Democrats truly are a disgusting lot.  On one hand they pride themselves on being tolerant and pro-choice and yet it’s only if you are tolerant and pro-choice when it comes to those issue which they support that prevents one from being labeled as a racist, homophobic, anti-woman or anti-Muslim.  You see we who wish to keep men out of the restroom used by our wives and daughters are the ones called bigots.  Or wish to place some level restrictions on the barbaric practice of abortion are routinely referred to as being anti-woman.  And those of us who think that it’s important for someone to prove who they say that are when casting their vote are called racists.

Which brings me to, Mr. Mark Plotkin, someone who has been described as being a Democrat strategist as well as a longtime ‘voting rights’ advocate.  Plotkin is one of those creeps who get off on claiming that Republicans simply don’t want minorities to vote, at all.  And it was in his Friday op-ed in ‘The Hill’ that this loser did his best to make just that point.  He wrote, “Let’s say it in simple English: Republicans are intent on stopping minority voters from casting ballots in this year’s presidential election.”  And added, “The GOP has had to come up with new and ‘creative’ ways to make sure that those people who don’t vote Republican will not be allowed to vote.”

Now it’s according to this boob, Plotkin, there are six ways in which the Republicans actively work against minorities: voter ID requirements, early voting hour cutbacks, the elimination of same-day registration, the requirement for voters to vote in their precinct, failure to allow those under 18 to register to vote, and closing polls on Sunday.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that it’s more than a stretch to claim that any of these ideas are aimed specifically at minorities or that the purpose of ANY of them is to prevent anyone legally able to vote, from voting.  And Plotkin also asserts that closing the polls on Sunday only started because black voters go to church on Sunday.

Plotkin goes on to make the claim that the Republican Party is “unable and unwilling to change their philosophy or platform, they have only one alternative: to rig the system. Make sure that the polls are not open to those ‘other people’ who are not ‘our people.’”  This longtime ‘political commentator’ mentions minorities at the beginning of his op-ed, but only specifically mentions black voters, no other minority is ever mentioned in his little farcical piece.  And let’s face it, there is but one party who main focus every election is to rig the outcome.  Which party is it that always works so very hard to prevent the votes of our military members from being counted?

But Plotkin is your typical hypocrite.  He was once the host of local radio station WTOP until he blew up at a Latino cleaning crew back in 2012.  Apparently he was let go within days of throwing a tantrum.  It seems that after trying to reach his office, he found one of the elevators was out of service, at which point he directed a verbal assault full of “swear words and nastiness, directed at a cleaning crew that just happened to find itself in Plotkin’s line of fire. As it turned out, one of the elevators was in working order.”  The cleaning crew didn’t file a complaint at the time, that came when Plotkin again verbally assaulted a cleaning crew member the next day.

Democrats always think that minorities are somehow simply too stupid to register to vote ahead of time, or are too stupid, or incapable of knowing how to go about getting an ID.  Personally if I was a member of any minority community I would view it as being rather insulting to thought of as be one of the Democrats’ perpetual children who need their collective hands held.  It’s almost as if the Democrats consider them as being their pets.  And for the life of me I have never been able to figure out why blacks, and Hispanics, are not offended by the Democrat attitude and plantation mentality.  And yet, it would seem that the vast majority of both couldn’t care less.

And am I the only one who views it all as being more than just a bit strange regarding how it is that all of these items cited only affect minorities when voting.  I mean, somehow those in our minority communities manage to obtain transportation to their churches, their schools, their jobs or their welfare centers or for their medical appointments or even to grocery stores all within the hours and days that they’re open.  Why is it that only minorities seem to be affected by the rules for voting when they can find a way to do all the things I just mentioned?   And of course I’m automatically assumed to a racist for even bringing up such a thing. Right?

Personally, I’m thinking that maybe this man, Plotkin, doth perhaps protest too much. For Democrats, voter ID laws are a waste of time. You know, like security considerations on the servers of a certain Secretary of State and candidate for president.  Or concern over when a state behaves rather nefariously, as in the case of Al ‘Stuart Smalley’ Franken, by stuffing ballot boxes which were strangely later found in the trunk of a state election official’s car which handed to Franken very a close election.  Which then lead to the Democrats having a super majority and allowed them to shove down our throats that which came to be known as Obamacare.

Look, I think all of us on the right can agree that the Democrat Party has absolutely no interest in fair elections.  It’s time after time that they are caught trying manipulate the outcome.  And then you have guys like this creep Plotkin, or like Juan Williams or Jerry Rivers (Geraldo), who continually make the case that there is simply no evidence that voter fraud even exists.  Conservatives champion the notion that all who are legally able to vote, be able to vote.  But that they vote just once.  Such things simply don’t matter to Democrats, all that’s important is victory.  To them all is far in election year tactics.  Nothing is to be considered as crossing the line!


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