Hitlery 176

I would seem that that leftwing kook, Tom Harkin, and his equally leftwing kook of a wife, Ruth, joined Hitlery, another leftwing kook, earlier today at a rally in Des Moines, where old Tom took it upon himself to urge all the other leftwing kooks in attendance to support Hitlery for president.  It was then that Harkin took the opportunity to denounce all those who he identified as critics of Hitlery, and actually went so far as to describe them as a “right-wing kook corner.”  So I can only assume that he views the over 60 percent of Americans who view Hitlery as being dishonest, as right-wing kooks?

So anyway, old Tom began is little speech in defense of ‘Crooked Hitlery’ by saying, “Regardless of what you have read or heard over the last 20 years from the likes of Newt Gingrich, or Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O’Reilly, and others in that right-wing kook corner, regardless of that, Hillary Clinton is one of the most honest, trustworthy, patriotic, caring, competent public servants we have ever known or worked with in our entire lifetimes.”  Well, that’s quite a claim.  So I can only guess that millions of Americans must be all wrong about Hitlery, either that or old Tom is a nut!  So which do you think it might be?

And, of course, it was from there that crazy old Tom went on to heap all manner of praise upon Hitlery, everything from supporting free college and free pre-school to subsidizing wind energy in the United States, to a whole slew of nutty, and very expensive ideas.  And then it was time his wife Ruth, who’s just as much of leftwing nut as her husband is, to speak up.  And it was Ruth who reminded the audience that Hitlery would not only be the first woman president if elected, but the first mother and first grandmother to hold office.  WOW, now there’s something that qualifies one to be president of the Unite States!  NOT!!

And it was while reading from her prepared notes that Ruth then went on to say, “We know the deep bond that she shared with her mother and the love she has for her brilliant daughter and her two beautiful grandchildren.”  And in continuing to stick to her notes, she went on to say, “To know Hillary is to know her as a person steeped in family values.”  Hitlery?  Steeped in family values?  Really?  I’m sorry, but to try to portray Hitlery as being someone steeped in family values, what would likely come to mind for many Americans would be a very, very strange family indeed, and one that most Americans would have a rather difficult time identifying with.

And you have to ask yourself, just how stupid do these people really think we really are?  Granted, your basic imbecilic Democrat would likely fall for this kind of drivel, but they’re already going to vote for Hitlery.  Do they think that by simply declaring Hitlery to be honest and trustworthy that that will somehow make her come across that way to the American people?  Because if so, I’m here to tell ya, it ain’t working!  Maybe if your baseline for honesty and trustworthiness is somewhere between a crack whore, Charlie Manson and Brian Williams…then maybe she would qualify.  But anything short of that is nothing but a fairytale!

Personally, I’m have this feeling that old Tom has either lost what few marbles he might have once had, or if he might be in need of a touch more Thorazine in his meds.  Because the old boy seems to have gone even more haywire than he used to be.  But then maybe we should forgive him, I mean, after all, he was only following the Clinton tradition: if you’re going to lie, lie big; if you’re going to steal, steal big because the state-controlled media is your best friend.  But then, what else could he say? He is a Democrat.  They’re hopelessly corrupt, and are doing their best to get the Clintons back into the White House.

So as I said earlier, it’s 63% of Americans who think Hitlery is neither honest nor trustworthy and if they can be, as Tom says, all in the “right wing kook corner” then from where I’m standing it’s safe to say that old Hitlery should be toast come this November.  And if they aren’t, then there must be a heck of a lot of Democrats who think she must be a dishonest crook as well!  Harkin, served in Congress for 40 years, first in the House and then the Senate, and for the majority of that time his family home in Iowa stood vacant, except for a single picnic event he held in Iowa each fall attended by the morons who were only too happy to vote for him.

And just so there’s no doubt about just how far to the left old Tom is, it was back in 2014 that he took a little trip to Cuba and was pretty impressed.  So much so that upon his return he practically raced to the floor of the Senate to sing the praises of Socialist Cuba.  Tom was particularly impressed with Cuba’s socialist health care system. He said, “Their life expectancy is now greater than ours,” he said. “It’s interesting — their public health system is quite remarkable.”  Such is the man, now doing his best to convince us that we need to vote for Hitlery.  Now I ask you, am I the only one seeing some red flags here?


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