Hitlery 177

Man I gotta tell ya, I damn near choked to death on my coffee this morning as I read how Hitlery Clinton has now, apparently, proclaimed herself to be the hero of the middle-class.  Really?  Who knew?  While it made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever, it’s apparently how she has now come to see herself.  So I guess it was during some campaign stop this past Thursday that the long-time multi-millionaire and career politician told her supporters who had gathered, “I am the product of the American middle class.”  Now since I’m not some brain dead Democrat, her rather idiotic claim was pretty difficult to take seriously.

And then in what I can only assume was an attempt to somehow justify her ridiculous claim, Hitlery went on to say, “I was born in Chicago. I was raised in a suburb. But my grandfather worked at the Scranton lace mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania for 50 years. And because he worked hard, my dad was able to go to college and start his own small business and then send me out into the world to follow my own dreams. No matter how far those dreams have taken me, I’ve always remembered: I am the daughter of a small-business owner and the granddaughter of a factory worker and proud of both.”  Seems her dreams turned into our nightmares!

But it was also during her speech that Hitlery spoke of how hard it is to get ahead these days with too much inequality and too little upward mobility. But, off course, like all progressives, she has the perfect big-government solution for that.  She said, “There are common-sense things that your government can do that would give Americans more opportunities to succeed.”  She then proceeded to blame gridlock for stalling American success stories. But she promised as president, “I will have your back every single day that I serve.”  And she added, “This is personal for me.”  She will need to explain to me exactly how it’s personal for her.

But look, let’s be real here, if Hitlery was as much about the middle class as she claims to be, the first thing she would be talking about, even advocating, whenever discussing ways that the federal government could help, would be for her to promise, if elected, to revoke the tens of thousands of regulations that make life so difficult for so many small businesses, a mainstay of the middle class.  But don’t count on her to do that.  She’s not THAT willing to help the middle class!  And I’m quite sure her “associates” already have a few thousand more suffocating and business killing regulations waiting in the wings for their chance to enact them.

Meanwhile, Hitlery, and the clan Clinton, has more money than most folks in the middle class could ever dream to have or ever hope to spend. And you can add to that the fact that she has what can only be described as an unquenchable lust for power, blood, and revenge, and is, quite literally, rarely if ever actually happy.  And obviously her health is beginning to fail, we see new evidence of that on what has now become a daily basis.  All while pursuing things that she can’t take with her, and leaving a bloody trail behind her.  Let’s face it, everything she touches almost immediately turns to shit, and people still want her as president?

We all know how she went to private schools before college, and not the cheap ones either!  She is so far removed from those in the middle class that I bet she has no idea what those of us in middle class have to live on!  And let’s face it, when you never really want for anything, have never been forced to go without your heart’s desire because you couldn’t afford it, or had to take out a loan for anything or gone broke in trying to cover the cost of your healthcare, braces and more, or have no idea how much a gallon of milk costs, how is that you expect to be able to relate to we who you view as being the unwashed masses of the middle class.

Hitlery never comes across as being sincere.  And frankly, I just don’t trust her.  She’s already made it quite plain during one of her many speeches that she intends to raise taxes on the middle class.  Now I realize I’m just one of those non-college educated folks, but for the life of me I can’t quite figure out how by having the government take more of the money that I work for, that somehow actually helps me.  I mean thanks to Barry we’re now paying more for nearly everything than we were when he was first elected, including more to the government.  And what I’m hearing from Hitlery is that she intends to make sure that trend continues!  What a deal!


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