You know, say what you will about Donald Trump but I have a rather difficult time believing how anyone can become as successful in business as Trump has become if one does nothing but lie to those who are their customers and those who are their employees.  But I think, in looking at the Clintons it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that being skillful liars has been essential to their becoming successful politicians.  So that would likely be the reason why only 11 percent of voters now believe that Hitlery is “honest and trustworthy.”  And that’s even according to the new NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll.

And it’s in spite of that fact that Hitlery is still leading Trump by six points when third party candidates are included and nine points in a head to head contest.  And when asked to choose a statement about Hitlery, 42 percent said that she has the “personality and temperament to serve” but earned low numbers for her values.  And I guess I don’t quite understand why, when asked about Trump, only 16 percent believe that he is honest and trustworthy while only 17 percent believe he has the personality and temperament to serve as president, when it’s Hitlery who always comes across as being so angry and somewhat unstable!

And that would be why I am far more concerned about Hitlery’s temperament than I am Trump’s.  That and the fact is that there is a significant trail of bodies that have been left behind by the Clintons.  Now imagine, for a second, what could happen if Hitlery was to be provoked by some foreign leader fortunate enough to have come into contact with one, or more, of Hitlery’s ‘deleted’ emails.  And ponder for a second if an attempt to blackmail Hitlery was made regarding the contents of that email.  Could we actually trust Hitlery not to retaliate in a way that could endanger the rest of us?  I think that is a very reasonable question to ask.

Look, it’s one thing for someone to be a total ignoramus and be willing to vote for Hitlery, but what about the absolute morons who, despite seeing her as being dishonest and untrustworthy, are still able to vote for her?  It’s those folks who are the scary ones.  On the other hand, Trump as one of the most successful businessmen in the country and has made donations to political figures on both sides of the political aisle.   He doesn’t hide that fact, he’s been very upfront.  Whereas Hitlery, on the other hand, tries to hide everything she can.  That’s just a fact, and no matter how the media chooses to spin it, it’s impossible to dispute.

And frankly, from where I’m standing this election is nothing short of a no-brainer with the decision we have to make a relatively easy one.  We can throw wide open the doors to the globalization of America, and at the expense of the American people I might add, welcome mob rule into our communities, allow Sharia law to establish itself in America which only a fool would even contemplate allowing in the door or, we can vote to make our country a better, stronger and much safer, place for Americans.  It’s really a pretty simple decision.  It’s pretty much cut and dried with no if’s, and’s or buts about it.

So as we move forward toward November it will be interesting to see just how it is that our state-controlled media will work to make “adjustments” in their polling methods.  I think most intelligent folks are able to pretty easily recognize the fact that the vast majority of those polls which are shoved in front of us on a daily basis are being pretty heavily weighted in favor of Hitlery.  Those in the media are becoming increasingly obvious in their Socialist propaganda campaign, to the point where few even try to disguise that which they are trying to do.  The only thing more lame is how the low information types continue to buy into the drivel.


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