere is that more apparent than on the Clinton News Network, otherwise known as CNN.  It’s become rather difficult to determine who it is that’s more flagrant when it comes to that which is nothing more than journalistic malpractice.  I thought those in the media were in the tank for Barry in 2008 and 2012, but that pales in comparison to what’s going on this election season.

And it was as recent as this past weekend that those who choose to watch CNN, were exposed to the rather skewed perspective typically seen from those on this network.  You see, it was on Jake Tapper’s CNN program, something called, ‘State of the Union’, that one of the panelists, Bakari Sellers, worked very hard to defend Hitlery’s slandering of half of Donald Trump’s supporters, referring to them as being “a basket of deplorables”.  Sellers told the show’s host, that while not all Trump supporters may be bigots, they all “have to be okay with supporting” one.  But he ignored all of the evidence that would seem to paint Hitlery as being the true bigot in this race.

Tapper, in what I’m guessing was an attempt to appear as being unbiased, proceeded to ask Sellers if he seriously thought that half of Trump’s supporters are bigots, and Sellers responded by saying that polls show half of Trump’s followers “believe President Obama is a Muslim informant.”  I’d be curious to know which poll it might be that Seller might be referencing here.  Because I seriously doubt that there many people who genuinely think Barry is some kind of an informant.  That said, there are many who do think he is a Muslim, or at least a Muslim sympathizer.  But after having watched him for nearly eight years, how could you possibly not think that?

So this boob, Sellers, went on to say, “For many of us, this election is about beating back bigotry,” and he continued to do his best to hammer home the relentless leftist accusation that opposing leftist policies is all about racism and bigotry.  But Sellers then pretended to soften his claim because of his “friends” there on the panel who support Trump.  He said, “Not all Donald Trump supporters are bigots. Not all of them, by any stretch. However, they do have to be okay with supporting a bigot.”  When was it that Trump was ever referred to as being a bigot, or a racist, before he became the Republican presidential nominee?  I would venture to guess, never.

And it was then that Tennessee Congressman Diane Black countered the drivel being spewed by Sellers, saying that what is truly “deplorable” was Hitlery’s claim that half of her Trump-supporting constituency are racists.  She said she and the American people are insulted by the suggestion that if you disagree with Hillary, you are somehow a racist.  But look this is really nothing new, this is the typical crap we always hear from scumbags like this creep, Sellers.  Because it’s what these gutless wonders do every single election.  Democrats see themselves as being the defender of the little guy when really all they want to do is to squash the little guy.

And then it was also on CNN and during an interview with Tapper’s fellow Hitlery propagandist, Chris Cuomo, that Hitlery was essentially allowed to go unchallenged when making another of her rather bizarre claims when she made the statement that her opponent, Donald Trump, is projecting what she called ‘phony strength’, not real strength.  Personally, I’m not quite sure what Hitlery might have meant by “phony strength”, but as expected Cuomo didn’t bother to press her as to what she might have meant by it.  But he did ask Hitlery what she says to Trump supporters who are compelled by his message of strong leadership.

To which Hitlery responded, “Well, there’s phony strength and there’s real strength. And it’s phony strength to not know what you’re talking about and to make outrageous statements that will actually make our job harder, no matter how in the moment it sounds. Real strength is leveling with the American people” and not encouraging the radicalization of Muslims by making “us versus them” declarations.  If, according to Hitlery, real strength is leveling with the American people, then why is it that Hitlery refuses to do so regarding her habitual lying about her emails?  And if anyone has encouraged the radicalization of Muslims, it would be Hitlery!

But I must say that I attribute it to Hillary’s rather impressive acting ability that she managed to say “real strength is leveling with the American people” with a straight face.  Especially when considering that her entire political career is based on nothing more than lying to the American people about everything from her corruption, to her diplomatic ineptitude, to her complicity in her husband’s history of sexual assaults, as well as her Alinskyite agenda.  Let’s face it, there are few people in, or out of, politics who can hold a candle to either of the Clintons when it comes to their willingness to lie about almost anything.  It really is quite remarkable.

