Trump 12

When it comes to nearly every presidential election in the past, at least the more recent past, we conservatives have always been told that if wanted to have any hope of winning the White House then, by golly, what we needed was a more center of the road kind of candidate.  And yet, despite coming up with just such a candidate time after time, we’ve still managed to lose four out of the last 6 presidential elections to candidates who were much farther to the left than our own.  And one of the reasons for that is that our candidate was never willing to call out the Democrat Party for being what it really is.  They always allowed the whitewashed story to stand.

Then along comes Donald Trump who, earlier this week, had absolutely no trouble whatsoever in pointing out how it is that the Democrat Party is not only the “party of slavery” but also the “party of Jim Crow.”  During a campaign rally in Everett, Washington, Trump declared, “The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln. Not bad.”  Trump, speaking to roughly 10,000 people, then added, “It’s also the party of freedom, equality and opportunity.”  Say what you will about the man, but he certainly nailed it that night by pointing out what’s so obvious to so many of us and yet has been so very well hidden from those whom it most directly effects.

Trump has been continuing to work on his appeal to minority voters, and in so doing he went on to say, “Tonight, I am asking for the vote of every African American and Hispanic citizen in this country who wants to see a better future.”  And this is exactly what has been missing in the past from those who have been running for president under the Republican banner.  The time has long since passed for there to be the calling of a spade, a spade, and to pull back the curtain on what has become the well concocted history of the Democrat Party that it has been allowed, with the help of the state-controlled media, to have constructed for itself.

You know, and don’t you just love how it how it’s always considered as being offensive when those on our side point out the truth when it comes to just how this vile and despicable this party has been going about the conducting of its business for what has essentially been hundreds of years.  Can you even imagine McCain or Romney actually going there?  Of course not!  So, you go DONALD!   Because if blacks were ever to accept the truth about the party with whom they have joined themselves at the hip, they would never again vote Democrat.  Although, I must admit, I think we are still many years away from that happening.

And now that Trump has let the cat out of the bag, I suppose the DNC will be asking the Clinton Global Initiative to fund yet another complete historical rewrite of Democrat Party history.  We already have Hitlery working hard to accuse Trump of the very things that she herself does.  And Hitlery’s ‘Alt-Right’ screech was nothing but more over the top propaganda with the state-controlled media dutifully repeating it.  And let’s not forget that it’s also Democrats who are the party of the KKK and of segregation.  Hell, they’ve even had KKK members in Congress possessing quite the trifecta: Senator/KKK/Democrat in the person of good ol’ boy Robert Byrd!

But look, Democrats have always taken great pleasure in portraying every well-known racist in history as being a Republican.  Just as they would have you think that George Wallace was a Republican they want you to think Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.   And I think one could very safely argue that Hitlery Clinton is so perfectly suited for the Democrat Party.  As we have seen from her while on the campaign trail, she can be quite the expert con artist/race baiter.  But she is no different from those of her party who have come before her, going at least as far back as Wilson.  Because what she is doing is no different than what Democrats always do and have always done.

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