Hitlery 166

Just a brief word to all of those ‘NeverTrumpers’ who seem to be so dead set against Donald Trump becoming our president.  Personally, I kind of look at our country as being what is essentially nothing more than a business, albeit a business that in and of itself produces no durable goods or services, but is a business none the less.  And what better person to become its chief operating officer than someone who has experience doing just that.  Let’s face it, the guy who has been in charge of running it for the last eight years has never been in charge of so much as a lemonade stand.  And it shows!

And let’s face it. When you get right down to the bottom of things, this coming election is NOT really about Democrat versus Republican, nor is it even about Liberalism versus Conservatism.  What it is really all about is globalism/New World Order versus American Sovereignty.  It is about America versus No America.  Let’s face it, the choice the lies in front of us come this November really isn’t all that difficult, people. You are either solidly behind the patriot, who in this case is Mr. Trump, or you are betting against your own country, in the hopes that there will be a country to save in four years.

And I’ll be honest with you, I really don’t think that we have that much time left.  The UN is already plotting with Barry to invalidate much of our Bill of Rights. So we’re now in the position of either voting for Trump or of trying to explain to your children and grandchildren how it was that we came to so badly screw things up. That is assuming they are able to survive what is to come if Hitlery, God forbid, is elected.  The problem is with Hitlery, not with Trump.  And when all the pundits who have their heads up their butts come to finally realize this, hopefully Trump will have put together a unified army against Hitlery.

When you get right down to it, Hitlery is really nothing more but the next stage of what has become the terminal malignancy that continues to plague our country.   A malignant affliction that is also known by it more common name, progressivism.  And over the course of the last eight years it is a condition that has only been made to become much more resistant to any form of treatment, and should Hitlery be elected I fear that any hope of ever achieving a cure will be forever lost.  Because she will only bring about an acceleration of the disease where the body will simply become overwhelmed.

Anyone who has ever had misfortune of having a loved one diagnosed with cancer and has been forced to watch as their loved one slowly wasted away knows what a horrible, and painful process that is.  And that is essentially the very same process which our country is now being forced to go through.  It is slowly being made to waste away and those who claim to possess the cure stubbornly focus only on those things which will accomplish nothing more than to make what is already a very bad situation, much, much worse.  It is a case where the cure becomes much worse than the disease.

So I would argue that our only hope of coming up with any sort of a true cure, would be to elect Donald Trump as president.  Time is so very rapidly slipping away from us to the point where we can no longer afford to simply delay treatment for another four years.  It may already be too late!  Now I know there are those who would rather risk allowing the disease to further metastasize, viewing the risk of the potential cure, Donald Trump as president, as being just too great.  But we must take that first step if we are to have any hope of slowing the disease or to perhaps even cure it before it finally kills us.


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