Kasich 5

Personally I never really quite understood why it was that John Kasich threw his hat into the ring deciding that he wanted to run for president. In every debate I watched he came across as rude, cranky and, to be honest with you, a little nuts.  To the point where I had to agree with one analogy that I heard where he was compared to that crazy uncle that a lot of families seems to have.  And ever since he had to drop out of the race he’s been nothing but a bitter and angry old man.  And I think he views that by not endorsing Trump he’s dishing out a little payback to all those who chose to vote for the other guy.  And is that really someone we want as president?

Anyway, it was this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” that Kasich supposedly confirmed to the show’s host, Jake Tapper, that Donald Trump’s campaign had indeed reached out to one of his aides about being Trump’s running mate.  Kasich said, “I was never interested in being anybody’s vice president.”  Look, try as I might to believe him, Kasich just doesn’t come across as being someone who’s believable.  Therefore, the ONLY way that I will ever believe that Trump actually asked him to be his VP is to hear it come directly from Trump.  Because frankly, I don’t believe Kasich was ever actually approached about running with Trump.  I just don’t.

Anyway, during his interview with Tapper, Kasich was asked about a report in “The New York Times.”  Tapper asked if it was true that Donald Trump Jr. had contacted him wanting to know his feelings about, and to see if there was any interest in, being Trump’s vice president. Tapper also wanted to know if part of the deal included his being able to run domestic and foreign policy.  But according to Kasich while he never personally received such a call, apparently, one of his aides did.  Tapper followed up by asking, “Donald Trump Jr. did call one of your aides and have that conversation?”  And Kasich responded, “That’s what the reports are. But, you know…”

Personally, I very much doubt that such a conversation ever took place.  Kasich, who continues to live in denial, is having a rather difficult time dealing with the fact that very few voters actually wanted to see him as their president!  The fact is that he was seen by many folks as being one of those Republican governors who was only too happy to go along with Obamacare by choosing to expand Ohio’s Medicaid program.  And many also saw him as being someone who had spent enough time in Washington to have come away rather tainted.  And they view people like Kasich as being a prime example of everything that’s wrong with our government.

Kasich needs to suck it up and deal with the fact that the voters have since spoken and they didn’t choose him.  He needs to put his big boy pants on, get onboard the Trump train and deliver Ohio.  I mean why is that Trump can get shit for not endorsing Ryan and McCain while those who pledged to support the eventual nominee, no matter who it turned out to be, can continue to get away with not endorsing Trump?  The goal here should be to defeat Hitlery and win the White House!  All these fragile egos need to be put aside for the good of the country.  It’s time for all those who had pledged support to the eventual nominee to make good on their promise!

And look, Trump may not be a silver tongued, fur smoothing, go along to get along politician and I get that, he’s a product of his environment. He is an enormously successful entrepreneur, builder/developer who made much of his money in New York City.  You have to be confident, somewhat arrogant and definitely not politically correct to make it in that kind of environment.  Don’t worry about him pushing any nuclear buttons or going nuts.  If that was going to happen it would have a long time ago. You must have an idea of what it takes to construct a building, the meticulous planning and the dealing with people of all temperaments and walks of life.

Not to mention the politicians all who have their hands out. You have to be tough and I think he is.  He has a great reputation for getting things done on time and under budget. I for one like that and will take my chances with him.  But whatever you do get off your butt and vote on Nov 8th. Too many good people have died to ensure you that right.  And as I have said many times before, I didn’t start out by being on the Trump train, I more or less ended up there by default. But the important thing is that I’m there now, if only for the reason that just thinking about Hitlery Clinton being in the Oval Office quite literally scares the ever-loving f*ck out of me!

And another thing, I’m pretty sure that anyone who spends even the slightest amount of time shopping, and it doesn’t really matter what they’re shopping for, long ago came to the realization that, unless you’re talking about “My Pillow”, “Made in America” has pretty much become a thing of the past.  And I am a firm believer that Trump would like nothing more than to change that.  With that in mind I’m more than just a little confused when it comes to being able to understand why it is that so many union people are happy to line up behind a Democrat Party that is the single biggest player in causing a substantial loss in union jobs.  Go figure!

Look, in 90+ days we who still love this country are going to be confronted with making what is likely to be one of the most important decisions we have ever been called upon to make.  And yet, from where I’m standing it’s really a no-brainer.  Since the point of this election will be to vote for the one person who we think capable of changing the direction of America before it’s too late.  There’s an old saying that you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had.  Well in 2016 we will have an election that involves the two candidates that we have, not the ones we wish we had, nor the ones that we think we should have.  So choose wisely!

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