Trump 13

I could be wrong, but I don’t seem to recall, in any of our other more recent presidential elections, ever hearing about a group of folks getting together and identifying themselves as #NEVERDOLE, or as #NEVERMCCAIN or even as #NEVERROMNEY.  It would seem that not until we had somebody running who essentially embodies the change that we are so desperately in need of in Washington did we suddenly have these NEVER folks crawling out of the woodwork.  Or, were they simply too small a number to be noticed back then?

Frankly, I view these #NEVERTRUMPERs as behaving, in many ways, like the very party elitists they purport to so vehemently despise.  Because they didn’t get their way, i.e., their guy didn’t win, they throw their little temper tantrums.  And to tell you the truth, I simply don’t have time for it.  There is simply too much at stake and these people will either choose to be part of the solution, or part of the continuing problem.  Those of us who genuinely care about where this country seems to be headed need to focus all of our energy on preventing a president Hitlery.

And what I find rather troubling in all of this is the fact that there does appear to be a common thread running through most, if not all, of the arguments being made by those who seem so very proud to identify themselves as “NeverTrumpers,” these Republicans who have sworn their opposition to their party’s nominee, Donald Trump, and seem to be quite content in having anyone other than Trump in the Oval Office.  And of course that common thread is one of, “I, me, mine.”  The very same one we so often hear from those on the left.

Consider, for instance, the arguments put forth by that venerable old RINO Susan Collins who had a piece in today’s Washington Post.  In reading her little work of pure political nonsense, one quickly notices that she does not bother to compare Trump to Hitlery.  Nor does she even bother to discuss his policies.  Instead, all she does is to offer up what is essentially nothing more than a stream of rather idiotic drivel.  She says, “This is not a decision I make lightly”; “I had hoped”; “I have thought long and hard.”  And she is far from being alone in this regard.

And in taking note of what other NeverTrump voices are writing, and saying, you’ll find a similar self-obsession. “I cannot see myself voting for Trump” is one common refrain. That phrase, “see myself,” implies gazing inward into the voting booth from an imaginary vantage point, focused inward. Viewed from that perspective, voting is not a mundane civic responsibility, but rather the dramatic climax of a grand coming-of-age melodrama, starring “me.”  What we essentially have here is politics from the perspective of the ballot selfie.

Or take another rather overused NeverTrump phrase: “I will vote my conscience.”  Well, unfortunately, your conscience isn’t on the ballot and, let’s be honest, if your conscience is telling you that Hitlery ought to be able to stack the Supreme Court with leftist judges, then I’m here to tell you that you should make haste in seeking out a reliable shrink.  Or consider the common mantra, “I will be able to say I stuck to my principles”.  That and a couple of bucks will buy you favorite cup of coffee and make fitting epitaph on the headstone of America.

And I suppose in the world of political make-believe voting for some third party candidate might be a valid option, and not merely a cop-out that allows Hitlery to worry about one less vote for her opponent.  Voting against Trump is more than just a form of “virtue signaling”; it is a statement of identity by individuals determined not to conform, and yet all making the same choice, and justifying it with the same worn out clichés.  The political compromises of the real world?  Well, those are for other people, responsible people, to make.

And sadly, it’s men like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who had a real opportunity to dwindle the NeverTrumpers and focus first and foremost on our country. But nope, whether it was a political calculation, ego, or nothing more than a grudge, they can now take their Texan and Mormon asses to the grave as the country is going to hell if Hitlery gets elected.  But that’s apparently ok with these two. They’ll continue with their cushy jobs in Washington until the voters finally decide to get rid of them.  And even then they’ll likely claim that they did nothing wrong.

Most people are able to see the Republicans and Democrats as being merely opposing wings on the same progressive bird of prey.  It’s time to start calling these people by what they truly are. Progressives.  But what they mean by “progressive” is that the government “progresses”, which means it gets bigger and bigger, and all at the expense of individual liberties and freedom.  Their “progressive” principles are in reality the most worn-out, regressive, tyrannical, old principles in the world: dictatorship of the cult of personality.

Look, what all if this nonsense is really going to boil down to is the fact that those of us who are able to see the writing on the wall must build our numbers to the point where these NeverTrump pukes simply become irrelevant.  And to be honest, I’m perfectly willing to take the chance of allowing them an ‘I told you so” moment if I’m proven wrong, and while it has not yet been determined that I would be wrong in my choosing to support Trump, I think we all know that it would be absolutely horrendous if Hitlery were to be elected president.

And you know, I can’t help but wonder if Hiltery is elected, God forbid, and we slowly, or maybe not so slowly, begin losing more and more of those rights considered as being fundamental, will these people still be able to sleep at night.  Look, I do see the reality of Trump.  He’s not your classic conservative candidate.  He’s not my kind of conservative.  But he’s no liberal, either.  He wants to build a border wall, beef up our military, simplify the tax code, and appoint a “Scalia-like” Supreme Court justices.  Would Hitlery do any of those things?  No!

We only have two choices for president. We must pick the better of the two. It really is just that simple.  My mission is to stop Hitlery Clinton. She’s bad for America and our future. These ridiculous NeverTrumpers need to get on board the Trump train, and now.  A no vote, or a nonsensical protest vote for someone other than Trump, is a vote for Hitlery, and that would be disastrous.  And as I have said before, you go into an election with the candidate, or candidates, that you have, not with the ones you wish you had or the ones you feel you should have.


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