Hitlery 170

Someone really should make Hitlery aware that there is no whining in presidential politics.  Because I gotta tell ya, during her recent appearance on “60 Minutes’ that’s essentially all that she did, whine.  I mean, she seems to enjoy telling anyone who will listen about how it is that politics is not just for men, and that women can be just as tough as men.  But it has a negative effect on her argument when all she does is to whine and complain.  Just as she did during her interview last night on ’60 Minutes’ when she said, “I often feel like there’s the Hillary standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else.”  But she’s right!

And, no surprise, it was that faithful Hitlery suck-up Scott Pelley who then asked her, “What’s the Hillary standard?”  And it was in response that Hitlery pointed to the Republican National Convention and said, “Unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth, reality — which take on a life of their own, and for whatever reasons and I don’t want to try to analyze the reasons. I see it. I understand it.”  She added, “People are very willing to say things about me, to make accusations about me that are — I don’t get upset about them anymore, but they are very regrettable.”  Regrettable for whom, exactly?

During the same ’60 Minutes’ interview Hitlery went on to say, “It felt very sad, Scott.”  And Pelley simply ate it all up as Hitlery went on to say, “I mean– I don’t know what their convention was about, other than criticizing me.  I seem to be the only unifying theme that they had. There was no positive agenda. It was a very dark, divisive campaign. And the people who were speaking were painting a picture of our country that I did not recognize. You know, negative, scapegoating, fear, bigotry, smears. I just was so– I was saddened by it.”  What the Republican convention was about was saving America from her!

Later in the interview, Pelley brought up Hitlery’s continuing email issue when he asked her, “Do you think you blew it on the emails?”  To which Hitlery responded by saying, “Oh, I’ve said I did. Absolutely!”  And she then went on to say, “I made a mistake. I should’ve had two accounts, one for personal and one for office. And I didn’t, and I take responsibility for that.”  Pelley asked her why she had a private email server, and she started to say that other secretaries of state had done the same thing, except none of them had private servers in their homes.  Instead she fell back to telling the same old lie that we’ve heard numerous times.

She basically did that when she said, “You know, Scott, other people did have — other secretaries of state, other high-ranking members of administrations, plural– and it was recommended that it would be convenient, and I thought it would be. It’s turned out to be anything but.”  Hitlery claimed the she definitely learned her lesson the hard way saying, “and there will not be any such thing in the White House. Although, I am quick to add, there’s no evidence that it was ever hacked. And unfortunately, you can’t say that for a lot of the government.”  But even FBI Director Comey said that it would be “unlikely to see such evidence” given the “nature of the system.”

Hitlery also told Pelley that she will “take responsibility” for any negative impressions people may have about her, “or anything I’ve ever done that people have legitimate questions about.”  Well gee, who else is it that would be taking responsibility for her irresponsible behavior?  But she also said “there’s been a concerted effort” to convince people that there’s “something” concerning about her.  Ok, so what would be the correct way to describe someone who willfully, maybe even purposely, exposes our nation’s secrets to what has become our list of enemies and who was part of the team who left four Americans to be butchered in Benghazi?

And her trusty new sidekick, Tim Kaine, a man who has a history of being caught up in more than a few instances of corruption himself, which was likely viewed as being a resume enhancer for being picked as VP, was quick to come to the defense of Hitlery. He implied that she a tough woman who simply let’s all the attacks just roll off her back.   And it was in referring to chants at last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland the ‘Crooked Kaine’ said, “That’s not the way I feel. When I see this, you know, ‘Crooked Hillary,’ or I see the, ‘Lock her up,’ it’s just ridiculous. It is ridiculous.”  But we’ve heard these same chants already this week at the DNC.

Kaine added: “It is beneath the character of the kind of dialogue we should have, because we’ve got real serious problems to solve.  And look, most of us stopped the name-calling thing about fifth grade.”  And all this before we heard word one from the first speaker at the Democrat Convention who I’m quite sure will be taking us all back to our days in grade school.  And when it comes to the serious problems to which he refers, who is it that either created those problems or succeeded in only making them so very much worse.  That would be the team of Democrats who have been in charge for the last eight years.  A team of which Hitlery was a member.

Look, the fact that Kaine has chosen to now affiliate himself with such an ethically challenged person as Hitlery, actually tells us a great deal about the man.  For one thing we know he will say yes to her, and always hesitate to tell her no. He has a desire to plug himself into the lucrative network of corruption that the Clintons established and have been engaging in for decades. There are literally millions of dollars to be made, and he wants to make sure he gets a piece of the action. Leadership is ultimately not the quality he offers public service, it is his usefulness to his political party that fuels Hitlery’s favoritism.

How complicit he will be was determined by the ‘Clinton Crime Syndicate’ and thus, at the end of the day, he was selected as winner of her VP lottery.  You can be sure that Kaine sees dollar signs, and might even have had quite a few dollars dangled in front of him by Hitlery.  And CBS, via ‘60 Minutes’, has given them another moment of fakery to express their indignation that anyone would dare to question her character, integrity or moral compass. I think the cat is out of the bag, however. At this point, it surely will be genuine fools, illegal immigrants, and dead people casting votes for Hitlery/Kaine in November. But there are many of them.

And Hitlery knows all about double standards.  And that she says she was ‘saddened’ by it all is nothing more than an outright lie.  Because as we all know, psychopaths don’t feel sadness.  Earlier in the interview, Hitlery claimed that she hadn’t watched the Republican National Convention but she certainly did hear about “lock her up” and the many other things people were saying about her.  Hitlery said she felt “sad” about it.   But as I mentioned earlier, we’ve already heard that there are those at the Democrat convention saying much the same thing.  Is she saddened by that as well?  Or not, since such calls are coming for her own Democrats?

Now if I were Hitlery, I just don’t believe I’d be in any big hurry to point out to the American people how it is that I am somehow able to be judged differently than those whom I’m hoping would come out and vote for me. Because most lying, treasonous criminals would have been put in prison decades ago based on just 1/100th of the evidence that we’ve seen her slip out from under. Yes, she gets away with doing those things that we the little people, if we did them, would be going to prison!  She is a crooked, cackling, calculating, controlling, conniving, cunning, crone; although she seems to have learned to control the cackling lately.

Unethical, if not illegal, Democrat National Committee documents recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show that party officials were planning which donors and prominent fundraisers were to be provided with key appointments to federal boards and commissions.  The disclosed DNC emails certainly look like the potential Hitlery Administration has intertwined the appointments to federal government boards and commissions with the political and fund raising operations of the Democratic Party.  This November Americans will decide whether they want to clean up Washington, or allow Washington to corrupt the entire country.

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