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I think we are all able to recognize the fact that the only thing Democrats truly excel at is their ability to do nothing other than to totally fuck up pretty much everything they come in contact with.  And then after they have made a complete mess out of everything it’s somehow that they think they should never bear any of the responsibility for having made things so much worse than they were before they started.  It really is quite remarkable.  However, with that said, what seems to be even more remarkable is the fact that a near majority of the American people, and pretty consistently so, seem more than willing to give Democrats a pass.  This despite the fact that our country is being destroyed, quite literally and by Democrat policies, right before our eyes!

And there is nothing that better proves that point than taking an up-close and personal look at America’s crime-ridden, impoverished inner cities such as Chicago, Detroit, or any number of other big cities, that have been Democrat run monopolies for over a half a century.  The vast majority of our cities are experiencing what can only be described as a slow and rather agonizing death.  Enter now Marc Lamont Hill, a devoted Democrat and, hysterically speaking, a Distinguished ‘Professor’ of African American Studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.  They must set the bar pretty low there at Morehouse.  You see, ‘Professor’ Hill believes Democrats should not be blamed for what has taken place, and continues to take place, in our rapidly deteriorating cities.

Appearing on the ‘Clinton News Network’ (CNN) earlier this week to discuss Donald Trump’s latest “law and order” speech which painted a pretty clear picture of how it is that Democrats do nothing more than to prostitute black communities to gin up votes, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino butted heads with ‘Professor’ Hill over why America’s inner cities have been crippled by crime and poverty for what has been several decades.  Mr. Bongino rightly blamed the Democrats while ‘Professor’ Hill rejected the assertion.  Mr. Bongino said, “These communities have been driven into the ground.”  And he went on to say, “Liberalism correlates with poverty and high crime every single place it’s been tried…I wish I could change it. I wish the Trump campaign could as well.”

But ‘Professor’ Hill seemed to take great offense to Bongino’s statement, to the point where he is actually seen wincing at it.  He said. “They’re Democratic machines but they’re not far left. Michael Nutter was the mayor of Philadelphia. No one would call him far left. I think that’s a bit extreme. It’s not exactly Cuba there. The other piece of, this and you said you’re not a scientist and I’m glad you said that. There’s a difference between correlation and causality.”  He went on to say, “I agree, there’s a connection between these very poor places and Democratic machines, but being Democrat doesn’t cause you to be poor, being liberal doesn’t cause you to be poor. There’s a bunch of top-down policies that enable this to happen.”

‘Professor’ Hill said, “In a place like Ferguson, for example, the flight of jobs is far more important, the destruction of public housing is far more influential than who’s the city councilman or who’s the mayor. Although that’s not a black majority. Same thing in Baltimore.”  And he added, “Again, we need a new way out, but the new way out isn’t to just crack down on Democrats and bring Republicans in. We need new policies that bring in jobs, that bring in investment, and that change the relationship between police and community. That’s not a partisan issue. That’s a much bigger issue.”  But none of the policies which ‘Professor’ Hill says are so badly needed are, in any way, seen as being policies that Democrats are in favor of.

And exactly who is it that ‘Professor’ Hill thinks is making those “top-down policies” in those “Democrat machines”?  I mean by using his rather bizarre logic, the Nazis must not have been responsible for the Holocaust!  He literally MADE the argument to bring in Republicans and didn’t even know it.  That’s how deluded he is.  The policies are Democrat. The programs are Democrat. The politicians are nearly ALL Democrat.   When you have Democrats running your schools for 40 years, Democrats running your local law enforcement for 40 years, Democrats running your city government for 40 years, how is it that one can make the argument that Democrats did not do this.  But then, what else can you expect from the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and the KKK?

The problem in our cities is that the percentage of whites dropped while that of the blacks increased. Property values dropped, businesses closed, those that could, fled, leaving towns and cities husks of once vibrant places to live and work. As businesses closed and more Section 8 housing increased, property taxes diminished, leaving many cities with serious shortfalls of cash. The dirty little secret of most of these Democrat/progressive strongholds is that they are some of the most violent cities in America.  That does not make a good environment for investment. Black mob violence is an everyday occurrence in many of these cities, driving away shoppers and then the business owners. The result is boarded up shops, dead malls and desolate tourist areas, further exacerbating dismal employment opportunities.

Detroit is the poster child of such progressive policies with Baltimore and Chicago very close behind.  Many more cities like Memphis, Indianapolis, Oakland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Madison, Washington, D.C., Wilmington, Philadelphia are all plagued by black mob violence.  Law abiding people can only take so much crime before they are made to feel, out of fear for their safety and the safety of their families, that they have no choice but to leave.  Every city will tax them to death, yet fail to clean up the cause of the continuing problems.  Again more whites and Asians will move away, grinding the city down even more as the black population increases in physical size and percentage of the population placing further and greater strain on already limited local resources.

Causality or correlation are irrelevant when Democrats have had 50 years to at least attempt modest improvements, but have, instead, succeeded in only making matters much worse, and in almost every way.  ‘Professor’ Hill really didn’t have an argument, just words. I think he was going to say “The cities vote Democrat because they are poor; they are not poor because they vote Democrat”.  But after 50 years it doesn’t matter which angle you try and spin this, Democrat policies have failed and failed miserably. Then he goes on to say that, “Yes, we need new policies and ideas, but not Republican ones.”  In other words, there will never be new ideas because liberals only plan is always to tax and spend and increase regulations, which IS the main problem.

Here’s a concept that ‘Professor’ Hill and his leftist comrades might want to explore, how about lowering taxes and removing regulations allowing black communities to encourage more entrepreneurs who will then improve their own communities?  Or, how about we stop giving welfare to drug dealers, which then frees them from having to work, and allows them run around loose 24/7 wreaking all manner of havoc upon their neighborhoods.  These are Republican fixes, and because Democrats hate Republicans they will never try anything like this which might actually work, and actually improve the lives of blacks. So it is impossible to take partisanship out of the equation; the only way you can get a different outcome is to vote for a different party.  It’s just that simple.

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