So how is it, exactly, that the city with some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country, that is gun-controlled Chicago, has managed to surpass 500 homicides year-to-date. And it was all thanks to the violence that marked Labor Day Weekend in that city.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there were 13 people killed and another 52 who were shot and wounded during that 72 hour period.  And the Chicago Tribune reported that that number now brings the city’s homicide totals to 512 dead, with nearly four months left to go in 2016.  Now keep in mind that there were 468 homicides in Chicago throughout all of 2015.

The weekend’s homicides also resulted in making Labor Day Weekend “the deadliest of the three holiday weekends this summer.”  Although there were 69 people shot on Memorial Weekend, there actually were ‘ONLY’ six fatalities.  And then while there were 66 people shot over Fourth of July weekend, of that number ‘ONLY’ five were fatalities.  Earlier this month it was reported that August 2016 was the deadliest August Chicago has witnessed in 20 years.  A total of 472 individuals were shot and 90 individuals were killed. And just prior to the Labor Day Weekend violence, nearly a dozen people were being shot every day in Chicago.

And the Clinton News Network (CNN) has now reported that Chicago is “on pace for [its] deadliest year in a decade.”  CNN also pointed out: “Chicago has strict gun laws, which is why many gun rights advocates point to it as evidence that tighter regulation doesn’t equal less crime.”  But oddly enough the dots are never connected between the city’s escalating level of violence and the city’s most infamous hometown boy, Barry.  As of mid-July roughly 3500 murders had taken place in the ‘Windy City’ since Barry’s first inauguration.  And yet has he ever made a special trip, or given a speech, there in his hometown where we see blacks busily killing off their fellow blacks?

And no, we’re not talking about 3500 soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, it’s the number of citizens murdered in Chicago, with mostly being blacks, killed (mostly shot), by mostly other blacks.  Some victims were children, some were women and many were teens.  And sadly, they only become statistics and not much else. Just another Detroit, another Memphis, another St.Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, or Newark.  Do all these murders become national news stories for the media??   Are there ever ‘protests’ for these appalling murders, that take place on a daily basis throughout this country? Nope, not unless there’s a white cop involved.

No mention, or hardly any mention, is ever made of those who are killed by other blacks.  Even the leaders of their own community don’t seem to care unless by chance they can be said to have been gunned down by some ‘racist’ cop.  Then it’s a-whole-nother story.  So it would seem that only some ‘Black Lives Matter’.  Even the first black president seems to be less then interested unless there is a case for racism to be exploited.  One could argue that it’s because of Barry’s rather selective enforcement practices of our current gun laws, that he can be said to be at least partially responsible for the mounting death toll there in his home town.

And oddly enough there was not so much as one arrest for possession of an Illegal firearm.  That’s how effective these ‘stricter gun-Laws really are when it comes to actual crime prevention.  When it comes to Chicago there has been 85 years of Democrat rule and this is all that they have to show for it.  Keep pulling that lever if you like what you see.  Blacks continue to be played for fools by Democrats. Those that claim the thuggish black males are being picked on and murdered by cops for no reason, need to take a walk at night in Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore.  Let’s see what they think about that, if they live to tell.

Because enforcing our current gun laws, of which there are many, seems to have now taken a backseat to Barry’s revived determination to pass control of the Internet onto, of all organizations that he could have chosen, the United Nations.  After all, like Barry says, “What we cannot do is have a situation in which suddenly this becomes the Wild, Wild West.”  And as a part of that, Barry has now called for a series of international agreements the purpose of which is to regulate activity on the Internet, citing his preference not to start an arms race in cyberspace.  So I gotta tell ya, if Liberalism isn’t a mental disorder, then nothing is.

But in a way you could say that Barry is right, the internet is dangerous.  Especially to those on left!  And as they already control Chicago, and nearly every other large city in America, they could care less.  Because I would argue that fact rape, robbery and murder are the direct result of Liberalism. Just imagine the good times when they do control the net.  That’s what caused all this, some idiot came in and organized to remove guns off the street (law abiding citizens) and assure the thugs have the power.  Thank God he moved to Washington to organize for illegals and the lawless and rack up $10 Trillion in debt! Aren’t we the lucky ones!

What needs to take place here in this country, and especially our inner cities, is for just some of those bleeding heart sympathizers and lovers of the feral black thugs is for themselves to be counted among those who are victimized by them.  And then maybe we would see just how quick they are to tell us all how it is that they are simply misunderstood, poverty stricken people who want nothing more than to go work and take care of their families.  And we can then see if their opinion remains that same that it’s whitey who’s working hard at keeping them down and the thousands of racist police officers who go around killing them for no reason.


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