Hitlery 180

Well apparently, if you are our current Democrat candidate for president, you’re allowed to do nothing more than to attend fundraisers and make nonsensical speeches.  And Hitlery will give another one of those speeches, one in which she plans to attack the “alt-right”, aka the vast right wing conspiracy, and is currently scheduled to take place this Thursday in Reno, Nevada.  And it was in a statement to those same reporters whom she has sought to avoid for over 260 days that Hitlery’s campaign promised that she would “deliver a speech to address Donald Trump and his advisers’ embrace of the disturbing ‘alt-right’ political philosophy.”

According to a statement released by Hitlery’s campaign, the campaign wrote: “This ‘alt-right’ brand is embracing extremism and presenting a divisive and dystopian view of America which should concern all Americans, regardless of party.”  So how is it that we on the right are to be considered as being the extremists?  Especially when it is those one the left who are busy advocating for men to be able to use female restrooms or that women be entitled to have an abortion right to the time of delivery or welcoming into this country all manner of illegal immigrant?  Are those not extreme positions?  And are they not ALL Democrat positions?

Also according to the statement released by her campaign Hitlery will attempt to alienate and exclude “alt-right” groups of Trump supporters as being un-American and white nationalist racists.  Her campaign suggested that Trump’s political views and temperament are “dangerous” for the country’s future.  So once again it becomes all about slandering her opponent and his supporters rather than her being able to talk about anything of substance that she has managed to accomplish in her long and rather storied career in ‘public service.’  That’s only because she’s accomplished NOTHING!  And if anyone is dangerous to the future of America, it’s Hitlery!

And this statement from her campaign then went onto say, “Clinton will contrast Donald Trump’s divisive views and dangerous temperament with her vision of an America that is stronger together and where everyone has a role to play in the future.”  I always find it rather ironic how it is that our near useless state-controlled media never has any trouble whatsoever in allowing someone as divisive, and mentally unstable, as is Hiterly to continually accuse her opponent of behaving in the manner which we typically see coming from her.  Such is one of the reasons that so very few of us any longer pay attention to the media.

Because let’s face it, this entire leftist entourage, comprised of our state-controlled media, the Democrat Party, Hollywood as well as the vast majority of Academia, that continues to surround Hitlery is so very accommodating, as well as complicit, when it comes to her blatant deceptions to the American people.  They are also complicit in Hitlery’s continual, daily lies no matter how obvious or egregious they may be.  As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely nothing worse than someone who lies, especially for something as trivial as personal gain.  Except, perhaps, those who take an active role in supporting those lies or who provide cover for the liar.

Who knows, in making this speech Hitlery may just be making a huge mistake, which is a nice thought.  That said, there is little doubt that those in our state-controlled media will heap all manner of praise upon it, and her for making it, and will then go on to attack Trump 24/7 in the days following it.  But then, those of us in the “alt-right” have always been marginalized to one degree or another by those in the media.  Giving it more attention and fantastic opportunities to “troll” Hitlery will only help it. They say any publicity is good publicity, and enough people doubt the Hitlery media narrative that this will only help us race realists make inroads.

Hitlery’s campaign makes reference to what it calls the divisive and dystopian view of the “alt-right”.  But who is it that really possesses such a view?  I mean, whose view is it that: (1) Transgenders should use the same bathrooms as little girls, or (2) sees as appropriate parading the Orlando terrorist’s father front and center in her rally, or (3) calling 50% of Americans, or more, extremists is anything but divisive, or (4) lying repeatedly to the American people is in itself, divisive and dystopian, or (5) accepting money while secretary of state was nothing short of criminal, or finally (6) selling uranium to the Russian mob may actually bring about the final dystopian fantasy.

Hitlery’s speech may, at least, turn out to be nothing if not amusing, not that I’ll be able to actually watch it.  Her voice is reminiscent of fingernails going across a chalkboard.  And she might actually end up alienating the remainder of “fly-over country” and with just one speech.  She will try to paint Mr. Trump as “scary”, yet I think she started that angle too soon as it’s already losing its impact.  But the people have grown very tired of Washington corruption and want to throw all of the corrupt bums out.  Thus, Trump is the people’s peaceful revolution candidate.  And Hitlery with her Clinton Foundation pay-for-favors baggage is the zombie candidate.

Whatever the reality is, and you won’t see it on the tube, the media has become nothing more than a propaganda/smear machine as well as the left wing’s indoctrination tool.  Every commercial, show, movie is simply the illusion that they wish to implant in the young and the naive.  It used to be that commercials during large sporting events were anticipated and worth waiting for.  The necessity to contrive the Leftist message completely replaces creativity, with mediocre petty sermonizing, lies, and lack of originality.  Instead of high tech witty one of a kind commercial we get the same old tired communist non-sense.

This election the American people, or at least a majority of them, are going to have to decide how it is that they wish to move forward from here.  Do we allow Washington to corrupt the entire country, or do we the American people finally flex our muscles by making very clear to the elites that we are sick and tired and we’re not going to take it anymore.  Hitlery will do her best to frame those of us on the right as being the extremists in this little contest and she will try to use our support of Mr. Trump against us.  And the state-controlled media will do all within its power to assist her.  We must be able to see through the nonsense!

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