Hitlery 179

I think there are times when most of us who have come to support Mr. Trump wish that he would maybe spend just a bit less time in front of reporters.  But then, I suppose, if he was to do that he wouldn’t be Trump.  And you have to give him credit, he’s not afraid to answer the tough questions.  And he said lots (and lots) of things during his hour-long town hall with Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.  One thing, however, did kind of stand out.  It was something he said, in talking about Hitlery.  It was when he said, “She is so protected.  They are so protecting her.  She hasn’t had a news conference in, like, 250 days.”

And so I starting thinking, has it really been that long since Hitlery has actually talked to the press?  Now I knew it had been quite a while since the old girl had ventured out in front of reporters, at least in a venue that wasn’t pretty heavily staged and biased in her favor, because I’ve been watching various news shows where there have been the subject of conversation.  But I guess I just hadn’t realized how long it really had been.  It’s now been almost 258 days!  It’s beyond ridiculous that one of the two people who will be elected president in 80 or so days continues to refuse to engage with the press in any meaningful way.

But still, there are those supporters of hers who will say, and very proudly so, that the fact she hasn’t done any press conferences is just not that big of a deal because what she has done is to so several sit-down type of interviews! And oh by the way, they’ll say, she has done something that was called a “press conference”, albeit with a moderator moderating the questions.  Now from my point of view, and not just because I’m a ‘NeverHitlery’ kind of guy, that’s simply not good enough.   Especially not when you are running to be president of the United States and despite the fact that your last name just happens to be Clinton.

One of the most important things, when someone is offering themselves up to represent all of us, is that we get the best sense we can about how that person thinks on his or her feet and how they deal with unwanted or adversarial types questions. Those two traits are big parts of doing the job of president in the modern world.  There’s nothing like a press conference to put a candidate for president through their paces.  If you don’t believe me, remember how badly Hitlery has bungled her many attempts at trying to put her private email server controversy behind her.  Things haven’t exactly gone all that well.

Hitlery’s struggles with the press conference format are a major part of why she hasn’t done one in so long.  She, simply put, really sucks at them, sucks bad.  So why do something that you know that you’re not very good at unless you fell you absolutely have to?   If campaigns are about downplaying your weaknesses while putting your strengths front and center, Hitlery’s avoidance of press conferences is “Campaigning 101.”  And barring anything but her taking some severe hit in the polls, I very much doubt that we will be seeing her availing herself to the media anytime soon,  regardless of the fact that they alway treat her with kid gloves.

Now I do think that on any given day Trump does tend to dominate the news coverage, if for no other reason than he’s not afraid to face reporters.  So one tends to not notice Hitlery’s unwillingness to face unscripted, unmoderated questions from reporters unless one goes looking.  And let’s face it, those in the state-controlled media would much rather blow out of proportion something that Trump has said than to spend time talking about anything substantive that relates to Hitlery.  So in an effort to put this all into perspective, think of it this way, the last time Hitlery held a press conference was Dec. 5, 2015.  And that was before:

  1. A single state had cast a vote in either a presidential primary or caucus
  2. Major terrorist attacks in Nice, Brussels and Orlando
  3. FBI Director James Comey issued his scathing report on Hitlery’s email practices while at the State Department
  4. The Bernie Sanders phenomenon
  5. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was run out of the Democrat National Committee in the wake of a massive email hack attack

Another way you can look at it is that the temperature in Washington on Dec. 5, 2015, was 44 degrees.  Today it got up to 85.  Or, a woman who conceived on Dec. 5, 2015, would be 8½ months pregnant today.  Also, on December 5, 2015, the Golden State Warriors were NBA champs.   So you get the idea.  It’s been a long time, a long time.  Now, if you can believe any of the recent polls Hitlery would at least seem to be the favorite to become the 45th president.  So the fact that she continues to avoid questions from the press is simply unacceptable given the office that she is seeking and the stakes involved in this election.

But look, Hitlery has any number of reasons for avoiding a press conference, and to do so like the plague.  She always looks rehearsed and her voice is worse than fingernails across a chalkboard, and she never really looks all that well.  I can’t help but feel that they are hiding her ill health and her inability to connect with people that isn’t robotic and rehearsed.  Besides, the state-controlled media never really holds her, or anyone on her staff or her organization, accountable so why hold a press conference.  Real unbiased reporting has long since died anyway. Thank God commonsense is still alive, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree than it once was.

And ya know, even those reporting on the fact that she hasn’t done a press conference in over 250 days have had no problem with giving her a pass on it.  Many even treat it as being nothing more than a joke.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that if it were Trump who was busying himself first running and then hiding from the press, the media would be going after him full tilt, and it would be regardless of whether he was ahead or behind in the polls.  But since it’s Hitlery, who most in the media will be voting for, it’s seen as being no big deal that she’s behaving as little more than a recluse from the American people.

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