GOP 14

I recently read somewhere that former President George W. Bush had remarked that he has some concerns regarding the future of the Republican Party.  The remark came at a time when the two top contenders in the Republican race for president were Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.  But I would argue that that would depend upon how it is that Mr. Bush views the direction in which the party has been headed for the last eight years.  And while the fact that Trump has now officially been named the party’s presidential nominee is not sitting well with some Republicans, the fact that Trump has come to find himself in such a position can be said to be the direct result of how many of those now opposed to his candidacy have treated the voters.

The Bushes, including both former presidents as well as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, decided that they would not to be a part of the GOP convention this week.  Neither will prior presidential losers John McCain and Mitt Romney, the failed 2008 and 2012 Republican presidential candidates be in attendance. In total, we’re told that 99 of the top Republicans have opted to skip the convention this week.  Trump’s improbable rise in the political arena has gone against the grain of what many feel is the conservative core of their party. That said, when faced with the possible presidency of Hitlery, party members such as House Speaker Paul Ryan have now found themselves onboard the Trump train whether they like it or not.

In breaking his vow to support the party’s nominee, Jeb Bush now comes across as being your typical politician who promises to do one thing and then does another when the result isn’t to his liking.  He is a liar and untrustworthy person.  And you know, I’m finding that I don’t really miss many of those who have opted out.  I’ve always thought that 43 could have done more to protect us from the Democrat agenda by using the bully pulpit more effectively than he did.  Jeb is a poor sport at best, Romney failed us, and was willing to attack Newt with vim and vigor, yet limp when Barry had bare knuckles owed.  McCain, well, he served in Vietnam, so I suppose he deserves some level of a pass no matter how liberal his alliances, right John?

It was the guys who lost, and many of those who had supported them, who now want Trump to lose for no other reason than so they can then say “I told you so.”  Is that how one defines loyalty when one is a political elitist?  Actually, in many respects Trump may very well be the last chance we may have for there to ever be another president elected under the banner of the GOP.  We who have steadfastly supported the Republican Party, and received nothing in return but a sharp stick jabbed in our collective eye, have gotten to the point where we’ve now come to the conclusion that those for who we voted had no intention of making good on the many promises they made.  Hence, we have since decided to turn our attention in another direction.

Let’s face it, in looking back to the failed presidential attempt put forth by the Republican Party in 2012 it was up until the final two months prior to the election Mitt Romney insisted upon prefacing each of his campaign speeches by stating that Barry was really a nice guy as well as a good father, before offering up any amount criticism of what was then being down to our country.  By not applying the arsenal of Barry’s failures at that time practically guaranteed Romney’s self-defeat.  But while the GOP must change with the times, it’s far from being gone.  Its basic principles of smaller government, less taxes, personal freedom and faith in the Constitution are still vibrant. So rumors of its demise, I believe, are being greatly exaggerated.

But look, I still like 43 and while I do agree that both 41 and Jeb are globalists, call me naïve, but I don’t think that 43 is.  His big mistake, I think, was in surrounding himself with 41’s people particularly Cheney. Cheney got rich off a war that 43 got bogged down in with Cheney pushing him. Remember Ike? He warned of the Shadow Government and military industrial complex.  43 hasn’t attended a convention since 2004 because he felt he would hurt party, but did appear on video in 2008. He has continued to support the military and the police and is still very much active with our disabled vets. Again it’s easy to promise but in that job you have to watch who it is your staff is loyal to. His was to 41 and their own self-interests.

I think his concern when it comes to Trump is that 43 might view Trump as being somewhat of an unknown.  So if I were Trump, and if I were elected, I think at some point after my inauguration I would invite 43 to the White house.  Because while 43 may have some regrets and experienced making some mistakes, he did win the crazy war only to have Barry give the win away.  And because Muslims hate each other, and the rest of the world, they are never going to be peaceful.  And whether Trump wins or not, the GOP will be forever changed.  But I don’t see it as being 43’s fault.  McCain, Romney were bad candidates. Then we gave the GOP both houses of Congress and still they supported Barry’s agenda.  They self-destructed and still have no clue.

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