And speaking of ‘real strength’, am I the only one who views it as being a bit ironic that this statement came on the very day that Hitlery collapsed after leaving a New York 9/11 ceremony early and had to be assisted into her vehicle by several handlers.  As for the notion that recognizing and then standing up to the threat of Islamic fundamentalism actually encourages terrorist recruitment, that is such an irrational, ass-backward, unproductive strategy for winning a war that no electorate in its collective right mind should ever allow her to become Commander-in-Chief.  We must not only stand up to these religious fanatics, we might wipe them out!

Hitlery rambled on a bit before concluding her answer by stating that only hard work from patriotic Americans, not Trump’s “loose talk and bombastic commentary” will hand us victory in the war on terror.  In fact, patriotic Americans know that no Democrat president will ever lead us to victory over ISIS and their ilk because willfully blind progressives are locked into what David Horowitz calls an “unholy alliance” with them. Radical leftists, like Hitlery, cannot hope to eliminate a threat that they not only refuse to recognize, but that they are actively assisting.  These Islamists and the Democrats would seem to share a common goal, the destruction of the United States!

So as things relate to Tapper’s little episode, this was really nothing more than just another pathetic example of the left doing it’s best to project their problems onto the right so people don’t see that it’s EVERY leftist and Democrat that’s a bigot!  They revel in their bigotry and beat people over the head with it in the name of “tolerance” or “multi-culturalism”.  I almost had to laugh when Sellers said, “For many of us, this election is about beating back bigotry.”  I was kinda curious who he was talking about, exactly.  I mean he can’t really be talking about the “many of us” in the Democrat Party, can he?  The party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation?

I mean, what about all those black folks who vote for candidates for no other reason than because they’re black?   Or, Muslims who vote for Muslims simply because they are Muslims, and liberals who vote for liberals simply because they are liberals?   What about voting for the person most qualified for the job?  Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a “bigot”, when everyone is a bigot, right?  And don’t try to tell me that a very substantial number of blacks who voted for Barry didn’t do so for the very simply fact that he’s black.  And yet if I were to say that I was voting for someone simply because he, or she, is white I’m automatically assumed to be a racist.

And you know if she’s going to be identifying Trump and his followers as bigots, what say we take a little trip down memory lane to a time not that long ago when Hitlery was known to exhibit some rather bigoted behavior.  And there were many examples during her last run for the White House.  Such as when she referred to blacks as being super predators with no conscious or empathy that we must bring to heel.  Or her attack on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. after Barry shocked her in Iowa in 2008, when she tried to undercut his appeal by talking down the civil rights icon in favor of Lyndon Johnson, the white politician who, she said, deserved all of the real credit.

Or when Hitlery, rather than merely attack Barry for his association with corrupt Chicago politicians, went after him in a debate for representing a “slumlord.”  The remark, perceived by Barry supporters as racist, was actually booed by the audience.  Or how it was that a desperate Hitlery staff circulated a photograph of Barry wearing Muslim garb during a trip to Somalia. Their frustration also reflected Hitlery’s explicit strategy to play up Barry’s “lack of American roots.”  Or how Hitlery cited her support from “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans” in talking up her chances of winning the general election — an explicit appeal to white voters.

Or how the day after Iowa it was hubby ‘Slick Willy’ who telephoned Teddy Kennedy and pressed him for an endorsement while making the case for his wife.  But Slick then went on, as is usually the case with the guy, belittling Barry in a manner that deeply offended Kennedy, as hard to believe as that is.  And in recounting the conversation later to a friend, Teddy fumed that Slick had said, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”   Oh, and let’s not forget how it was that Hitlery’s mentor and “dear friend” in the Senate was KKK member and Grand Kleagle, Senator Robert Byrd – also a Democrat.  Imaging that, a Democrat in the KKK!

And then regarding Hitlery’s ‘interview’ with Cuomo,  I can only assume that the “real strength” which she and Barry have been projecting is what has now resulted in diplomats not even rolling up the stairs to Air Force One for Barry to exit the plane, whenever it is that he may show up for a visit.  It’s real strength, I guess, to pay ransom to terrorist regimes as they kidnap our citizens or to allow them to harass our military free from all but the weakest form of reprisal.  And it’s real strength that allows Russia to laugh in Barry’s face at the negotiating table.  I think America has seen enough of that kind of real strength.  I think it’s time that we finally moved on.


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