Obama Speaks On Increasing Tech Training and Jobs

It would seem to me that anyone with 20/20 vision really shouldn’t need some poll taken in order for them to recognize the fact that it’s far more than a coincidence that at the same time our first black president came into office there began the most rapid decline in race relations in American history.  But, be that as it may we just happen to have such a poll conducted by Pew Research, and released this past Tuesday.  And no surprise, it tells us that Americans’ perception of race relations is more negative than it has been for much of this century.

You see, it’s according to this poll that some 48 percent of adults said that “race relations are generally bad.”  And 36 percent of adults said that “too much attention” is given to race and racial issues in America today.  And yet there are a few Americans who, oddly enough, think that race relations are actually improving in the nation.  Just 19 percent of Americans say race relations are improving and about four-in-ten think that they are getting worse.  I would be curious to know just what that 19 percent is seeing that tells them things are getting better.

And that which should come as a surprise to no one is the fact that Blacks and Whites seem to have somewhat differing views when it comes to their assessments of interactions with people of a different race.  While 70 percent of whites who “have at least a little bit of contact with blacks characterize their interactions as very friendly,” black Americans “are 20 percentage points less likely to describe interactions with whites that way.”  Now I would argue that how blacks often approach whites may contribute to the outcome of that interaction.

Because to be honest with you nearly every black person I ever come into contact with, either male or female, tends possess a bit of an attitude that would seem to imply that they view themselves as somehow being a little better than me.  And most have a very obvious chip on their shoulder and tend to give every white person they come in contact something that I like to refer to as being an ‘eat-shit’ kind of look.  Frankly they make it rather difficult to be nice to them.  And it’s most young blacks that seem to relish creating a thuggish impression.

Let’s be honest, is there a more coddled segment of our population than the black community? The answer is, NO!  They’re pretty much ‘given’ everything they need upon day one of entering into this world.  They are given preferential treatment in everything from getting into college, landing a job they’re not qualified for, for those interested in working, and they are blessed, solely because of their skin color, with the ability to never be fired from their job.  Because if that were to ever happen are all they have to do is to scream racism.

The sad fact is that race relations in this country have been pretty much on the downhill slide ever since Barry “Almighty first took office.  And they began their freefall practically from the minute that our Racist-in-Chief first set foot in the Oval Office.  Now that’s not to say that problems didn’t exist between the races before Barry was elected because they did, but things were nowhere near the mess they are now.  I’m hopeful that once these race baiting haters no longer have access to the Oval Office things can get back to some semblance of normal.

For those who have been listening carefully over the past almost 8 years it becomes pretty clear that He-who-was-going-to-save-America-from-itself turned out to be nothing more than a complete fraud. He has “fundamentally transformed” America into a country that is, for far too many of us, no longer recognizable from what it was before he came onto the scene. The Hatred he brought to this country is without equal. That man is the first black president of this nation and brought nothing but shame and disgrace on all Americans. Thank you Barry “Almighty”.

Look, the bottom line here is that when you have a president who is, by nearly anyone’s definition, a racist, and doesn’t even try to conceal the fact that he’s a racist, then all things related to race, no matter how remote the connection, tend to go rather poorly.  And as we have seen over the course of the last 7+ years, things tend to go even worse when he’s far worse than just a racist.  And it just seems that Barry goes out of his way to never pass up an opportunity to sow a little hate and discontent by making claims of racism where none exists.

But I’ve got to tell you that until the day blacks are able to look upon those who are different than themselves as something different than that which one scraps off the bottom of their shoe, I will have no sympathy for any of them.  They are the ones responsible for their lot in life, no one else is.  They are the ones who choose to listen to Democrat politicians and, worse, they choose to believe all the incendiary rhetoric.  They’re the gullible ones who fall for the false promises and who, regardless of the broken promises, continue to vote for the same Democrats!

Even worse is how blacks continue to choose to willingly ignore historical facts when it comes to which party it is that’s the party of slavery, of Jim Crow, of the KKK and of segregation.  Just as they also choose to ignore the facts when it comes to which party it was that fought against all of these examples of racist behavior.   And this is the same group of people who essentially sold their collective soul to a political party in order to ensure that they remain the primary beneficiary of all manner of government ‘benefit/entitlement’.

So, as I have said, on any number of previous occasions, blacks in this country continually prove themselves to be their own worst enemy.  And if they were truly interested in improving their community, they wouldn’t be voting nearly en masse for members of the Democrat Party every election.  LBJ said back in 1964 that he’d have blacks voting Democrat for the next 200 years. And at this point he’s only got roughly another 150 years to go.  And knowing blacks as we all do, it’ll likely take them that long to figure out how they’ve been played for saps by the Democrats.


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