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There is today in Congress a Democrat who has managed to earn for himself quite the reputation.  A reputation for being little more than a complete moron.  This despite this fact he has been permitted to roam the halls of Congress since 2007.  And it is this same Democrat who, back on March 25, 2010 in a Congressional hearing, actually questioned the military about stationing more troops on the Island of Guam because he was concerned that the island might actually tip over from the weight of those additional troops.  If you didn’t realize that I was talking about Hank Johnson, I won’t hold it against you.  After all the number of imbecilic Democrats in Congress now stands at 236 with 2 others that like to play with them.

Anyway, the only reason I even bring him up is the fact that old Hank has once again gone that extra mile in his effort to remove any and all doubt that he is, without a doubt the most ignorant individual ever to be elected to Congress.  And what is it that he went about doing such a thing?  Well, he recently launched into what can only be described as being a rather bizarre tirade against Israel and its policies toward the “Palestinians”, and it was in the process of doing that that he actually went so far as to compare Jewish Israeli settlers in disputed territories to termites.  So I guess I’d be curious to know what it’s going to take for the millions of self-hating Jews we have in this country to stop voting for Democrats.

It was courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon that we came to hear how Hank made his remarks during an event sponsored by something called the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, an anti-Israel, and pro-BDS organization.  For those who may unfamiliar with BDS, what it refers to is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, hence the BDS, which is a global campaign attempting to increase economic and political pressure on Israel to comply with the stated goals of the movement: the end of Israel’s occupation and colonization.  So knowing what this organization is and what it represents it quickly become very obvious why, being a proud Democrat, how it was that Hank came to be there.

Hank said, “There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming.”  And he said, “It has come to the point that occupation, with highways that cut through Palestinian land, with walls that go up, with the inability or the restriction, with the illegality of Palestinians being able to travel on those roads and those roads cutting off Palestinian neighborhoods from each other. And then with the building of walls and the building of check points that restrict movement of Palestinians. We’ve gotten to the point where the thought of a Palestinian homeland gets further and further removed from reality.”

He also stated, demonstrating a historical ignorance that is matched only by his geographical incomprehension, that Jewish people habitually steal land and property from Palestinians.  He said, “You see one home after another being appropriated by Jewish people who come in to claim that land just because somebody did not spend the night there. The home their [Palestinian] ancestors lived in for generations becomes an Israeli home and a flag goes up… the Palestinians are barred from flying flags in their own neighborhoods.”  Hank then went on to compare Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a remark which the Free Beacon reports drew vocal agreement from those in the room.

Hank said, “The fact is the Israeli government, which is the most right-wing government ever to exist in the state of Israel in its history, the most right wing government, you got a guy like Trump who is now the minister of defense in Israel calling the shots on defense.”  First of all, how much does anyone think that this moron really knows about the history of Israel?  I betting he doesn’t know any more about Israeli history than he does about American history.  His comments and DNC’s leaked emails prove once and for all that Democrats, as a whole, are really nothing more than a bunch bigoted, racist, anti-Semites who are corrupt beyond belief and supporters of cop killing criminals.

The race-obsessed Johnson, is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, groups that count amongst their members some of the most corrupt and racist individuals in Congress.  And he had also called for the censure of Republican Representative Joe Wilson for shouting “You lie!” at Barry during Barry’s healthcare-related speech to Congress back in 2009, or else “we will have people with white hoods running through the countryside again.”  He also declared that Treyvon Martin, shot in 2012 by George Zimmerman in an incident that ratcheted up racial tensions in this country to the breaking point, had been “executed for WWB in a GC—Walking While Black in a Gated Community.”

In addition, old Hank has also made the idiotic claim that the National Rifle Association’s (NRA’s) opposition to gun control stems from racism, he somehow thinks that Barry is the greatest president who ever lived, and that there is “a cultural issue within certain [police] departments… that enables or says it’s okay for law-enforcement officers to shoot to kill blacks, be they male or female, Hispanics—to use excessive force.”  If you’re interested in finding just how much of a waste of skin this guy truly is, feel free to check out a full profile on Hank at the Horowitz Freedom Center’s Discover the Networks resource site to learn more.  Cynthia McKinney held this same seat in Congress. This must be the dumbest congressional district in the entire country.

Every time I try to watch this moron my brain hurts for days afterwards. I’m surprised he is a speaker at the Democrat convention this week.  But speaking of termites, Hank, like his buddy Barry, makes friends with the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal it is to undermine American society and destroy her miserable house and bring it down from within. Like termites. A few Jews building homes in their country is a major problem, but millions of migrants and refugees flooding the west and blowing crap up and cutting off heads, shooting and stabbing and mutilating and running people down with rental trucks is no problem.  Hank must have gone to the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton School of Jew baiting. Its acronym is JACKASS.

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